I Know Everything chapter 6

Chapter 6: Successful submission.

The most popular newspaper in LA was the Qiantang Evening News. (LA= Lin’An, the author like to write like that.)

The newspaper in this world was like in Chen Huan’s original world as they had been hit by the internet news and their popularity had cooled down from their once great popularity.

However a newspaper with deep root like the Qiantang Evening News still sold around 500.000 copies every day in the internet era.

Of course, the newspaper only circulates in a single province.

If Chen Huan wanted to submit his story, he would of course choose the Qiantang Evening News.

It covered the most reader and was the fastest as well as the most direct way to make people go to the small noodle shop.

If he submitted the paper today and the editor liked it, he could see his story on the paper in three to five days.

As for posting it on the internet, Chen Huan never considered it.

The copyright was always an unavoidable issue.

Although the internet was the fastest way to assemble popularity and could be seen by everyone in the country, he didn’t have any way to ensure that the ownership of the story.

If he published on the newspaper first before the internet, he would have evidence that it was his.

Chen Huan wouldn’t make any money from ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ but the author’s glory should at least be enjoyed by him, right?

There were plenty of shameless people on the internet. They would plagiarize by changing the story a bit and it would become their own copy. Even if it wouldn’t have ten millions copies, it would still have a million different copies.

It was the same for the copyrights of music or movies and it was very similar to his original world.

Fortunately, Chen Huan was used to it and had some measure to deal against it.

He submitted the story at the Qiantang Evening News in two different ways, online and letter submission.

Chen Huan wasn’t in a hurry and sent a registered letter to their editorial department for the ‘prose essay’ column.

Before sending to the editorial department, Chen Huan printed a copy and stamped it at the post office before sending to his own home and waited until the afternoon to come back to the post office to send the manuscript of the story to the Qiantang Evening news.

For the next few days, Chen Huan was exercising and checked the situation in this world to learn more about the common sense here while waiting for the Qiantang Evening News to contact him.

Chen Huan could hear the sound of Shui Qianyu practicing guitar or guzheng every night when he go out for a jog.

From his memories, this girl started to learn guzheng at the age of five, ukulele at the age of six, guitar at the age of ten and she was quite good and played with ease with all those instruments.

In addition, Shui Qianyu’s voice was also very good as she sang like a lark, clear and nice to listen to.

She had already passed through the period when voice changed. Her voice wasn’t very deep or sharp. She would be very good if she sang those pop songs.

It wasn’t a surprise.

Shui Qingshan himself was a lead singer of a rock band and she had a good family background. It would be weird if she wasn’t good with her father training.

No editor fought each other and forcibly snatched manuscript or looked in frustration at the manuscript and rejected it. On the fourth afternoon since Chen Huan sent the manuscript, he received a phone call from the newspaper.

“Is this Mr. Chu Liuxiang?” (TLN: Chu Liuxing is the mc of a very popular novel back in the 60s or 70s, he’s a bit of a robin hood in a wuxia world.)

“I am.”

“I’m Zhang Xinde from Qiantang Evening News’ prose essay. You submitting an essay named ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ right?”


“I’m happy to tell you that your essay had been selected to be published. If you are free tomorrow, could you please come to our editorial department with an ID and sign the contract please? It just the first time that is more troublesome. Next time we could do it via the mail transfer.”

“Okay! I’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

“Hehe, all of our editors appreciate your essay and are eager to meet an talented author, then see you tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow.”

The next day early into the morning, Chen Huan, pen named Chu Liuxiang, brought Shui Qianyu who insisted on coming to the building where the Qiantang Evening News where located.

He checked but none of the five biggest Wuxia author existed and even the Wuxia genre didn’t exist at all. So naturally nobody knew who Chu Liuxiang was.

This was the first time Chen Huan left the Mingde alley since he came to this world.

This ten years old building was actually the headquarter of the Zheyue Newpapers Group. it had been built in a very elegant style. The people were coming and leaving and all wore fashionable clothes but they were all in a hurry.

But they couldn’t help but slow down when they saw Chen Huan and Shian Qianyu. They even stopped to stare at them.

It was only the women who stopped and they were all staring at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan just wore a simple T-shirt and short with a pair of white sneakers. His whole body wasn’t worth more than 200 yuan.

But these women with fashionable clothes were all staring at Chen Huan and several younger women didn’t notice they had intoxicated expression on their faces.

Shui Qianyu sighed as she took out a pair of sunglasses from the small bag behind her and put it on Chen Huan.

As the result, Chen Huan’s handsome face was half covered, which disappointed endlessly the women who were devouring him with their eyes.

Chen Huan naturally didn’t look around with Shui Qianyu next to him but he still enjoyed the beautiful miss with the corner of his eyes.

What a pity.

His body was only sixteen years old and he still had to wait for two more years if he want to ride some wild women.

If he exercise and prepare his body well for the battlefield, he could only shed tears when he going to be thirty years old.

The secretly drooling teenager took out his phone with a serious expression as he dialed Zhang Xinde’s cell phone to tell him he was waiting for him at the entrance.

The call was immediately connected.

As Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were shriveling around the entrance, they saw a middle aged man in his forties who happened to hold a cell phone while staring at them.

“Editor Zhang?”

“Mr. Chu?!”

The two were talking over the phone to confirm their identities while waving their hands at each other’s.

“I didn’t expect,” Zhao Xinde approached with an emotional face, “I was wondering which celebrity came here for an interview but I didn’t expect it to be Mr. Chu! And you’re so young too!”

He stood at the entrance to as he waited for some people and also saw these eye catching pair of young boy and girl.

But Zhang Xinde was still a bit doubtful, “Excuse me, Mr. Chu, but did you really write ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle?’

“How it is not him who wrote it?” Shui Qianyu said in dissatisfaction, “Who else could it be?”

Shui Qianyu may act dissatisfied with Chen Huan but she wouldn’t let anybody to look down or bully him in front of outsiders.

“No, I was just asking!” Zhang Xinde shook his hand with a smile and suddenly seemed to be excited, “Come, follow me! They would be very surprised if they knew such a young man had written such a beautiful and warm story.”

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