Medical Martial God chapter 78

Chapter 78: Eyes in the Dark.

After much works, the matter with Huang Danian and her daughter came to an end.

Ye Xuan’s impressive medical skills were praised and recognized by the medical personal of the hospital.

Particularly his godly technique opened the eyes of countless people and even the arrogant Director Yuan praised him and was awed by him.

He not only save Director Yuan with wits but also used his godly medical skill to save a girl that should have died.

He turned a tragedy to a heartwarming story and also restored the Xing Hai hospital reputation while at it. he won the respect and praise from everybody, it was really a valiant showing.

This incident would have definitely been a tragedy if Ye Xuan didn’t intervened. Huang Danian’s despair would have provoked death and injured while also damaging the hospital reputation.

Ye Xuan used his own skills and reversed the situation.

Ye Xuan’s name circulated around with this incident, and added with the situation involving Yu Xiaoqian. Now everybody knew that their hospital had a super bodyguard, Ye Xuan.

“Xuan Bro, you’re really too awesome! I admire you like no other!”

“Yeah! our Xuan Bro is awesome! He’s fighting skills are terrifying and medical skills are amazing. He could even save a girl that Director Yuan and his staff were unable to!”

“Yeah! His skill could blind me!”

“Now, who in the hospital doesn’t know about our Xuan Bro?”

The security surrounded Ye Xuan and exclaimed in amazement.

“Okay stop your bootlicking, my ears are ringing.”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the adoring crowd around him and pointed at his ear.

These guys just like to bootlick him whenever they were.

“No no no, Xuan bro you have to believe us. We are no bootlicking or bragging. We really admire you!”

The fat security guard, Xiao Pan, said with a stutter as he put his chubby face close to Ye Xuan.

“Back off, fatty! Why are you so close? You need to keep some distance from Xuan Bro, got it?”

Zhao Dahai warned the fatty Xiao Pan who had a worshipping expression on his face.

This wanted to steal his bootlicking job.

“Th-that, Xu-Xuan Bro yo-your me-medical skills are so good, ca-can you cu-cure my stuttering?”

Xiao Pan asked with a hopeful face.

His family made him eats countless medicine and saw numerous doctors for his stuttering but it was all ineffective, because if he continued to stutter like that it would be hard for him to find a wife.

Ye Xuan smiled and inspected him closely before saying, “Pull out your tongue so I can check it.”

Ye Xuan inspected Xiao Pan’s tongue and felt his pulse before he started to concentrate.

A moment later, Ye Xuan let go of the hand and withdrew his gaze.

“Xuan Bro, how it is? Ca-can my-my stuttering be-be cu-cured?”

Xiao Pan asked in anticipation.

“Of course it can be cured! Bring me some paper and a pen.”

Ye Xuan replied with a reassuring smile.

Fatty Xiao Pan immediately gave him the paper and pen.

Ye Xuan took the pen and started to write on the paper. His pen moved slickly like a snake and smooth like the wind. It didn’t take long before the prescription was written.

“Take three sets of these prescription, a set for two days and take it three time a day, morning, noon and night.”

He pointed at the prescription in front of Xiao Pan and said calmly, “In addition, while taking the medicine, you cannot eat beef, mutton, or bean sprouts.”

“Than-Thank you Xuan Bro! th-this is for the consultation fee, you m-must take it!”

Xiao Pan thanked Ye Xuan and took two big banknote out of his pocket.

“It’s just a small matter, it ain’t worth shit! Just wait when you’re cured and treat me to a meal. Just quickly go get the medicine, it will be closed when you get off work.”

Ye Xuan replied.


Fatty Xiao Pan grabbed the prescription and quickly left.

“Xuan Bro, how about you check on us too?”

Zhao Dahai, Xiao Wu and the others all looked at Ye Xuan with eager eyes and asked with a smile.

“Check your head! And you guys are not sick. I’m not playing with guys no more, I’ll go find my little Qingcheng.”

