Medical Martial God chapter 79

Chapter 79: Extortion.

The Splendid Starlight Restaurant was located in one of the most prosperous commercial street in Xing Hai’s center city. There were many delicacies with distinct styles that attracted many customers as it was one of the most famous restaurants in Xing Hai.

When Ye Xuan arrived to the place with Leng Qingcheng, there was already a long queue but Ye Xuan had VIP card and didn’t have to wait much.

They were led by a waitress to a table by the window before they ordered some authentic Jian Hu dishes.

They ordered dishes such as red pepper steamed fish or Dongpo Pork. Leng Qingcheng got herself some watermelon juice while Ye Xuan asked for a beer.

“Qingcheng, are you hungry? If you are then eat more.”

Ye Xuan said with a warm smile and pointed at the table full of dishes before sipping his beer.

Leng Qingcheng didn’t answer and just nodded before starting to eat with her chopstick.

Obviously this woman was hungry as it was 9:30 pm after all.

Ye Xuan made some small talk while eating and Leng Qingcheng didn’t say much back but the atmosphere was still relaxed and comfortable since she was arrogant and cold to begin with.

“Qingcheng, this pepper fish is not bad, you should eat more of this with your physique type.”

Ye Xuan said after putting a piece of pepper fish in his mouth.

Although Leng Qingcheng didn’t respond, she took a piece of fish and put it in her mouth.

“Hey, I wondered who it was but it turned out to be the little security guard!”

Ye smiled at the sight and was about to speak but a mocking was heard at this moment and disturbed the pleasant meal Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng had. Ye Xuan frowned in absolute displeasure.

A man with a mocking smile on his face appeared in front of Ye Xuan’s displeased and irritated gaze.

This man was Yu Danian. The man who bothered Yu Xiaoqian last time and who was also her brother.

After a few days without seeing him, Yu Danian seemed to be more energetic as he had a smug look on his face while disdainfully staring at Ye Xuan.

He came here to eat with a few friend and went to the bathroom but didn’t expect to run into Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan said emotionlessly as he stared at Yu Danian coldly.

“Brat, don’t act so arrogant here. Asking me to scram? Who do you think you are?”

Yu Danian sneered.

He knew Ye Xuan was good at fighting but the friends he came to eat with were also good fighters and they were all famous in Xing Hai.

How could he be afraid of Ye Xuan with those guys here with him?

“Hey, you got yourself another girl. After playing with my sister, you got yourself another girl and one so pretty too.”

Yu Danian spoke up again without letting Ye Xuan speak as he stared at Leng Qingcheng with a surprise gaze.

He didn’t expect a mere security guard to be able to get such a beautiful girl. He felt jealous and angry at this.

“I will count to three and if you don’t scram, you will have to bear with the consequence.”

Ye Xuan warned him.

“Tsk, who are you trying scare? AH!”

Yu Danian was contemptuous but before he could finish his sentence , Ye Xuan grabbed the beer bottle on the table and smashed on his head. The strike injured his head and turned his words into a scream of pain.

Fuck, didn’t you say you were counting to three?

And yet you suddenly struck out of nowhere?

Yu Danian was cursing Ye Xuan’s mother thousands times in his heart.



He looked furiously at Ye Xuan and covered his injury with his hand but Ye Xuan kicked him on the chest before he could speak.


Yu Danian was sent flying like a football and crashed onto a private’s room door as he puked blood.

The people in the restaurant froze in shock at the ferocious scene.

If they don’t agree, just start hitting!

“You.. you. you got fucking guts! Just wait for me here. I’ll beat you to death today!”

Yu Danian furiously said as he stood up while clutching his chest before wiping the blood on his mouth.

Then he hurriedly ran to his private room while clutching his chest.

As for Ye Xuan, he stopped paying attention to Yu Danian and went back to eat his meal normally as if nothing had happened.

This attitude made the people watching sigh in admiration.

Some young girls even said, “This is a real man.”

In the luxurious private room, a group of men with designer clothes while playing with beauties and sipping wines were also talking and laughing while having fun.


But they were shocked when the door was pushed open and Yu Danian lurched into the room with his battered and bloody appearance.

