I Know Everything chapter 1

Hello, this is a new project I picked up due to wanting to translate something different than Medical Martial Art, but that it’s still my main project, i’ll just update this one during the weekend, meaning it would probably only 2/3 chapter a week.

This novel has some similarity with IRSS but without the face smacking and racist, with more concentration on the work he “Borrow”.

Chapter 1: Welcome into the new world.

Chen Huan had been standing in front of the mirror for an hour and looked at his face that was obviously ten years younger than it should be. He still couldn’t believe it.

To be precise, Chen Huan woke up after being transmigrated into a sixteen years old high schooler body with the same name as him.

It was just that this high schooler was even more miserable than him.

In Chen Huan’s original world, he still had a father and a mother. He wasn’t from noble or rich family but he was still quite well off and his life was quite carefree.

As for himself, his career was quite satisfactory. 

He found a good job after graduating from college but because he was too busy with his job, he ended up breaking up with the few girlfriends he had, which saddened him.

This high school student was absolutely miserable as he was orphaned at a young age but was adopted and raised by a kind old man.

But that old man passed away from an illness at the end of May.

He dealt with the old man’s funeral with the neighbors help and lived alone since then. But due to not being able to handle the pressure of it and doubtful about his future, he sneakily brought liquors to drink.

As a high schooler who never drank alcohol before, he quickly drank himself into a coma after drinking cup after cup.

Then Chen Huan’s soul entered this body and came into this familiar and at the same time unfamiliar world.

It was familiar because it was 2014 and not long from the 2018 he was originally been, and the living environment was also similar to his world.

This world TV dramas, movies, songs, smartphones, online games and etc. were also all very similar.

This point really gave Chen Huang some comfort.

He was used to smartphones and would be very unaccustomed if he went twenty years back.

However apart from those familiar things, the unfamiliar feelings were still stronger.

It was naturally impossible for this world to be identical as there were many difference from the China Chen Huan lived.

For example, the place he was living right now should be called Hang Cheng but now it was called the ancient name Lin’an. The capital name was Huajin now and the super economic center near the sea was called HuHai now. (In case you guys didn’t get it, he’s talking about Beijing and Shanghai.)

Some rules and specific customs were not too different from his but Chen Huan hadn’t looked at them in details but it was roughly the same. After all, the country’s heritage was the same as his previous life and the Confucius’s culture was still set as the moral benchmark.

The history had changed but the habits and lifestyle was still about the same, which really made Chen Huan happy.

Back to the high schooler body.

Why would Chen Huan look at himself in the mirror for an hour?

No other reason that this high schooler was too handsome with delicate features.

He stood at 172cm and looked like a golden boy from a painting, which made people wonder how the heaven could make such a handsome boy!?

Chen Huan thought he looked quite good and should have at least 70 points in term of looks but he was nothing against the other guy body who should at least had 98 points.

Not to mention his pure high schooler eyes that could completely kill numerous women of all ages.


It’s not the other guy.

The other guy is me!

Chen Huan suddenly felt really pleased. The heaven was quite generous for giving him such a good look. It would be a smooth sailing whenever he goes to the sea.

Wherever it was and as long it was in a prosperous area, there must some advantages when one was so good looking.

Not to mention a face that was like sculpted by a god.

He also had some memories from the high schooler.

Because of how handsome he was, he was the focus of female classmates’ attention whenever it was in high school or in kindergarten.

He never lacked any snacks on his desk.

Even if the snacks were snatched away by other kids, there would be a female classmate that would immediately replace it.

It was also at that time that Chen Huang tasted numerous girls flavors as he received many kisses.

His face was never dry from saliva since kindergarten.

Since middle school, there were no shortages of love letters in his desk except when he was on vacation.

The students around him made a lot of money just by stuffing love letters in his desk. They got fat stacks by doing it all day long.

The situation in high school was a bit more complicated.

Except that his desk was still the same. He had variety of exquisite food and fruits gifted to him and didn’t have to pay for meals at all.

Because every day a girl would bring him boxed launch with great food and stuff into his hand whenever it was launch break.

Of course there were some extra things added with it.

But some females started to over for territories and him.

During the first semester, a dozen of female classmate started to fight to get a place at the same table as him and it went so far that twenty to thirty furious parents started to curse at each other in the school yards and nearly got into a full on brawl.

During the second semester, the six campus bell of the high school second years dueled for him multiples times.

They would meet every time after school and fought until they cry and look disheveled. The pictures were beautiful that he didn’t dare to watch it.

The high schooler was also very troubled by this.

His personality was rather meek and his family condition wasn’t very good. Thus he only wanted to study hard, get a good future, get a good job and take good care of his old man.

He personally didn’t like his good look at all as it brought him a lot of trouble since he was small and thought it would have been better if he was ugly.

But he wasn’t very smart and had medium low grade. It would very hard for him to get at the top.

According to high schooler plan, he wanted to go to an ordinary college before graduating and take a job with a salary of three to five thousand Yuan. He would then marry a girl, struggle together to slowly save enough money to buy a house while taking care of the old man. Give birth to a child and raise him well. Then when they were old, he would take his wife and tour the world. That would be his life without him wasting his time for things he couldn’t do.

But before the time he could take care of the old man, his grandfather passed away. The pain high schooler felt at that moment hurt him deeply.

He lost the will to fight and thought that living had no meaning anymore. He didn’t know what to do facing against such a grim future and he didn’t have any other relative.

Of course, if he married into a girl family, he would have been able to enjoy a good life.

There were countless rich young girls who had given him love letters. It was also said that as long he was willing to marry them, he could get anything and even the family money would belong to him.

People could imagine how attractive the high schooler was based on this.

But Chen Huan wasn’t surprised at all.

No matter what world you are in, being handsome was the best!

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  1. Okay I’m going to try this novel. I love harem so I guess I came at the right door. Let’s hope the MC is going to be shameless and funny. And not a lot of racism/nationalism thank you.

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