Medical Martial God chapter 77

Chapter 77: Human Kindness.


“Yuanyuan, you woke up! I’m so happy!”

Huang Danian rushed up to his daughter to huge and cried out in happiness as tears kept flowing down from his eyes.

Yuanyuan also hugged him back.

The father and daughter pair embraced each other and stayed like that for a bit.

“Daddy? Daddy, why are you crying?”

“Daddy be good, don’t cry.”

She let go of her hug and took a good look at the crying man in front of her before wiping his tears with her little hands as she tried to console him.

“Daddy isn’t crying, he’s just happy.”

Huang Danian said with a smile.

The medical staffs in the room including Director Yuan watch in a stunned stupor as the father and daughter hugged before releasing sight of relief and smiled warmly at the sight.

Then they looked at Ye Xuan who was resting on the couch with eyes filled with admiration and shock.

They never imagined that a security guard from their hospital would be able to bring Yuanyuan back to life.

Such a miraculous medicine was unheard and never seen before.

They saw the awaken Yuanyuan and felt a bit afraid as they declared her death a moment ago because if it weren’t for Ye Xuan, this little girl would really be dead and a tragedy would have happened.

They even started to feel doubts about own medical knowledge and devices.

Ye Xuan had become a mysterious figure in their mind.

Even the arrogant Director Yuan started admire Ye Xuan after this event.

The last time Ye Xuan cured Professor Lei could be attributed to luck but how about this time?

Was it still luck?

Absolutely not!

He really had the skill and proved it.

“Doctor Ye, your medical skills are very impressive and Yuanyuan could only be rescued thanks to you. I have offended you before, please accept this apology!”

Director Yuan stepped forward and apologized to Ye Xuan while cupping his fist as he felt remorseful when he thought of his past attitude toward Ye Xuan.

“Doctor Ye, thank you for saving my daughter, thank you!” (TLN: the dude called Ye Xuan God doctor or something alike and I can’t find what words to translate that without making totally awkward.)

“Yuanyuan, come here and bow down to Doctor Ye to thank him.”

Huang Danian and Yuanyuan got down of the bed and knelt in front of Ye Xuan before kowtowing three time with their heads touching the ground and making clear noise of impact.

Ye Xuan didn’t stop them.

The father daughter pair wouldn’t feel at peace if they didn’t do that.

Furthermore, he was deserving of this.

“You can stand up. Where is the medicine I asked for? Yuanyuan need to drink those soon.”

Ye Xuan asked as he helped the two get up.

“Here’s the medicine!”

Then a nurse immediately came with the medicine.

“Thank you doctor Ye, Thank you doctor Ye!”

“You’re welcome. Come, let Yuanyuan take the medicine first.”

Ye Xuan shook his head light as he handed the bowl with the medicine to him.

Huang Danian nodded and carefully gave Yuanyuan the medicine but a serious and dignified voice was heard at this moment.

“It is here?”

The voice came from a beautiful police officer with five other police officers following after her while being led by a group of people to the emergency room.

Huang Danian, Director Yuan and the others expression changed into shock and panic. They had forget they called the police in emergency.

They didn’t expect the police to come over so soon.

The pretty police woman was Han Lu.

Ye Xuan frowned at the sight.

“Is he the one who injured people with a knife?”

Han Lu asked as she stared Huang Danian who was stained with while Yuanyuan with medicine.

“Yes, officer. I saw it with my own eyes he is the man with knife. He stabbed two interns and held hostage a doctor.”

“Yes officer, it’s him!”

“He cut people in broad daylight, we must not let him go lightly. We must catch him and punish him!”

“Exactly! I hate these people the most! Those that take their anger and sadness on society!”

The people accompanied Han Lu all denounced Huang Danian as they looked at him in disgust.


Huang Danian’s body froze as he saw Han Lu. The joy on his face disappeared and was replaced bitterness as well as despair. He tried to say something but nothing would come out of his throat.

Although his action was understandable, he knew that he broke the law.

But he didn’t regret it because his daughter was saved now.

“Yuanyuan, daddy have to go with the police to crack a big case and catch bad guys. It might be a long time before dad can come back. You’ll have to go live with grandma and listen to what grandma says, okay?”

