Medical Martial God chapter 76

Chapter 76: Medical miracle.

“Stay away! Don’t get any closer!”

“If you take one more step, I’ll kill him!”

Huang Danian angrily roared out as he held his knife at Director Yuan’s neck as he got nervous when Ye Xuan walked toward him.

Ye Xuan stopped at five meter from Huang Danian and frowned.

This distance was the best distance put between them in order to not put too much pressure on him.

Huang Danian’s emotion was unstable and if he took one more step, he would put too much pressure on him and he might just go crazy and kill Director Yuan.

“Even if you kill him, your daughter won’t come back.”

Ye Xuan looked at the distressed Huang Danian and spoke to him with a compelling voice, “But if you don’t kill him, there might still be chance for your daughter be saved and come back.”

“What… what do you mean?”

Huang Danian asked as he gulped down nervously.

“I just got words that your daughter is not dead as there still a heartbeat and she is in the emergency room getting treated. But the one you’re holding is our Xing Hai’s hospital best cardiovascular expert, we might not be able to save your daughter if you kill him.”

Ye Xuan explained in hast as he tried to calm Huang Danian down first.

“Impossible! I went to see her before, she had not heartbeat or pulse! She lay alone in the bed unmoving… she’s dead.” Huang Danian said with a sense of loss.

His wife died of an illness years ago and his daughter was everything to him. She gave him the courage and hope to continue to live but now that his daughter was dead, how could he still be calm?

The pain he felt couldn’t be described by words.

“She isn’t dead and was just in shock. I swear I’m not lying.”

“And you misunderstood our doctors, they are responsible and didn’t not treat her because you didn’t pay.” Ye Xuan tried to calm him down as he stared at Huang Danian with determined eyes while also looking at the knife he held.

“No way! The doctors here are all black-hearted people! How would they put any effort on saving my daughter when I didn’t pay the money? It’s impossible! My wife didn’t have the money to be treated at the hospital and could only stay at home and slowly die painfully!”

“You’re all in this together! Don’t lie to me! He’s the director of a department, right? Then I’ll kill him for my daughter, a life for a life!”

Huang Danian furiously retorted.

“Really, I’m not lying. If you don’t believe me you can look at the recording of the emergency room.”

Ye Xuan tried to calm to him down as he was about to lose his cool.

“Coming! Excuse me!”

Zhao Dahai and Xiao Wu rushed over under Liang Xiaoyi lead with a laptop.

They followed Ye Xuan suggestion and copied pasted the recording of the emergency room on the laptop.

On the laptop screen, it showed many doctors led by Director Yuan trying their best to save a young girl.

“You see? I didn’t lie to you, all the doctors tried to save your daughter even when you didn’t pay yet.”

“It’s their duty to save the sick and injured as qualified doctors, and they will never abandon someone in danger of death.”

Ye Xuan calmly explained to Huang Danian as he pointed to the video on the laptop while slowly walked closer to him.

“My daughter, Yuanyuan… Yuanyuan.”

Huang Danian couldn’t hold it anymore and started to cry as he watched the video on the laptop.

“Put down the knife. The doctor is really innocent. And I promise you that your daughter can still be saved!”

Ye Xuan tried to persuade as he stared at Huang Danian who was in pain and sobbing.

“You… you said that my daughter isn’t dead yet and still can be saved?”

Huang Danian asked Ye Xuan hoarsely and looked at him with tearful eyes.

Ye Xuan’s words gave him some hope.

“Yes, put down the knife and we can go to see her.”

Ye Xuan walked to his side and patted his shoulder in order to comfort him.



Huang Danian threw his knife to the ground. Ye Xuan’s words and action definitely played a role on disarming the situation.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Dahai wanted to take his men and apprehend Huang Danian but was stopped by Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan was holding to Huang Danian’s shoulder and led him to the emergency room.

Director Yuan let out a sigh of relief when Ye Xuan took Huang Danian away. He wiped the sweat on his forehead before he quickly followed after them.

The two interns were rushed to get bandaged by the other medical staff but didn’t have anything serious.

Emergency Room.

“Yuanyuan, wake up please, Yuanyuan!”

Huang Danian yelled her name as he cried while he knelt at her bedside and held her hand tightly.

The little girl name was Yuanyuan and looked to be around ten years old. Her smooth and cute face was so pale that it seemed there was no blood flowing under the skin. Her eyes were close and her little body was attached with multiple equipment that indicated that she had no sign of life.

