Medical Martial God chapter 73

Chapter 73: Life and death showdown!


The sound of coffee table reduced to pieces resounded as a huge axe cleaved the table to pieces while a miserable figure rolled out of the way.

-Bang! Bang!-

He couldn’t counter attack as gunfire shot rang again. One bullet after another spun like arrow and flew quickly toward the figure. The shots sealed his retreat path and forced him into a desperate situation.

This figure was none other than Ye Xuan who was sustaining the assaults of Narok and Nasak.

Ye Xuan’s expression was extremely stern as he rolled back and back flipped multiples times to dodge the bullets coming toward him in shocking manner as they all passed by or over him.


Nasak realized the seriousness of the situation after seeing that feat and tried to fire more shots but found he was out of ammo.


He wanted change the magazine but Ye Xuan noticed it and took out a needle threw it at him. The silver needle turned into a silver light as he flew toward Nasak.

Nasak felt danger from his sixth sense and instantly stepped aside and avoided the needle but it flew by his cheek.

It still wasn’t enough as his cheek was cut by the energy carried by the needle.

“You’re courting death!”

Nasak scream out as when he saw Ye Xuan moving like agilely like a monkey and charged toward him.

-Tss, tss-

His thrust his arms toward Ye Xuan and spray out a huge amount of poisonous mist from his sleeve at Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan gave up his attack without hesitation and retreated.

“Ferocious Bull Cleave!”

However, Narok seizing the opening shown by Ye Xuan and held his axe overhead as he charged behind Ye Xuan like an enraged bull before slashing it down.

The power of the axe cleave could change the world’s color and strong wind accompanied it. Ye Xuan’s face turned somber and livid as he saw the slash.

He was dead if the axe touched him!

But it was impossible to dodge it anymore. He could only confront it!

Celestial kick!

Ye Xuan suddenly spun as the axe was about to slash down and his leg shot out with precision and accurately struck the wrist of the arm holding the axe.



The sound of the wrist being broken and the axe falling into the ground resounded.

Narok’s face was filled with and was forced to let go his axe as his wrist had been broken by the formidable Celestial kick from Ye Xuan.

Wind God Wrath!

Strike him again while he was distracted!

Ye Xuan didn’t hesitate to strike him with the lethal Wind God Wrath and kicked him straight at the chin before sending him up into the air.



Narok painful scream and he throwing up blood rang out as his big body collapsed into the ground like a multi storey building.

His face showed a lot of pain as he probably saw stars in his eyes while his mouth was broken with broken teeth and constantly flowed out blood, and dyed the floor red.

This guy was beaten senseless by Ye Xuan’s Celestial Kick and Wind God Wrath.


Ye Xuan had no intention to show any mercy as he took out his army knife and swung it toward Narok’s throat.


As the sharp knife was about the slit Narok’s throat, a gunfire shot rang out again. It was Nasak who took the occasion to change magazine while Ye Xuan was handling Narok and pulled the trigger again.

The bullet flew straight toward Ye Xuan and would definitely hit him if he was determined to kill Narok.


Ye Xuan snorted disdainfully and gave up on his attack on Narok as he jumped away aside to dodge the bullet.

He also threw out his knife with a strange arc at the same time.


Narok cursed out as Nasak fire support gave him a bit of respite to slowly get up despite his ringing head.

“I’m going to murder you, you fucking punk!”

He angrily roared and charged at Ye Xuan.

However, his expression changed in the next moment because a knife appearing in front of his eyes and gradually closed on him in the direction of his heart.

The knife was thrown when Ye Xuan was dodging the bullet but now it was going straight toward his heart. This terrifying and weird thing scarred him greatly.

Apparently Ye Xuan predicted how Narok would react.

What kind of foresight was needed to anticipate Narok’s action?

An unimaginable one!

It was impossible for Narok to dodge the knife anymore.

Narok roared loudly as the knife closed on him and could only stop the knife with his hand as he clamped on the incoming knife and kept it front of him.

-tep, tep, tep-

He had to take several steps backward due to the impact of the knife when he grasped it. He breathed a big sigh of relief as beads of sweats formed on his forehead.

