Medical Martial God chapter 68

Chapter 68: Brought doom to oneself.

“This dog shit still presented himself as Ye Xuan? Cousin, stop wasting your breath on him and beat him to death!”

“That’s right, Big Bro Mad Steel! Don’t waste your breath on him and waste him!”

Liu Dongchuan felt impatience and contempt at Ye Xuan’s presentation and shouted at Mad Steel.

But they saw Mad Steel’s original ferocious face turned into one of dismay as he stared at Ye Xuan with eyes full of shock and terror while he stood unmoving.

Although Mad Steel was at the west street, he knew clearly what happened at the Crazy Dragon Gang headquarter. He knew that somebody broke into their headquarter and trashed everybody in it including Lord Dragon and that man was called Ye Xuan.

Then Lord Dragon issued an order to the Crazy Dragon Gang. It was to never offend Ye Xuan and treat him as he was Lord Dragon himself.

Mad Steel never imagined that men would be in front of him and that he even raised his hand against him.


The next moment, Mad Steel kneeled down and bowed down to Ye Xuan.

“Crazy Dragon Gang’s Mad Steel greets Xuan Bro!”

Everybody froze in shock whether they were Liu Dongchuan and his buddies or the men that came with Mad Steel when they saw him kneel down and when they heard what he said.

Their eyes and mouths widened stared at Mad Steel in a stunned state. They were shocked beyond belief.

“What dog shit Xuan Bro!? I’ve never heard of him in the street! Cousin, did you go mad?!”

Liu Dongchuan went to shake Mad Steel’s arm as soon he recovered his sense.


But Mad Steel immediately slapped his face right after he talked. The powerful slap sent him sprawling into the floor again.

Blood was leaking from Liu Dongchuan’s mouth as he was in state of shock due to Mad Steel’s slap. He face started to swell as he spoke in a disbelieving voice.

“Cousin, are you fucking crazy? You don’t trash that little bastard but hit me instead?”

“Exactly, you’re the one I hit! Fuck!”

“You fucking retard! You even dare to offend Xuan bro! I’m going to beat you to death!”

Before Liu Dongchuan could say anything back, Mad Steel stood up and gave him another slap on the face followed by a kick to his body and started to beat him like a dead dog and confused greatly Liu Dongchuan’s friends.

After all, Liu Dongchuan was the one to call Mad Steel for help.


Liu Dongchuan was about to speak up but saw Mad Steel kneel and bow down before Ye Xuan again as he respectfully and apologetically said,

“Xuan Bro, I was blind and didn’t recognize you, and offended you. I implore you to give Lord Dragon face and be magnanimous, and please forget our affront!”

The men that came with Mad Steel also kneel down and bowed to Ye Xuan before pleading to him.

He knew of this man terrifying reputation. He went to their headquarter and put Lord Dragon to his knees!

“We plead Xuan Bro to forgive our affront!”

This scene dumbfounded Liu Dongchuan and his buddies but also Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng as they stared at Mad Steel and his men bowing to Ye Xuan.

Just what was going on?

Why Mad Steel and his men, who were so confident and aggressive, changed their attitude as soon they heard Ye Xuan’s name?

Didn’t they come here to help out Liu Dongchuan?

Why did Mad Steel ended up hitting Liu Dongchuan instead?

Ye Xuan was the only calm person in the room as he sat comfortably on the couch with his legs on the table while staring at the bowed down Mad Steel and his man with an indifferent face. He didn’t say anything and made the atmosphere in the room suffocating.

Mad Steel and his men didn’t even dare to breath loudly as they kept their heads down and didn’t dare to look at Ye Xuan but they could still feel the immense pressure emitting from him that made them sweat profusely.

“Cousin, dig you guys went crazy? You’re kneeling to a useless brat? I asked you to come her to avenge me, not kneel to him!”

Liu Dongchuan rudely yelled at Mad Steel as he was unable to deal with the atmosphere in the room anymore.


Mad Steel’s face changed for the worse as he reached out to grabbed Liu Dongchuan’s head and slammed hard onto the floor and kept his forehead pressed to the ground before elbow dropping his back with enough strength to split a mountain.

“Liu Dongchuang, even though I’m your cousin, but if you want to die, don’t drag me with you. And you’re still not kneeling to Xuan Bro!?”