“Doctor, I beg you, save her please!”

Huang Danian got extremely panicked when Yuanyuan didn’t have any reaction at all. he turned his head toward Ye Xuan and the other doctors and begged.

“We can’t save her anymore, she’s already dead.”

Director Yuan said in bitter tone as he shook his head in a depressing manner.

Other involved were extremely depressed by this and felt embarrassed.

As a doctor, failing to save a patient and watcher her and her relative suffer in front of them was also a torture to them.

After all, the doctor job was to heal and save the people.

Huang Danian felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard Director Yuan.

Ye Xuan had told Huang Danian that her daughter was not dead and still could be saved to give him some hope but the result he was even more depressed and sad. He couldn’t feel more ashamed than he was right now.

“BUHUHU! Yuanyuan…”

At this moment, the tough man couldn’t help but scream and cry. His whole body collapsed unto ground, with all hope evaporating as his tears flowed down from his eyes.

“Don’t worry. There’s still a breath in her, there’s still a chance.”

Ye Xuan suddenly spoke up at this moment when he saw Huang Danian condition.

Director Yuan and all the other doctors were shocked by his declaration and looked at him in astonishment.

How could this little girl who already passed away be rescued?

“Really? Yuanyuan didn’t die yet and still can be rescued?”

Huang Danian felt like he caught a lifesaving boat while he was in the middle of an ocean when he heard Ye Xuan. He asked him in a hopeful tone as he grabbed into his pants.

“Friend, you’re a good person. I beg you, I beg you to save my daughter. Yuanyuan is a good child!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best. Just step back and don’t hinder me when I use the needle.”

Ye Xuan comforted him as he patted him on the shoulder and released a big sigh to ready himself.

“Okay, okay…. You have to save her, I beg you.”

Huang Danian quickly backed away.

“Give me papers and pen!”

Ye Xuan ordered as he carefully took the little girl pulse.

Director Yuan instantly passed the paper and pen to Ye Xuan.

Although Ye Xuan humiliated him before, a life was more important than his pride. He was also deeply impressed by how Ye Xuan cured professor Lei and Ye Xuan also saved him today.

He could only put his hope on Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan quickly wrote down some prescription of the paper and said, “Send someone to take the medicine immediately and prepare it. The patient will need to drink when she wakes up.”


Director Yuan nodded and quickly ordered someone to do it.

Ye Xuan didn’t stay idle and took out a three-inch needle from his watch.

“I’m about to try to save the girl, nobody can disturb me!”

Ye Xuan said in a solemn as he swept his gaze across the crowd.


Then he stabbed the needle between Yuanyuan’s eyebrows.

Three inch into it!

Then he took a seven inch needle and stabbed on Yuanyuan’s heart.

Seven inch into it!


Ye Xuan took a big breath and let out to further concentrate before putting his hand on the two needles and flickered his finger.

The stationary silver needles started to vibrate at every high frequency and made a buzzing noise as a large amount of life force entered into her through the needles to heal her.

Thirteen Needles of Defiance, Jump Start!

As he used the Thirteen Needles of Defiance, Jump Start, Ye Xuan’s original healthy complexion turned pale white with bead of sweat forming on his head and flowing down his cheeks.

The Thirteen Needles of Defiance was an ancient medical technique passed down in the Taoist Bible but this technique went against the heaven due to every time the user treated the patient with this technique, he would use his own life force.

Because it defied the heaven!

As time passed, Ye Xuan became paler and his whole person was soaked with sweat.

At some point, Ye Xuan took out the needles from the little girl as he tried to suppress the urge to faint.


When Ye Xuan pulled the silver needles from the little girl, he couldn’t hold it anymore as he puked blood out and was about to fall down.

Fortunately, Liang Xiaoyi noticed it and held Ye Xuan’s body before he could fall but she didn’t notice that doing so made Ye Xuan’s arm touch her prominent chest as she worriedly asked,

“Ye Xuan, what wrong? Ye Xuan!”

“I’m fine, I just need to rest for a bit. Yuanyuan should wake up soon.”

Ye Xuan weakly said as his spirit slightly improved when he felt her chest.

Just as he said that, Yuanyuan slowly opened her eyes and sat up to look around her before asking in confusion, 

“Where… where am i?”

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