Medical Martial God chapter 64

Chapter 64: Lord Dragon’s Will.

Lord Dragon’s hair stood on end and was covered in sweat as he stared Ye Xuan in horror and didn’t speak for a long time.

His life was splendid and amazing. He had nothing and fought to be where he was now. He had wealthy, had a supreme status and also accumulated a broad networks of contact.

He was always the one who looked down on others and gave them an ultimatum.

However, he didn’t expect himself to be pushed to a corner and chose on an ultimatum.

He could clearly the killing intent Ye Xuan was emitting. If he chose wrong, this guy would actually kill and would do it without hesitation.

“I… I choose to submit!”

Lord Dragon said through his teeth as thought of it.

“What thing about surrender? I’m telling you to choose between dying or become my dog. Do you really think I’m afraid to kill you?”

Ye Xuan’s eyes emitted a cold light as his killing intent spread everywhere.

Lord Dragon’s answer clearly indicated he admitted defeat but it wasn’t enough.

“A man can be killed but not humiliated! Ye Xuan, I can submit to you, respect and work for you, but I doesn’t mean that I, Long Batian (his name), will humiliate myself by begging you and become your dog!”

Lord Dragon said resolutely and determination as he stared at Ye Xuan without fear and firm resolve.


But just as he said that, Ye Xuan grabbed his arm and threw harshly toward the concrete floor.

A beautiful over the shoulder throw!


Lord Dragon’s back smashed heavily onto the floor and the powerful throw cracked the ground beneath him as red blood flowed out of his mouth.

“Lord Dragon!”


“Fuck, what you guys still doing? Let’s kill that kid!”

Kuang Ba, Qing Yu and the others hurriedly screamed when they saw that.

“Cough, cough… I’m fine, you guys don’t need to worry.”

But their desire to rush at Ye Xuan was stopped by Lord Dragon waving his hand.

“I didn’t expect that a person like you had some self-respect. It is so humiliating for you to become my dog? Are you really not afraid of death?”

Lord Dragon tried to stand up but Ye Xuan stepped on his chest as he stared at him.

“Cough, cough… Ye Xuan, I admit that I underestimated you and that you’re very strong, strong enough to dictate if I live or die. But I, Tian Batian, isn’t a person who fears death. You can kill me but you can’t humiliate me! Between dignity and death, I’d rather die!”

Lord Dragon continued to stare at Ye Xuan with a stubborn expression.

“It’s just that I promised my men that I would take them to new heights and make them into new men but I’m afraid there’s no chance to made it happen anymore.”

“Do it, Ye Xuan! Kill me and you’ll able to get rid of the reputation of a trash! You’ll be also able use this to deter other from messing with up and look down on you!”

“Lord Dragon!”


“Ye Xuan if you want to kill then kill me instead! My life was given to me by Lord Dragon and I will trade my life for his!”

“That’s right! Ye Xuan, you can kill us but let Lord Dragon go.”

“Let the Boss go and kill me instead!”

“I’m willing to trade my life for the Boss! Ye Xuan, kill me instead!”

The people in the hall all yelled in turn when they heard Lord Dragon’s words.

Lord Dragon was certainly Ye Xuan’s enemy and they were the one who provoked him first.

But Lord Dragon was their benefactor for the member of the Crazy Dragon Gang.

He took them when they were at their lowest point in life and gave them hopes to live further as well as a chance to become a new person.

“Nonsense! You all shut up for me! Stop yelling! Do you want people to think my Crazy Dragon Gang and I, Long Batian, are a joke? The fact that I could have you as brothers in this lifetime was worth it!”

Lord Dragon was visibly emotional by what he saw as he yelled, “You bastards better listen carefully. After I die, you better live well for me! The Crazy Dragon Gang will be run by Qing Yu and under no circumstance you guys take revenge for me!”

“Ye Xuan, what are you still waiting for? Do it!”

Ye Xuan fell into silence and felt touched somewhat in his heart as he thought back on the past after seeing the members around to hall and listening to Lord Dragon’s words.

He also had a whole bunch of subordinate and brothers.

He looked down at where he stepped on and saw Lord Dragon with a face that indicated he was resigned to die as he said with an emotionless voice.

“Your Crazy Dragon Gang feud with me ends today. Don’t repeat the same mistake.”