This guy and Nasak was much stronger that Black Dragon who had attacked Ye Xuan before.

“Brat, you really thought you could kill me? I will make you wish you were dead!”

Narok viciously declared after taking the knife as he stared intently at Ye Xuan.

“Humph, and you really thought you blocked my attack? Too naïve!”

Ye Xuan sneered when he heard him.


Narok dismissed his words and was about to speak but he felt a huge sense of danger from his sixth sense, and under his horrified gaze, silver threads with thin silver needles attached to it burst out in surprise from the small holes on the knife’s tip and penetrated into his body such as his heart and between his eyebrows. His whole body froze still.

It looked like Narok was pierced by the threads from a distance as the silver threads reflected the light from the room, which was unbelievable.


Narok’s then spurted bloods as his eyes closed before he fell down to the ground into the dust under Nasak’s stunned gaze and no longer moved.

He couldn’t be deader than he was.


“Narok, you need to wake up!”

Nasak recovered his bearing after being stunned for a moment before rushing up to Narok and screamed at him as he shook his body.

However, he received no reaction.

As a Grand Demon King, Ye Xuan wouldn’t fail to kill someone if he really wanted to.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking punk! I’ll fucking kill you!”

Nasak furiously screamed with enraged eyes after turning his head toward Ye Xuan as he watched the knife returning to his hand.

-Bang! Bang!-

Nasak then aimed his gun at Ye Xuan and kept shooting at him like a madman and forced him to retreat.

Swords were ruthless and bullets had no eyes!

Ye Xuan could only try to avoid them.

“Shit! You run away pretty fast, but let’s see how much longer can you hide!”

Nasak felt panic sink as he watched Ye Xuan dodge his bullet like it was some regular exercise. He was going to run out of bullet if he kept going on like this.

And it made him absolutely crazy that Ye Xuan had showed no sign of being poisoned after such a long time.

Obviously the two women were poisoned but why it wasn’t the case for Ye Xuan?

Right, those two women!

He could use those two women as a bait! 

Many thought flashed in Nasak’s mind at this moment as he stopped at Ye Xuan but turned his gun toward Leng Qingcheng and scornfully said, “Brat, you can run but can these two run? Hihi!”

Ye Xuan had a bad feeling when he heard him.

“Go die for me! Bitch!”

Nasak then pulled the trigger and shot Leng Qingcheng.

The sharps bullets spun at a high speed and traveled toward Leng Qingcheng. This gave Leng Qingcheng endless amount of despair and made Ye Xuan panic.

“Quickly dodge!”

Ye Xuan anxiously cried out as he rushed out at full speed.

“Am I going to die?”

Leng Qingcheng had no way to dodge and could only watch as the bullet came toward her and slowly closing in as if time slowed and made her feel cold and desperate. She gradually saw the image of her parents and replayed her past action in her mind.

“Is this how death feels like?”

Leng Qingcheng thought as she felt her consciousness slipped away and her body growing cold even though the bullets didn’t even hit her.

She closed her eyes in despair as the bullets were about to hit her.



The bullet tearing fleshes were heard as well as blood splattering everywhere.

Ye Xuan rushed out in front of her like a Tiger just as the bullet were about to hit Leng Qingcheng and took the bullets for her. The hot blood splattered to her desperate face and made her open her eyes.

She saw the figure that spared no effort to block the bullets for her and saw the blood splashed everywhere including on her face. She could even feel how warm blood on her face as she yelled in worry.

“Ye Xuan!”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Ye Xuan turned his toward her before he answered with a weak voice and showed her a reassuring smile.

“You’re fine? Take another shot then! Haha!”

Nasak said as he laughed.


But in the next moment, his laughter abruptly stopped as a silver light burst out from nowhere and pierced into his heart and made puke blood all over the ground.


“Im-impossible… wh-when did y-you do that?”

Nasak asked in a disbelieving and painful voice as he looked down and saw a knife stabbed into his heart with blood flowing out and dying the ground red.


Then Nasak’s body fell as breath left his body and died.

Ye Xuan watched the Nasak’s dead body as he emotionlessly answered,

“I did it when I jumped…”

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