I Know Everything chapter 3

Chapter 3: Shitty System.

Shui Qianyu may be young but she didn’t believe any of the bullshit he said.

But she understood that Chen Huan’s character was weak and worried he wouldn’t be able to bear it if she stimulated him too much. Thus she let the explanation go and told him to hurry before leaving.

Chen Huan didn’t idle as he took a shower and changed into a white t-shirt and shorts before locking his house and leave.

This street was called Mingde alley and wasn’t very spacious as it was around five meters large and not large enough to accommodate two cars.

Both side of the road were filled with old houses ranging from small to large. Some of them converted to shops, others were purely residential.

Some elderly people were chatting in a small group or they were taking care of little kids and watching them play around in the street.

Some of them said hello or nodded to him when they saw him pass. It could be said that they were trying to encourage him.

The neighbors all knew of Chen Huan’s matter and they also helped him for his grandfather’s funeral. It was also them who helped him get his grandfather’s inheritance, the house, under his name.

Knowing this information in his mind, Chen Huan also felt grateful to them.

He would have nothing and probably sent to the orphanage if it weren’t for them.

Thus, Chen Huan nodded and greeted everyone along the way.

His action surprised greatly the neighbor.

“Did the child receive some kind of shock?”

“Aiyo, that’s terrible. Did he receive too big of a blow and his mind went wrong?”

“Stop saying nonsense. But just in case, we should ask a doctor to check on him.”

These elderly didn’t know how to lower their voices and was heard by Chen Huan. His smile nearly turned into a bitter one.

High Schooler, look at that. It’s really not going be easy to change everybody impression on you!

The Shui family’s small noodle shop‘s name was ‘small noodle shop’. The shop was the same model as the others but they were in a crossroad and a very good spot.

The store area was about 60 square meters but it would be around 80 square meters if you added the eyes catching the kitchen. There were only eight square tables, which looked a bit empty.

It was 12’oclock and should at least have five customers in it if you came at this time but it only had one today.

Based on Chen Huan’s experience of eating in snack bars for so many years, this small noodle shop business was indeed a bit lacking.

But Shui Qingshan and his wife Xia He obviously didn’t care.

The couple sitting at the table in the courtyard saw Chen Huan coming and said warmly, “Xiao Han, we were just waiting for you, come and eat!”

“Thank you uncle Shui, aunty Shui.” Chen Huan bowed and sat down.

Shui Qingshan was less than 170cm and weighted around 90kg and looked a bit fat but his facial feature was still handsome. He was handsome middle aged overweight uncle.

Xia He was a typical Jiangnan woman. Delicate and beautiful, soft and gentle, Chen Huan seemed to never saw her getting angry.

His smooth and grateful reply made the couple feel something was wrong, thus they turned to look at their daughter.

Shui Qianyu pointed at her own head and the two couple suddenly had an expression of realization.

“Lil’sis Shui, do you think I’m blind?” Chen Huan immediately expressed himself and glared at her. “As is said, I want to become a better person and kiss goodbye at my past self. Why don’t you believe me?”

Shui Qianyu opened her lovely eyes wide open when she saw that he actually criticized himself. Her face was like as she saw a ghost.

Xia He smiled at that and said, “Okay, it’s great you can get out from the shadow Xiao Huan. Come, let’s eat first.”

Then she put a piece of chicken in Chen Huan’s bowl.

Chen Huan smiled before lifting his bowl and ate with big mouthful.

As the owner of a small noodle shop, Shui Qingshan was also a chef but the taste of his dishes were really average, which explained why the restaurant’s business wasn’t very good.

But from his memories, Shui Qingshan used to be in a band and made a lot of money. His family wouldn’t have to worry with the saving he had.

*Ding Dong*

Suddenly, Chen Huan heard a strange mechanical sound in his mind.

“Noticing that the host is not satisfied with the food. ‘Nobody is better than me’ System was successfully activated. Releasing the first task now. Will the host accept it?”

The mechanical sound was completely emotionless.

But the one who heard it was completely stunned.

He felt ecstatic the next and nearly jumped up.

Oh my God!

I told you that every transmigrator should have a system with them!

I knew you would be good to me!

Every male transmigrator were sure enough the God’s baby!

“What’s wrong? Shen Qingshan asked after seeing Chen Huan stunned expression. “Is today food not good?”

“No, no!”

Chen Huan was excited and didn’t say much as he quickly eat everything on the bowl in a moment. “Thank You uncle Shui, aunty Shui! I’m full! You guys eat slowly, I’ll wash the dish later.”

With that said, he didn’t wait for the Shui family to answer before he ran to bench near the big tree and sat down.

“It’s the end, his brain really turned bad.” Shui Qianyu shook her head. “Mom, look, this is how gigolo end up.  It’s much better to have dad’s ugly look, they are much more durable!”

Shui Qianyu: “…”

You were really complimenting me?

Should I give you a smile?

Shui Qingshan felt doubtful.

The three continued to eat but Shui Qianyu would glance at Chen Huan from time to time.

She saw Chen Huan’s face with different expression, sometime he was happy, sometime he was surprised, sometime he gritted his teeth as if he was acting in a movie.

This guy… did he really turn crazy?

Shui Qianyu uneasily thought.

Chen Huan was obviously not crazy and was just silently communicating with the system.

To be precise, he was communicating with a system called ‘Nobody is better than me’.

*Ding Dong*

“The host who is living in other fences should make a contribution to the kind people’s home who are raising you. If the business of the small noodle shop can be significantly improved within a month and flourish, the system will reward you a mysterious gift. Please look forward to it!”

I look forward to your mom!

What do you mean by ‘living in other fences’? (TLN: it meant living off other)

What do you mean by ‘raising’? (TLN: Raising here may be alluding to raising boy toy/ mistress)

Get out here and make it clear!

You bastard, just by looking at your name, I know you weren’t any reliable system!

Other people’s system were either cute girls or big sister! But you just don’t speak like a human. You must be doing on purpose, right?

And there’s also that ‘please look forward to it’ sentence.

With your ragged and metallic voice, you thought you were some kind of sexy babe!?

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