I Know Everything chapter 2

Chapter 2: Cold Rain.


After a shout, Chen Huan slowly retracted his punch from the door.

His fist was a little bruised.


He used too much strength!

Chen Huan finally understood after series of test he just did. There was nothing extraordinary as super power after he transmigrated.

His body wasn’t stronger and because he only studied all day, it was even a bit weak.

High Schooler was weak and at the time attracted many girls. It would generate hatred  but he hadn’t been bullied by boys at school.

At least not really.

At the start of high school, the boys from the other classes were unhappy with him as they thought he grabbed too much limelight and wanted to find a place to beat him up.

The result was that the girls got news of it and the dozen of them took chairs before rushing at them and gave them all a ferocious beating.

The key point was that the girls didn’t even have to take responsibility for the beating as the teacher understood the circumstance and the principal of the school administration even expulsed several boys who provoked the incident.

Well, the principal was also a woman.

He didn’t suffer from bullying but as a man, it wasn’t okay to be weak at this point.

Young missus wouldn’t be able to always come to save him every time.

According to Chen Huan’s more than twenty years of life experience, you could only rely on yourself at the most critical time.

Since this body was weak like a scholar, Chen Huan decided that he had to start exercising seriously from now one.

He planned to strengthen his body and try to grow up a few centimeters more during this summer vacation.

In addition, he had to see if he could pick back up the thing he studied ten years ago as he forgot about most of them.

He wasn’t some straight A student but he still was much better than the high schooler as he was a guy who went into a reputable university.

He had experience of crazily studying and had superior logical and analytical abilities. Now that he was back to second year in high school, he wouldn’t dare to say he would be able to enter the top ten universities in the country but he should be able to easily go to a reputable university with some effort.

As for anything else, it was still too early to talk about it.

He wasn’t some super human, thus how could he remember what trick to get rich and reach to pinnacle of life in two or three years?

In this world, there was already search site, application like Weibo or Wechat, mobile game and even car sharing. It would be difficult to invent something that this world didn’t already have.

Let’s not mention business, he could only recall some clips of his favorites music and movies but if you asked him to reproduce their entirety, it would be impossible for him.

He had to first stabilize his basics and do a good job at studying to become an outstanding student so he could find more opportunities to get rid of poverty and become rich.

The two worlds were still different in the end. He believed that he would definitely find some difference and make up some big achievement.

After thinking about it, Chen Huan went back to his room to clean it up as the high schooler made a mess when he was drunk.

The old man and Chen Huan lived in a very old and small house, it was about a hundred square meters with a kitchen and toilet along with two rooms and it was all the rooms in the house.

The house was in Lin’an suburb and was approximately 20 kilometers from the West Lake with the surrounding street filled with similar houses.

There were enough grocery stores, small supermarkets and small restaurants in the area for everybody needs.

The city started to develop these last two years and even various areas around here started to be relocated as high rise building popped all around. He believed that this area would also be demolished in a few years’ time.

But before that, the streets here were still the same as when it was a couple decades ago where lived the same people who were all familiar with each other.

*Bang, Bang, Bang*

There were loud knock on his door while he was cleaning the broken bottles on the floor.

“Chen Huan, quickly open the door!”

A loud and crunchy voice like a black-naped oriole from a girl was heard along with the knocks.

Chen Huan frowned and tried to find the owner of the voice in his memories.

Shui Qianyu.

She was 14 years old and was a sophomore in junior high. She was also the daughter of the boss from the street corner noodle shop.

She liked to play with Chen Huan since she was small. Although High Schooler was meek and introvert, he still treated his neighbor politely and got along quite well with her and treated her like a little sister.

But Chen Huan didn’t know if the little entered puberty or what these last two years because she constantly displeased with him and often ridiculed him, which made Chen Huan very embarrassed.

Because of his grandpa died, the boss from the noodle shop would send his daughter here to ask him come for a meal, lest Chen Huan stayed alone at home and recall past memories that would further increase his depression.

Since it was 11:50 at noon, Shui Qianyu was probably here again to tell him to come for lunch.

After thinking about it, Chen Huan walked through his small living room and opened the door.

“Yo, why is there such a strong smell of alcohol in here?” 

A very sweet girl stood in front of the door and stared at him with a frown on her face. 

“Chen Huan, you’re good, you even learned how to drink? How much did you drink, huh?”

“Not much.” Chen Huan didn’t say much to her.

“You can go back first. I’ll come over after I change my clothes.”

“Wait!” Shui Qianyu had sharp eyes as she pointed at his hand holding a broom and asked, “Hey, what happened to you hand? Is it self-inflicted?”


Chen Huan was startled as he said, “How it is possible? Those are traces left by my boxing practice!”

“Do you even know how to box?”  Shui Qianyu gave him distrustful face and directly by passed Chen Huan and went into the living room.

“Oh, Chen Huan, you’re done!” She smelled the strong alcohol smell in the room that hadn’t dissipated yet and saw the broken bottles of liquor on the ground before Shui Qianyu furiously said, “You giving up like this, can you still face grandpa Shen?!”

Those weren’t drank by me.

Chen Huan wanted to confess but the words couldn’t leave his mouth.

Thus he only sighed and said, “I won’t be like this in the future anymore. From today onward, I’m a brand new Chen Huan!”

“Boast!” Shui Qianyu raised one of her beautiful eyebrow.

“Just watch me in the future!” Chen Huan’s showed his sincerity. “While I was drunk, I have realized the many truths in life and their meaning! In the future, I will definitely become a difference person you knew!”

His panic gave him an idea.

It was possible for him to use him being drunk as an excuse to explain his change.

After all, High Schooler personality was completely different from Chen Huan.

Such a timid boy who was so cowardly and not good at using his advantage was simply wasting the God-given handsome face!

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  1. Just the sort of moral behavior a person should exhibit. If you want to change, drink alcohol. Lessons learned.

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