Medical Martial God chapter 63 part 1 and 2

Chapter 63: Tyrannical Qing Yu.

“Mad Fury Fist!”

Ye Xuan was calm as a mill pond without any waves in face of the Kuang Ba’s powerful fist. His eyes shined with a piercing light as he commented.

“Nice technique, but I can already see the technique’s flaws. If given enough time, you should be able to get better and even get into the next level.”

“Unfortunately, your Mad Fury Fist isn’t mad or furious enough and far from being strong enough!” Ye Xuan continued to comment after a slight pause.

This guy still had the spirit to comment about the technique in a time like this. And he did with in a very leisurely and elegant manner.

“Well, let me show you what a real technique look likes.”

Ye Xuan took a step forward with his right leg and stomped before straightening his waist as he transferred all his strength at the right side of his body before he punched out with his right fist.

It was a simple punch without any fancy moves.

But this simple punch brought a unprecedented feeling of danger to Kuang Ba. It gave him the feeling of entering a forbidden zone that gave him an endless amount of danger vibes.

Ye Xuan’s punch moved like an arrow toward his body and made all the hair on him to stand at end.

However, he couldn’t retreat anymore and could only grit his teeth to fight back against the current.


Kuang Ba yelled out and channeled all his strength into his fist.

This was definitely the most powerful punch he ever threw out.

Mad Fury Fist against a Simple Jab.


The next moment, Kuang Ba’s Mad Fury Fist collided with Ye Xuan’s Simple Jab and the collision sounded a the thunder clapping.



Ye Xuan’s body stood unmoving like a Wisdom King (Buddhist King) while Kuang Ba flew away like a cannonball and flew away faster than he charged at Ye Xuan. Kuang Ba ended his flight when he crashed into a wall as a bit of blood flowed down from his mouth.

The arm he used to punch out the Mad Fury Fist was completely crippled as the bones were cracked and his joint dislocated, not one place of that arm wasn’t injured.

If Ye Xuan didn’t hold back a bit, it would be hard for him to keep that arm attached to him.

-Cough, Cough-

Kuang Ba coughed heavily with the uninjured hand clutching at his chest. He tried to stand up but didn’t have the strength to do so.

The people present in the hall were deeply shocked by what they saw as their mouths and eyes were opened wide. They were dumbfounded to see that Ye Xuan was still harmless but Kuang Ba was smashed into a wall with his arm crippled.

Qing Yu and Lord Dragon’s face couldn’t help but twitches in anger as they looked at each other with gazes that turned graver by the minutes.

Kuang Ba’s power level was two notches higher than Scorpion and was in the top 20 in Xing Hai.

“Third Boss!”

The guards called out in panic when they recovered their bearing.


Qing Yu took a step forward before his figure flashed and appeared in front to Kuang Ba to help him get up.

“Cough, Second Bro…”

Kuang Ba was about to speak while suppressing the extreme pain but he was interrupted by Qing Yu’s calm voice, “It’s okay, leave this to me.”

“Someone, bring the Third Boss to heal his wounds.”

Someone came over and took Kuang Ba aside and first gave him some simple first-aid to his arm.


Qing Yu let out sigh to get rid of his nervousness before he gazed at Ye Xuan while smiling softly beautifully like a woman. He made fist and palm salute like a gentlemen to Ye Xuan and said, “I didn’t expect Mr. Ye Xuan to able to defeat Kuang Ba with such an ease. Your strength is truly admirable.”

“I’m Qing Yu, and here to receive your pointers!”

A glint of admiration passed over Ye Xuan’s eyes when he saw that guy’s remarkable tolerance.


Ye Xuan replied with a nod and returned the palm and fist greeting.

If someone showed respect to him, he would show respect to them!

This was one of Ye Xuan principles.

He would naturally return the courtesy since this Qing Yu was courteous to him.

This was how an expert should comport themselves!

“So, be careful then, Mr. Ye.”

Qing Yu replied with a smile as a trace of surprise appeared on his face when he saw that Ye Xuan returned the polite gesture.


He stomped the ground with a powerful force as he jumped and six diamond shaped darts appeared in his hands before he threw them at Ye Xuan.

He didn’t look at the results as he flew over the guardrail like a swallow toward Ye Xuan.

His movements were graceful and elegant.


Ye Xuan smiled when he saw the darts coming at him in a weird arc. His hands flashed forward and grabbed the darts swiftly and in an impressive manner.

 He had already caught all the darts that Qing Yu’s threw by the time people could clearly see what happened.

