Medical Martial God chapter 69

Chapter 69: Couple’s suite.

The Eternal Celebrity was one of Xing Hai’s most popular hotels with its dreamlike feature and colors. They had excellent service and were perfect for couples.

“What? There’s only one room!?”

Ye Xuan and the two big beauties was stun when they heard the receptionist answer.

“I doubt there’s a place with three rooms due to the tourist season. There are a lot of people visiting Xing Hai and most of the hotels are full. But there’s only one room left in our hotel, does the three of you still want it?”

The receptionist explained with straight face and stared at Ye Xuan with envy.

The fact that this guy would be lucky enough to sleep with two great beauties tonight, made him increasingly jealous by just thinking about it.

Both Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng turned their head and looked at Ye Xuan.

“Why are you two staring at me? Are you going to take the room or not? This is the ninth hotel we’ve visited!”

Ye Xuan said in a helpless manner as he shrugged his shoulder.

As the receptionist said, it was the tourist season and most hotels were full. They went to multiple hotel with no room left and only this one had a room.

“Then let’s take this room.”

The two women looked at each other before finally agreeing to take the room.

“I wish you three a pleasant stay!”

The receptionist said meaningfully when he saw the three of them leave after checking in.

The three of them soon arrived to their room.

The room was not very big but it was very well decorated and complete. There were colorful lights hung around on the ceiling with a sexy poster on the wall. There were also heart shaped rose petal on bed who decorated with a lot pink stuffs, and coupled with a special scent that undoubtedly increased people’s libido.

This was a nice place. No wonder so many couples liked to come here and take a room.

“The room is so beautiful!”

Su Xiaomeng exclaimed.

“This is the most luxurious room here. It cost four thousand a night here.”

Ye Xuan informed her.

“There’s only one bed. How are we going to sleep tonight?”

Su Xiaomeng asked in bafflement and frowned as she stared at bed with roses on it.

“The two of us sleep on the bed. He will sleep on the floor!”

Leng Qingcheng declared before Ye Xuan could say anything.

“I’m the one who paid for this. Why would this Lord sleep on the floor when I’m the one who paid?!”

Ye Xuan said in displeasure.

“Because you’re not a woman!”

Leng Qingcheng didn’t say anything more but instead went to the bathroom with her bad and started to shower while leaving Ye Xuan helpless at the situation.

Soon, the water from the shower was heard but Ye Xuan, who was sitting on the couch, started to feel hot as he stared at the bathroom. It only showed shadowy outline and a foggy view but I was more than enough for people to start their imagination.

Ye Xuan helplessly smiled as he could already know how hot her body was from the shadow.

“Ye Xuan, why Mad Steel and the rest bowed down and begged for mercy as soon their heard you name?”

Su Xiaomeng stared at Ye Xuan curiously and continued, “Tell me the truth, do you have some sort of secret?”

“Well, obvious it’s because I’m wise and powerful. Everyone under the sky is afraid of me. So that brat immediately kneeled down on the spot when he heard my name.”

Ye Xuan replied with a teasing smirk.

“No way I’m believing that. Hurry up and honestly explain what it was going on?”

Su Xiaomeng asked with a stern look as she grabbed his collar and pointed to his face with the other hand.

Su Xiaomeng didn’t notice that her action gave Ye Xuan the full view of her majestics towers at her chest and it was so close it nearly touched his cheeks as a unique scent flowed into Ye Xuan’s nose and gave him a dry mouth.

Didn’t this little girl know that her action could kill someone?

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll tell you, just release me, okay?”

Ye Xuan said hurriedly and threw all the dirty in his mind.

“No I won’t! I won’t let go as long you don’t tell me the truth!”

However, Su Xiaomeng didn’t loosen her grip but instead she leaned forward and tried to make Ye Xuan confess.

This made Ye Xuan really uncomfortable as he sat paralyze on the couch because Su Xiaomeng’s breast was close to touching his face.

“My aunt! Just release me okay? I’ll tell you, alright?”

Ye Xuan asked pleadingly as he couldn’t bear with it anymore.

“Humph! Tell me now!”

Su Xiaomeng snorted, but Ye Xuan could clearly feel the breath touching his face.

“Someone from the Crazy Dragon Gang came at me looking for trouble. This angered me so much I went to their headquarter and turned it upside down and beat everybody on my path, and even made their boss kneel to me! That’s why Mad Steel was scared to death when he knew it was me. So he could only kneel and beg for mercy.”

Ye Xuan finished his tale with one breath before sighing in relief when Su Xiaomeng finally released her grasp on him. He sat on the couch breathing heavily.

