I Know Everything chapter 7

Chapter 7: Teacher Chu.

As the biggest daily newspaper in the Zhejiang province, the Qiantang Evening News had a full two story office space.

Zhang Xingde’s Essay column wasn’t on the front page of the paper but Jiangnan had famous writer in the past and there were plenty of people who liked fresh and small literature. Thus, their column was quite appreciated.

Of all the section of the papers, it wasn’t the best but it certainly wasn’t the worst.

Located in the middle was the most comfortable position.

A group of editors pointed at Zhang Xingde and looked behind him as soon he entered in to the big room.

Multiple younger ones stood up and looked at him.

Then they saw Chen Huan and Shui Qingyu behind.

What’s going on?

Everyone looked at Zhang Xingde.

“Come, let me introduce you to everyone. This is Mr. Chu Liuxiang, the author of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’.” Zhang Xingde presented him with raised hand.

I didn’t study much but don’t try to lie to me!

I’m a college graduate, do you think I’m easy to lie to?

Stop messing around, just quickly bring the real Mr. Chu Liuxiang!

The thoughts of the group of editors were clearly reflected on their eyes as even Chen Huan and Shui Qingyu could notice it.

“My Lil sis originally proposed that I stick a fake beard before coming so I could fit someone who has the insight to write a story full of wisdom and compassion such as ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and not make a fuss that I’m so young.” 

Chen Huan spread his hand in front of everyone.

“But I think it was better to come face everybody with dignity. I’m Chu Liuxiang and I’m glad you guys like ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’.”

Even the old editor couldn’t help but smile and nod slightly when they heard this uncommon introduction.

A younger editor even gave a thumb up, “Teacher Chu, you’re the coolest! Even cooler than ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Chen Huan accepted the compliment. “‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ is of course very good but I hope I can keep being inspired and write more and better literatures.”

New born calves were really not afraid of tigers!

Shao Dong, the editor in chief of the office, shook his head with a smile when he heard this.

Judging from his more than 20 years of editing career, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was a literature at the top of his category and it would be hard to do better than it.

It was already enough to be famous for a lifetime with just a literature work like this.

But Chu Liuxiang self-confidence with his youthful and handsome face was the perfect match of what a genius is in the people’s mind.

No wonder people already called him ‘teacher’. It was a sign that they recognized him as so.

After some thought, Zhang Xingde brought Chen Huan to Shao Dong and greeted him politely. Shao Dong returned to his office after that.

In his opinion, such young and excellent author like him was worth his attention.

But it was only a medium sized article and only the contract matter was left to deal with but he didn’t need to personally do it as the editor in chief.

In addition, the essay column was doing well and didn’t need to beg for riches or wealth. Even if the article was very good, what great benefit it would bring to everyone here?

Therefore, the next step was done by Zhang Xingde.

“For an article less than 5000 words, the standard fee here for it is 500 yuan and we have the right to distribute it on paper or electronic media. Do you have any problem with this?” Zhang Xingde explained to Chen Huan as he took out the contract.

Chen Huan didn’t answer him and scrutinized the standard contract in front of him. He found out there was no exclusivity clause, not even exclusivity for the paper support.

This was very normal. It was only 500 Yuan. They couldn’t monopolize too much right.

It wasn’t realistic.

There was also the fact that Qiantang Evening news was run by the state and didn’t place much importance on profit.

Zhang Xingde sighed slightly in admiration when he saw this. If it was any other youngster, they wouldn’t look at the contract before signing it happily. They would be too happy about having their works being published to care about anything else.

Chen Huan precocious conduct didn’t resemble a 16 years old that his ID card just showed.

But this wasn’t surprising.

He should be mature and responsible like a middle aged man if he could write a story with such deep experience of life.

“I have no problem.” Chen Huan said after a moment and signed his name on the contract.

It was the same here as they could apply for an ID card when they were 16 years old and Chen Huan did it few months back or he wouldn’t be able to inherited his grandpa’s house.

With his ID card, it was only logical he got a bank account and card to be able to do online purchase.

Zhang Xingde then stamped and also signed on behalf of the Qiantang Evening News. With that done, the contract was established.

If it was 30 years before, this thing wouldn’t be so troublesome.

After the author submitted the manuscript via the post office, the newspaper would adopt it and the post office would give the fee and the receipt.  There was no ID card, bank account or contract needed.

But with more people plagiarizing and laws, both parties would be more at ease with those procedures.

“Editor Zhang, when are you planning to publish the article?” Chen Huan asked more about it after signing the contract.

“Tomorrow probably.” Zhang Xingde laughed, “’A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ is so good that we want the reader to read it as soon as possible. Teacher Chu, you’ll surely become famous!”

Chen Huan felt as he was floating after hearing such a positive compliment as he left the building.

He had lived for more than twenty years and had never published any works but didn’t expect to become a literati now.

His naturally pushed his chest up with his good mood. “Let’s go Lil Sis, I’ll treat you to a big meal and celebrate!”

Shui Qianyu looked at with an expression that asked if he was stupid, “Teacher Chu, the cheapest place at the Treasure Kingdom is 268 yuan without counting the extra fee. Are you sure your 500 yuan is enough?”


Chen Huan couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed after being reminded by Shui Qianyu.

“Oh, next time then! When I make the small noodle shop business flourish, I’ll ask uncle Shui to invite us!”

“I think you should write more articles if you have too much times.” Shiu Qianyu reminded him. “Don’t forget. Your tuition and living expense in the future wasn’t settled yet.”

Chen Huan took a breath a cold air.

It was true!

Grandpa Chen previously had subsidies for his retirement salary but he died. Chen Huan received a fee for his death but it was only 20 000 yuan and according to normal expense, it could last for single year.

There was also the fact he had a house and couldn’t receive subsidies for orphans or poor studends.

It meant that

He could only depend on himself.

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