“Mad Steel, fuck your grandpa!”

Liu Dongchuan angrily roared as he tried to get off the grip. The intense pain made him incomparably arrogant and ferocious.

But his yell came to an abrupt stop when he felt a dagger on his neck held by Mad Steel.

“Co-cousin, wh-what are you doing?”

Liu Dongchuan said with a dry voice as he whole shook in fear when he felt the cold steel on his neck.

He finally got scared at that moment as he felt Mad Steel really wanted to kill him.

“Obediently apologize to Xuan Bro for me!”

Mad Steel said.

“Xuan bro? Which Xuan Bro?”

Liu Dongchuan said as he swallowed fearfully.

“Shit! Of course it’s the Xuan Bro in front of you! He’s someone that even Lord Dragon’ don’t dare to offend.”

Mad Steel warned him.

Fear overtook Liu Dongchuan and stared at Ye Xuan in horror.

He didn’t expect that this man was someone that even Lord Dragon didn’t dare to offend.

Maybe the other people didn’t know who Lord Dragon was but he knew exactly who he was. He was the person backing his cousin and the boss of the Crazy Dragon Gang.

“Xuan Bro can go fuck his mom! I’ve never heard of him! Mad Steel, are you fucking afraid? If you don’t want to take revenge from me, you can say it! Don’t take me for a fool! Why are you coming with excuse like that to scare me?”

Liu Dongchuan roared at Mad Steel again after coming back from his shock and went crazy again.

The alcohol in his system and the unwillingness in his mind made him unable to see the reality in front of him and brought doom to himself.

 “Liu Dongchuan, don’t drag me with you if you want to die that badly, fuck!”


Mad Steel didn’t let him finish and immediately used the dagger to cut his ear in retaliation.

Ye Xuan was still indifferent to this as he took out a cigarette and lit it before slowly inhaling and exhaling smokes.

“Xuan Bro, they didn’t recognize you and offended you but they got the punishment they deserve. I hope Xuan Bro can spare them!”

Mad Steel bowed down again and pleaded mercy for Liu Dongchuan.

He cut one of Liu Dongchuan’s ears in hope to save him as he knew how terrifying Ye Xuan could be.

But Liu Dongchuan didn’t appreciate this gesture at all as he loudly cursed at him while holding his bleeding ear.

“Mad Steel, you fucking pussy! You are even kneeling to a trash like him, is he your father!?”


Mad Steel’s face turned cold as used his dagger to swipe Liu Dongchuan’s neck open.

“You…you.. you’re killing me?!”

Liu Dongchuan said as he gurgled while the blood flowed down from his neck.


He couldn’t hold it anymore as the blood emptied from his body and fell to the ground. His body slowly turned cold as he died.


This scene scared silly Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng but also Liu Dongchuan’s friends.

They didn’t expect Mad Steel to kill his cousin.

This guy was really decisive.

“Xuan Bro, we are really sorry to interrupt you and your wives rest tonight. We’ll take our leaves.”

Mad Steel respectfully said as he stared at Ye Xuan with dread.

“Let’s go. Throw him to the mountain and let the dogs have him.”

Mad Steel ordered his man and made his way toward the exit.

“Did I say you could go?”

Ye Xuan coldly said with a expressionless face.

“Xuan Bro, what can we do for you?”

Mad Steel said and bowed again.

“Find me a villa near the river. I want to move tomorrow.”

Ye Xuan said in an authoritative voice before looking at Liu Dongchuan’s frightened friend and said, “Also, cripple all of them for me.”

Although Liu Dongchuan was the mastermind, these guys were also involved and responsive. The consequence would be unthinkable if Ye Xuan wasn’t here tonight.

“Xuan Bro, spare us, please! I beg you, please!”

“Here’s five millions in the card. It’s a gift for you Xuan Bro, as a token of apologies…”

They all said in a frightened voice when they heard Ye Xuan.

“Qingcheng, Xiaomeng, it’s too dirty here. Let’s go to a hotel tonight.”

However Ye Xuan didn’t pay any attention to them or the bank card. He just took the two girls out.

Mad Steel let out a sigh of relief when he saw Ye Xuan leave before he ordered his man.

“What are you guys doing? Cripple these guys for me!”


Scream echoed into the apartment shortly after.

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