I Know Everything chapter 5

Chapter 5: Who are you?

Those who are used to smartphone could type quickly.

Chen Huan wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ in less than half hour by relying on his memories while completing the gap with his own addition.

Then it took another half an hour to polish the 5000 words article.

Shen Huan then took another look at ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ before sighing in admiration and contentment.

Is every transmigrator a genius?

By relying on his memory and his literally talent, he could take it to the ancient time to become the second Lu Bai and be reborn in Su Xian! (Just boasting.)

Chen Huan looked at the time and it wasn’t 10 o’clock yet. He sent the story to his only friend in WeChat, Xiao Shui Shui.

This WeChat was belonged to China third largest private company, Beidou Holding. It was similar to his world’s Wechat, which belonged to Tencent.

Before, he had grandpa Shen as a friend in WeChat but now his profile was dimmed and would never be bright again.

Chen Huan sighed as he also had some regret.

If he changed sooner, he would definitely give Grandpa Chen a happy retirement!

But it was a pity.

However as the only concern of Grandpa Chen in this world, he would replace Chen Huan and certainly live well. He would live so well that everyone would envy him.

As for his parent in the other world, he hoped they could forgive for being unfilial.

After all, transmigrating wasn’t his choice and he couldn’t do anything about it.

As his thought wandered, a messenger app notification resounded.

Xiao Shui Shui: Which son of a bitch randomly wrote this?

Work Hard: I wrote it so well, aren’t you touched by it?

Xiao Shui Shui: I was moved your ass! Since when this happened? Why don’t I know about it?

Work Hard: This is embellishment and art do you understand? Don’t think because you know a bit of guitar and guzheng that you’re cultivated person, I am!

Xiao Shui Shui: Blah! This is a just a made up story! The people would spurn you after watching it!

Work Hard: Alright, alright. Stop throwing a tantrum like a kid. How is the story?

Xiao Shui Shui: You’re not Chen Huan! Who are you?

Work Hard: You caught me! I’m actual the very cruel and violent, Lak Lamaxin , and I especially came to destroy earth!

Xiao Shui Shui: Go Die!

Shui Qianyu didn’t type anything else after sending the last message.

Who would have thought that such a sweet and beautiful girl who was also a dignified class rep, would talk so freely in private.

You couldn’t really judge a book by his cover!

Chen Huan put down his phone and lay down again to sleep.

The next step was to post the story to attract people’s attention after written it.

As for where to post it, he could decide it tomorrow.

He didn’t fell asleep yet before someone was banging on his door.


Chen Huan already knew who it was after hearing the familiar tempest banging rhythm.

Helpless, he could only put some short and slipper before opening the door for her.

“Lil Sis, it’s already so late, what are you doing?” Chen Huan asked with a yawn after letting her in.

Shui Qianyu only wore a simple t-shirt and hot pants as she looked at Chen Huan up and down. Her face clearly showed a searching and doubtful expression.

 Chen Huan obviously understood what she was doing here but he didn’t stop her.

The first thing he needed to do if he wanted to convince everybody that he changed was to first convince this little girl in front him.

Because from Chen Huan’s memory, she was the one who knew him best apart from Grandpa Chen.

“You should have stared enough, right? I haven’t been replaced by some demon, haven’t I?” Chen Huan was slowly tidying his clothes.

“It is really possible to change after living a befuddled life?” Shui Qianyu was still skeptic but it was more curiosity and confusion now.

She watched Chen Huan’s face for more than ten years and shouldn’t be mistaken.

And there was birthmark on his back that looked like a little worm. It was impossible for him to be another person.

Adding to that his voice didn’t change either. It proved that this was Chen Huan, who else could it be.

Oh no, the way he spoke changed.

She didn’t notice it at noon but now she thought about it, he spoke with much more confidence and even joked about himself.

She had never seen Chen Huan like that before.

She couldn’t tell if this was a good thing or not.

“It’s called epiphany,” Chen Huan corrected her and continued with enthusiasm, “Lil Sis Shui, didn’t I told you today that I wanted give the small noodle shop better business? Don’t you think it would attract a lot of people attention if I posted this story out? Then the small noodle shop would become a famous web place and attract many people, so much that your parent would too busy to handle.”

“In that case…. They will beat you to death.” Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at him. “It’s not like you don’t know, they don’t want to tire themselves.”

“You can hire people.” Chen Huan suggested.

“But that’s my dad’s cooking is completely different from his singing. It’s a world apart.” Shui Qianyu said with a frown. “You lying to people like that you’ll just end up harming them.”

Chen Huan was stunned to silence.

It was hard to see honest people like this little girl in these time and days.

“Also, people will scold you if you deceive people like that.” Shui Qianyu tried to frighten him, “Can endure so many people cursing you?”

“I will write ‘this story is purely fiction’ at the end of the story.” Chen Huan already had thought about it.

“Up to you!” Shui Qianyu didn’t want hurt his confidence after seeing his confident look. “But the story’s writing is quite sloppy but much better than what you wrote before. I really can’t believe you wrote it.”

“This is just the beginning.” Chen Huan had a deep and profound look, “Lil Sis Shui, you can ask me for a few signature right now, because you won’t have so many opportunity when I become a renowned writer.”


Shui Qianyu showed her contempt with the laugh.

It was normal for a salted fish to turn over but it still had to depend on his own strength to do so.

From how Shui Qianyu understood Chen Huan, he had no talent except the fact he was kind and handsome.

“I’m not going to lower myself and argue with a little girl.” Chen Huan said, “Hurry up and go back to sleep! Let uncle Shui and aunt Xia to ready themselves, the small noodle shop is going to be a super popular place!”

Shui Qianyu didn’t believe a word from Chen Huan.

Becoming popular in the internet wasn’t as easy as a few years back.

The heaven really wouldn’t have any eyes if her place became popular with dishes tasting like that.

“Remember to put a pen name.” Shui Qianyu reminded him as she left.


“I’m afraid you will be killed for deceiving people.”

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