Ye Xuan removed his foot on Lord Dragon after saying his piece and turned around to leave as he walked toward the exit. The members of the gangs around him were all dumbfounded as they stepped aside to let him pass.

Ye Xuan disappeared from their sight in a moment and left them with an unfathomable impression.

No one thought that Ye Xuan would release Lord Dragon and leave just like that.


“Lord Dragon!”

“Boss, are you alright?”

The next moment, the people rushed up to Lord Dragon and asked in concern as they helped him off the ground.

“I..I’m fine.”

Lord Dragon shook his head slowly and stared at where Ye Xuan left as he said commandingly, “Pass my orders, stop all action against Ye Xuan! In addition, from now on, every member of the gang will treat him with respect and try to help him whenever they see him.”

The people in the hall were shocked when they heard him. They didn’t expect Lord Dragon to give such orders.

Some of the member couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, Ye Xuan wrecked our Crazy Dragon Gang and injured you, he made us incur heavy losses. Why do we still have to…”

“We were the first one to offend him and the first one to attack him. We are the one who was in the wrong! It’s our fault that we have fallen to this state. With his strength, he could have killed me and annihilate our Crazy Dragon Gang but he didn’t do so. He spared my life and spared yours.”

Lord Dragon exclaimed loudly and powerfully when he saw his men confused and dissatisfied look.

“If it was anyone else, I’m afraid he would have eliminated the problem all the way to the root but he didn’t. The first reason was because he had enough confidence in himself to not fear our revenge.”

“The second reason was because he is a man who value loyalty and was moved by you guys! That’s why he didn’t kill us.”

Lord Dragon’s eyes swept through the crowd one after another as he spoke with great emphasis, “I, Long Batian, live by a saying, repay kindness with kindness and hatred with hatred. What Ye Xuan did to us wasn’t a hateful but a favor.”

“IF he didn’t have mercy on us, there was no way we brothers will still be together today. Do you understand?”

“Boss is wise!”

They said in a solemn tone as they all could see the understanding expression on each other faces.

“As long you understand! In addition, everything that has happened here tonight must not be leaked out! Since we suffered a heavy loss at Ye Xuan hand, we should at least let the Evil Wolf Gang and The War Tiger Gang suffer.”

Master Long tried his best to resist the excruciating pain as he laughed.

“Yes Sir!”

Everyone called in unison.

It was already 8pm when Ye Xuan the Crazy Dragon Gang headquarter for Xing Hai hospital.

Many doctors and nurses in the hospital already left work but there were still light in the vice-president office and some doctors and nurses were still working.

In fact, Ye Xuan’s shift already ended a long time ago but he came back so he could tell Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun he was alright and treat them to a meal. After all, these guys were Ye Xuan’s friends and Zhao Dahai even called a few time to ask if he was alright.

But he also came back because Leng Qingcheng was still working. Ye Xuan wanted to go home with her.

“Look! It’s Xuan Bro’s car!”

“Damn! It’s really Xuan Bro’s car!”

“Hurry up and tell it to Captain Zhao and Director Wang that Xuan Bro is back!”

Xiao Wu and the others shouted in excitement when they saw Ye Xuan’s car driving back.

Wang Dachun and Zhao Dahai walked out of the security room soon after.

These guys were worried for Ye Xuan as they still stayed at work.

“Xuan Bro, you okay?”

The guys asked in concern as Ye Xuan got out of his car.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. How about you? how are you feeling?”

Ye Xuan shook his head and asked Zhao Dahai back.

“Thank you for worrying about me but I’m alright.”

Zhao Dahai replied with a smile.

“Let’s go, I’m paying! Let’s all go eat hot pot!”

Ye Xuan exclaimed with a big smile as he wrapped his hand around Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun’s shoulders.

When Ye Xuan and his buddies returned to Xing Hai hospital after eating their fill of hot pot, the vice president office was still lit. Ye Xuan frowned at that.

It was already so late and this woman still didn’t get off work. What was she doing?

Ye Xuan told his farewell to Zhao Dahai and the others and went toward the vice president office which was in the deserted administration building.

Leng Qingcheng’s office wasn’t closed. Thus when Ye Xuan looked into the office through the door, he saw an incredible beautiful scene.

Because Leng Qingcheng was…

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