There was young man with long and flowing hair along with a smooth and beautiful appearance with a cigarette in his mouth as he stared battered Yu Danian and asked in confusion.

“Danian, didn’t you go the bathroom? How did you end up like that? Did you fall in the bathroom?”

If Ye Xuan was here, he would be able to recognize him since he was the Crazy Dragon Gang second in command, Qing Yu.

Everybody laughed after they heard Qing Yu.

“Brother Yu, you have to take revenge for me! Didn’t tell you about a small bodyguard who seduced my sister and beat me up? I just met him outside and…”

Yu Danian said in pain as he clutched his head and chest with his hands.

“Wang Tao, take some people and go take a look with Danian.”

Qing Yu nodded and ordered a man who was particularly burly.

This Wang Tao was the man who injured Zhao Dahai and was severely beaten up by Ye Xuan.

“You guys, with me.”

Wang Tao lowered his glass and nodded before he waved his hand to few men and followed after Yu Danian.

“Brother Tao, you have to give him a harsh lesson for me to that punk. He’s too arrogant! I gave out your name but that brat still beat me! He totally doesn’t have any respect for you.”

Yu Danian complained to Wang Tao while they walked.

“Don’t worry Brother Danian. It’s a small matter, just leave it to me. I’ll make that kid kneel to you and sing you ‘Conquest’!”

Wang Tao promised with determination.

“Hmm, Brother Tao, I don’t see the guy. Where did that guy go?”

Yu Danian took Wang Tao and his men to where Ye Xuan was but didn’t see him and only Leng Qingcheng was at the table.

“Shit, that brat must have been scared and ran away! Fuck!”

Yu Danian angrily said and slammed the table when he saw the empty seat.

But his gaze soon went to Leng Qingcheng and saw her beautiful and sexy body. Yu Danian couldn’t help but gulp down at the sight as a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“But his woman it’s still here. Hehe, how about we have his woman use her body to pay the debt first?”

Wang Tao also gave Leng Qingcheng a glace when he heard Yu Danian and was filled with amazement as he didn’t expect her to be so beautiful.


He immediately waved and made his men surround Leng Qingcheng as he looked at her with lust and evil eyes.

This kind of beauty could only be seen every thousand years.

The people couldn’t help but talk about it and sigh when they saw that.

“Shit, that brat who hit that guy is too cowardly. He ran away alone and left his girl alone here!”

“This is bad. I recognize that burly guy, he look like Wang Tao from the Crazy Dragon Gang. I’m afraid this beautiful woman is done tonight…”

“What the fuck! He ran away to save himself but let his girl back to be used!?”

“Shit, I thought that brat was cool but he was coward!”

The people thought the same as Yu Danian and all thought that Ye Xuan ran away.

“Beauty, where’s that punk? Did he run away?”

Yu Danian asked calmly and suppressed the desire in him.

“He’s in the bathroom.”

Leng Qingcheng replied indifferently and wasn’t flustered by Yu Danian and Wang Tao perverted gaze.

“The bathroom? I think he left you alone and ran away!  You really thought that he went to the bathroom!?”

“Hehe, now that he’s gone. You will have to use your body to pay his debt!”

Yu Danian’s eyes was filled with unconcealed vile as he said, “Brother Tao, that brat already ran away. Let the men drag her into our room and make her pay the debt with her body!”

He was fully confident and acted domineering due to having Wang Tao and his men as his backing.

“Why need them to drag her? Such a delicate beauty, I can drag her myself.”

Wang Tao smiled evilly and stretched his hand toward the twin peaks to grab them.

“If you move your hand one more inch, you will lose it.”

A frosty voice resounded just as Wang Tao’s hand was about to touch Leng Qingcheng’s chest.

Wang Tao felt like he feel to the bottom of the nine hells when he that voice and felt a chill on his back with an invisible force freezing his movements.

Ye Xuan slowly walked over under his unsightly gaze.

“Brother Tao, that’s him! He’s the punk who beat me!”

Yu Danian said in a venomous tone as he became excited when he saw Ye Xuan walking over.

“Brother Tao, men, make your move! Beat him to death!”

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