He said with a smile as he caressed his daughter cheek.

“Okay, don’t worry daddy, Yuanyuan will be a good girl!”

Yuanyuan nodded her head as she obediently exclaimed.

“Doctor Ye, please help me send Yuanyuan to her grandmother’s place.”

Huang Danian asked Ye Xuan pleadingly as he took a paper to write the grandmother’s place before handing it to him.

“Officer, I deliberately injured people. I’ll go with you.”

Huang Danian took a big breath and said it to the police officers.

“Take him away.”

Han Lu casually said with no visible expression as she ordered her men.

Two police officers then went to Huang Danian.

Ye Xuan felt displeased when he saw this. He stood up and walked in front Huang Danian and said,


“Ye Xuan, what are you doing? Impeding on our case?”

Han Lu asked coldy and looked at Ye Xuan in displeasure.

“Captain Han, did you make a mistake? Nobody here called the police, much less got injured.”

Ye Xuan slowly said as a smirk appeared on his handsome face.

“Make a mistake? Do you think I’m deaf and blind? What did these guys say just now? And what’s about the blood on his body?”

Han Lu said irritation.

“Did you guys see him hurt people with a blade?”

Ye Xuan looked toward Director Yuan and the rest of doctors in the emergency room and asked instead of replying to Han Lu.


Director Yuan denied fervently as he shook his head.

“No I didn’t!”

“Me neither!”

The other doctors also shook their heads and denied.

Ye Xuan then looked at the crowd behind Han Lu and said again, “None of us here saw him hurt anybody with a knife. We only saw Huang Danian being a great father and trying to save his daughter that he was even willing to risk his own life. This showed how great of a father he was!”

“I don’t believe such a caring father like him would try to kill people with knife in hope to take revenge! Am I right everybody?”

The crowd fell to silence when they heard what Ye Xuan and the other doctors said.

They did see Huang Danian injure people with a knife but they also knew that it was not because of malicious intent but it was for his daughter.

It was misunderstanding. Not a big deal.

“You’re right!”

The medical staff in the crowd shouted back loudly after exchange a few look with the doctors in the room.

“Yes, that’s right! We didn’t see hurt anybody with a knife!”

“I didn’t see it either!”

“Me neither!”

“Did somebody saw him hurt someone? Where was that, I didn’t see anything!”

The other people understood Ye Xuan and the doctors’ intention and also denied everything.

“Ye Xuan, you…”

Han Lu couldn’t help but point at Ye Xuan with an angry face.

She didn’t expect everybody who was saying was Huang Danian hurt people with a knife would change their tunes like that.

“If he didn’t hurt anybody then, how did the two interns got injured?”

Han Lu then pointed at the two interns who were injured by Huang Danian previously.

“Officer, we… we injured ourselves by accident.”

“He’s right officer. Our injury was by accident and had nothing to do with him.”

But the two interns also denied at this moment.

Huang Danian face was filled with shock and unbelief when he heard the crowd words and saw their earnest expression. Tears started to form in his eyes and flow down on his cheeks.

He didn’t expect so many people to speak up for him.

“Captain Han, do you believe it now? We really don’t have a criminal with a knife here. We just have a great and loving father. Everybody thinks like me, right?”

Ye Xuan said as he nodded in satisfaction.



The crowd loudly agreed.

Ye Xuan intention was clear to them.

How would so many speak for Huang Danian if he was really a bad guy?

He did all of those because of his love for his daughter. It was understandable and forgivable.

They wouldn’t forgive a bad person but would forgive a good one.


Han Lu gave Ye Xuan a deep look before she ordered and turned back with her men.

How could she not see through this as a captain of the police force? She just didn’t want to expose this.

“Captain, are we… are we really leaving like this?”

“Then do you want to stay here for lunch?”

Han Lu voice was heard as she left.

“Thank you. Thank you everyone! Thank you!”

Huang Danian thanked everyone and bowed to them when police left.

“Don’t thank us, this only did so because you were sad and we are to blame too…”

“He’s right, this was what we should have done.”

“If you want to thank someone, you can thank the two interns and that security guard.”

Everyone shook their heads in embarrassment and helped Huang Danian get up.

Love and kindness are never short in this word.

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