I Know Everything chapter 4

Chapter 4: A bowl of plain noodles.

Chen Huan gritted his teeth in rage but couldn’t do anything against ‘Nobody is better than me’ in his mind.

‘Having a system is better than having none’, ‘The system can be a bit bad but it can be forgiven’, ‘There’s still a reward for completing the mission’. Chen Huan used those reasons to convince himself to try to complete the task as he stood in front of the kitchen sink right now.

The kitchen was obvious the one from the small noodle shop.

The small noodle shop only sell noodle and it was the typical Suzhou style noodles. They didn’t sell any fried dishes or anything else. The Suzhou style noodles topping were done separately. They also used this kitchen when the family made their meals and wash it.

Shui Qianyu followed after him after picking up the dishes.

At this time, there was only one customer outside and no new customers came.

If someone came and there was nobody in the reception, as long you yelled a bit, the Shui couple would rush out from the back to welcome the guest.

“Lil Sis Shui, have you ever had good business at your small noodle shop?” Chen Huan whispered while washing the dishes.

“What?” Shui Qianyu also washed the dishes the customers had eaten with him.

Chen Huan said, “Eh, as the little owner of the shop, shouldn’t you hope that the business become so good that the people line up until they are three kilometers away?”

Shui Qianyu was surprised by the question as Chen Huan never asked about it before but she still explained, “My father made a lot of money when he was in a rock band. We bought a house in HuaJin and Huhai. We have enough for us to use for later, so why would we tired ourselves now?”

They have houses in Huajin and Huhai?

The house price here was similar to the world he came and they couldn’t buy a house in these two cities without at least five to six millions.

It turned out they were a rich family!

Chen Huan suddenly felt that this mission was a little bit more difficult than he thought.

They didn’t lack money and only kept the little shop to have something to do while raising their cute daughter.

If he suddenly went to them to say he could improve their business, would they be motivated?

No they wouldn’t.

In the evening, Chen Huan asked Shui Qingshan to make him three bowls of their signature noodles of the shop and after tasting them one by one, his determination to complete the mission was further lowered.

He didn’t need to say much. You would know the noodles won’t be delicious just by looking at how Shui Qingshan ‘doing as he liked’ style of seasoning and cooking.

The shops that made these kinds of noodles would close in matter of minutes back in his world.

The key was that Chen Huan understood Shui Qingshan’s view and it was exactly as his daughter said. He never thought of improving his skills nor did he think of hiring a good noodle chef.

He would feel content as long he could serve something to eat to the neighborhood and the surrounding office workers.

In addition, the small noodle shop’s noodles were really not expensive. The cheapest plain noodles were 5 yuan for 100g and 6 yuan for 150g and with the usual topping, it was only around 10 yuan a bowl.

The noodles broth was made with pig bones and chicken bones.

Chen Huan remembered that a noodle shop five hundred meters away had prices 150% higher than the small noodle shop.

Maybe the shop didn’t run out of business yet because it was cheap and the ingredient was fresh.

But there weren’t many neighbors who came to eat even if it was cheap. They probably thought that the own noodles they cooked themselves were better than Shui Qingshan’s.

What should he do then?

At night, Chen Huan lay on the bed and thought hard about it.

He didn’t know how to cook nor did he know how to make noodles and he didn’t have any ancestral recipe either. There was nothing he could do based on the current state of the small noodle shop!

Should he try to make the small noodle shop famous in the internet just like back in his world?

But he couldn’t brag about the taste. Only people without conscience would dare to do so.

He could say the family was in a difficult situation and the poor couple were struggling to make ends meet.

But if he sold it like that, Lil Sis Shui would probably kill Chen Huan.

He could say it had a particular feeling to it.

There was no special feeling to a noodle made by a rock singer!

Maybe make a song for the small noodle shop and turn them famous?

Bah, Bah, Bah

They had a small saloon and it was very hipster.

Why am I sitting in front of a small noodle shop? How good it smell?

(MC is trying to make a song and obviously failing.)

How about he made a story instead?

A long long time ago in a dark and windy night, a small noodle shop…

Chen Huan started to think wildly as the small noodle shop turned into a ghost story.

Chen Huan was reminded of an article in his middle school textbook when his thoughts were going wild.

‘A bowl of plain noodle.’


That’s it!

It told a heartwarming story that happened in a noodle shop and claimed to have touched billions of people!

And the plain noodle was one of the representatives of the Suzhou style noodles. It really fitted perfectly.

Thinking of this incomparable convenient story, Chen Huan took out his second hand smartphone at lightning speed and started to look for the story at the search bar.

As a person who had read many novels, he certainly knew how embarrassing it was to plagiarize an already existing literacy works.

We were all smart people and shouldn’t embarrass transmigrators.

So he seriously searched if there was  ‘A bowl of plain noodle’ in this world.

Chen Huan remembered that in this world the three countries in East Asia relation with each other was somewhat different from his original world.

He didn’t know any of the celebrity in china right now. Would japan be changed as well?

Sure enough, after searching thoroughly for half an hour, he determined that ‘A bowl of plain noodle’ didn’t exist in this world at all.

A handed down story like ‘A bowl of plain noodle’ would definitely be found in the internet even they were not in books.

Yet Chen Huan used more than ten different methods to search for it but he didn’t find it. Thus it meant that ‘A bowl of plain noodle’ was now his.

Human had the best memory before 30 years old.

To be precise, they had the best memory at 23 years old when they were passing the university examination.

‘A bowl of plain noodle’ was seen by him when he was in middle school. He couldn’t rewrite it word for word but he still remembered the general plot and mood of the story.

Chen Huan got up from the bed and opened the notepad app and started typing.

“The busiest time of the year for the small noodle shop was the New Year’s eve.

On the New Year’s Eve of 2002, in the small noodle shop at Lin’an city, Mingde alley, the boss Shui Qingshang and his wife were busy from morning till night.

The newly born Qiaoyu watched her mom busying herself all day while being carried behind her.

The street that was usually lively even at 12pm was quiet when it was only 7pm tonight. The constant stream of people in the noodle shop seemed to have disappeared.

That’s because the festivities were about to begin!

The shop door was gently pushed open just when the last customer left the shop and it was about time to close.

A woman came in with her two children.

Two boys around the age of five and nine while wearing brand new sportswear but the woman’s clothes didn’t fit this cold season.

The owner’s wife Xia He went to greet them, “Welcome!”

“The woman timidly asked, “Can… I have…. A bowl of…. Plain noodle?”

“Wel-welcome, ple-please sit down!”

“Husband, three bowls of plain noodles for table two!”

“Okay to three bowls of plain noodles!”

There were suddenly a burst of cheering and applause in the small noodle shop.

The snowing outside of the shop stopped at this moment.

The bright curtain with small noodle shop written on it, sway under wind  on the snow covered bright window.”

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