Ye Xuan annoyingly replied to them.

He stuttered toward the vice-president office under the security team worshipping gaze.

Leng Qingcheng was sitting at her desk and reading a document when Ye Xuan arrived. She seemed to be very focused as she didn’t notice his arrival.

As the vice-president of the hospital, she wasn’t as free as other people thought. She had to go the clinic every Wednesday morning and the rest of the times, she either at the outpatient department or at the office working.

After all, the vice-president had to manage a lot of things.

Not to mention she seemed to be doing some experiment and research.

“This woman…”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but sight when he saw the workaholic Leng Qingcheng. He went to sit at the couch and admire her attractive figure.

Today, Leng Qingcheng let her hair down and wore a bohemian dress that showed her beautiful figure. Her long and white legs were wrapped by black stockings. The sight gave endless temptation to people.

Ye Xuan leaning at the right angle from the couch so he could admire Leng Qingcheng beautiful legs, which was wrapped by black stockings with no trace of fat in it. Those legs could make people lose their minds and made people want to worship those smooth limbs as they were like succubus legs.

But Ye Xuan soon fell asleep on the couch. Perhaps he had expanded too much energy on treating Yuanyuan.

Leng Qingcheng couldn’t help but yawn when she finished her works and stretched out to ease the stiffness in her, which caused her chest to bounce vigorously while she arced and showed her perfect figure but Ye Xuan didn’t see it.

Leng Qingcheng cleared the document on her table and was about to leave but frowned when she saw Ye Xuan sleeping on her couch.

She groaned but didn’t wake Ye Xuan up. She instead took out her laptop and started to work again.

She naturally got the report about this guy saving a little girl called Yuanyuan and prevented a tragedy. 

She was shocked by the news of how he did it as she had never heard anything about such a method that allowed him to save the girl who was at the death door.

He showed incredible martial power, courage and medical skills. Leng Qingcheng started to really doubt he was the same Ye Xuan she had known.

Looking back, she found out that she didn’t know Ye Xuan very much at all whenever it was in the pass or right now.

Leng Qingcheng shook her head to get rid of the messy thoughts in her head and returned to her work.

Ye Xuan had a beautiful dream and dreamed of Leng Qingcheng but more specifically of rubbing her sexy thighs.

Even when he awakened from his sleep, he still thought about his wonderful dream.

He opened his eyes and saw that Leng Qingcheng was still working before taking a glance at the dark sky outside. Ye Xuan then stood up and spoke when he felt his stomach growl in hunger,

“My gosh, you’re still working? The sky outside is already dark, just get off work…”

Leng Qingcheng stopped what she was doing and gave Ye Xuan a cold glance before saying unhappily, “My shift is already done a long time ago. Do you think I would still stay here if you didn’t fell asleep here?”

“Cough, it was like that? Huh… Qingcheng, I’m sorry for blaming you! You turned out that you cared for me, my heart feel so warm that it might start melting.”

Ye Xuan with a teasing tone and felt a bit pleasantly surprised in him as he didn’t really expect her to wait for him.

“Who cares about you? Stop being narcissist!”

Leng Qingcheng snorted and packed her stuff before walking out.

“Hey! Qingcheng, don’t walk so fast. Wait for me!”

Ye Xuan quickly followed after her.

It was already nine in the evening when the two of them got out of the hospital.

Ye Xuan sat on the driver seat of the Mercedes G10 and looked at Leng Qingcheng before asking, “Qingcheng, what do you want to eat tonight? My treat!”


Leng Qingcheng replied without looking at him while putting on her seatbelt.

“Whatever? Then I’ll choose.”

Ye Xuan smiled and drove the car rapidly and disappeared into the night.

“Lord Nighthawk, I have found them.”

In a towering building near the parking, a man with a camouflage clothes stared at Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng in the Mercedes with his sniper rifle.

“Then take care them.”

A ruthless reply was heard from his intercom.

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