This little girl really didn’t know how attractive she was and how lethal her weapons were.

“Damn, you’re that strong? You beat up everybody in their headquarter by yourself? But the Crazy Dragon Gang is one of the four biggest gangs in Xing Hai!”

Su Xiaomeng was shocked and looked dumbfounded when she heard him. She didn’t expect him to be that strong.

“Well, soon or later I will make the people who kicked out your sister from the Leng family kneel!”

Ye Xuan declared arrogantly.

“You’re just bragging…”

Su Xiaomeng gave Ye Xuan a fierce look and sternly reprimanded him, “I suggest you to stay on the right path and don’t go do crooked things otherwise soon or later…”

Ye Xuan just smiled and didn’t say anything else as he knew that she was just being kind.


The bathroom door opened and Leng Qingcheng walked out of it with her long her down after taking a shower.

Her hairs were wet and her extremely sexy figure was wrapped by a pure white bathrobe with downside of the robe split at her thigh, it revealed her slender and snow white legs. The sight would be hard for people to look away.

A beautiful woman that just came off the bath is just a beautiful sight to hold.

The flame that Ye Xuan hardly put down inside him, blazed again at the sight.

“Look at that, your eyes is about to pop off.”

Su Xiaomeng said as she rudely slapped Ye Xuan’s shoulder.

“Fuck off.”

Ye Xuan lightly replied as he rolled his eyes at her.

Su Xiaomeng stuck her tongue at Ye Xuan before walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Soon, the shower sound started to resound again.

Sure enough, Ye Xuan could see through the glass Su Xiaomeng’s petite but sexy figure with the otherworldly arc at the top that made Ye Xuan’s heartbeat in frenzy.


Ye Xuan let out a sigh walked to the wine counter near him. He opened a bottle of wine skillfully before he looked at Leng Qingcheng who sat on the couch and asked, “You want some?”

She nodded softly.

Ye Xuan took the bottles and two glasses before he went and sat next to Leng Qingcheng on the couch. He poured half a glass for her before pouring a full glass for himself before sipping at the wine.

Ye Xuan eyes inadvertently wandered to her before he commented in admiration, “I can’t believe you look so good even in this bathrobe.”

Leng Qingcheng didn’t give any attention to Ye Xuan’s praise as she elegantly drank her wine before she slowly said, “What did you mean when you said to Mad Steel that you were moving?”

“Not much meaning. You also saw how messy the room was and we can’t live in it anymore. I was thinking we should move to a better place.”

Ye Xuan replied while looking at his wine.


LEng Qingcheng asked as she frowned.

“Of course, or do you want me to move alone? Currently, you and Xiaomeng are in danger and how can I be at ease if you two lives alone? It’s safer if we live together.”

Ye Xuan explained a somber tone.

Leng Qingcheng thought for a bit before nodding her head. She didn’t anything more but it was her way to say she agreed.

After a moment of pause between them, she spoke in a soft tone again, “I asked a friend to investigate the death of my parents and I have a rendezvous with her tomorrow. I would like you to accompany me if you’re free.”

“Okay no problem!  After all we’re still a couple in difficulties.”

Ye Xuan joked with her as he looked at her beautiful face.

Leng Qingcheng’s face turned somber and fell into silence after hearing Ye Xuan’s words.

She didn’t like these kinds of words. Ye Xuan talking about this killed today’s talks.

Ye Xuan noticed Leng Qingcheng’s demeanor change and got silent for bit before he said in a serious tone, “Anyways, our parents are already passed and there’s isn’t as much restriction anymore. If you really don’t like our relationship and situation, we can go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs tomorrow and get divorced.”

“If I wanted to be honest, although you look good, you’re not good enough for me.”

Leng Qingcheng didn’t expect Ye Xuan to say that and she was dumbfounded by how simple and direct he said it as she stared at him with eyes filled with shock.

She had never liked the fact she was married to Ye Xuan and never had romantics feeling toward him.

Deep down, she longed to divorce Ye Xuan but he was in a coma before.

But when Ye Xuan woke up, she didn’t mention the matter at all but it was on her mind, but she didn’t think Ye Xuan would the one to bring the subject up.

But Leng Qingcheng’s shock was replaced by rage the next monet.

This guy said that she wasn’t good enough for him?

She was being rejected?

Who did he think he was!?

How could the proud Leng Qingcheng stand this?

She raised her head to speak up but found out that Ye Xuan went to the balcony outside to look at the stars. Ye Xuan left her with deep and unfathomable view of his back, which made her unable to speak up.

She felt extremely dejected!

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