“Let me return them to you.”

Ye Xuan exclaimed calmly with a smirk when he saw Qing Yu flying over like a swallow.


Ye Xuan also subtly took out two silver needles from his watch and threw them along with the darts.


Ye Xuan’s fast reaction and smooth handling of the darts surprised Qing Yu as he watched the six darts flying back toward him. He exerted strength in his feet and made his body spin midair to dodge the darts and let them pass by his body.

However, in the next moment, Qing Yu felt a sense of danger that turned his face pale. Without thinking, he moved his head sideways and twisted his body.

The sound of clothes being torn was resounded as a cut appeared on Qing Yu’s smooth face and blood flowing out of the wound.

It was the silver needles Ye Xuan’s threw. Qing Yu noticed it in time and tried to dodge it but the needles still managed to scratch him.

Two silver lights passed by Qing Yu and disappeared under the light.


Qing Yu landed smoothly on the ground before his reached out toward his face to touch the wounds and blood as he looked at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with killing intent.

This guy actually injured his face!


Qing Yu’s eyes glowed with fury as five more darts appeared on his hands before he threw them toward Ye Xuan with the intention to kill him.

This guy then opened his shirt and revealed different dark throwing weapons before he hurled them all toward Ye Xuan.

There were numerous darts flying toward Ye Xuan and they sealed off all of his retreat paths.

This guy turned out to be a hidden weapon master.

“This is interesting.”

Ye Xuan whispered with a smirk as a hint of enjoyment was on his face.


Ye Xuan moved at high speed with his hand stretch out and spectacularly grasped the incoming darts while dodging the rest.

Ye Xuan hands and mouth clenched numerous darts when Qing Yu finally stopped hurling darts toward him.

 “Anything more?”

Ye Xuan asked with a mocking smirk after throwing away the darts.

Ye Xuan at his peak was an expert at hidden weapon skills. He was the supreme master level if hidden weapons were involved.

“Nothing more.”

Qing Yu exclaimed graciously while shaking his clothes.


But as he said that, his feet exerted a powerful force as his rushed at Ye Xuan like a white beam to try assassinate him.

Then an arrow with a terrible amount of killing intent behind flew out from Qing Yu’s sleeve and shot toward Ye Xuan’s forehead.

It was a spring loaded arrow concealed in his sleeve!

The lethality of the arrow was doubled in such a short distance and was near impossible to avoid for normal people.

Even for Ye Xuan.

Qing Yu’s ruse was indeed impressive.


However, Ye Xuan reacted quickly the moment the arrow was shot and took out his army knife from his sleeve to cut the arrow in half under Qing Yu’s unsightly gaze. The arrow split in two halves and flew by Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan threw his knife the next moment toward Qing Yu’s heart.

It turned out they were the same types of fighter? Qing Yu thought.

The sound of metal collided against each other was heard as a dagger appeared on Qing Yu’s hand and used to block the knife.

But Ye Xuan expected the knife getting blocked as he smiled and leaned forward before rotating and using the rotational force to kick toward Qing Yu like a dragon swinging its tail and made it impossible for him to dodge.


Ye Xuan’s tornado kick landed on Qing Yu as the collision sound rang out and a terrifying force burst out and sent Qing Yu flying out.

-tap, tap, tap-

That powerful kick forced Qing Yu to step multiple steps backward to balance his body. The top half of his body was numb from pain due to the kick and his expression was ugly to behold.

Ye Xuan’s strength exceeded his expectation again. He was like an iron wall without any flaws.

-tap, tap, tap-

He gritted his teeth and rushed forward again to launch another attack but a freezing voice resounded in his ears.

“You already lost.”

Qing Yu’s body shuddered at the voice and lowered his head to see a unique knife on his neck. He had no idea how Ye Xuan’s knife ended up close to his neck.

Qing Yu could only feel at this moment his back growing cold as if he was threw into the deepest and coldest hell.

“I..I l-lost?”

He muttered in a disbelieving voice.

He felt like he was in a dream.

It was too hard to believe!

Everyone stared blankly with eyes full of shock at the knife pressing at Qing Yu’s throat.

Their heart felt like a turbulent ocean.

The second in command of their Crazy Dragon Gang was someone who experienced countless and came out unscathed but he was actually defeated by Ye Xuan.

Moreover, he had done it very quick. The entire fight took less than three minutes.

It was something that was really difficult for them to believe and accept.

“Thi-this is impossible…”

Even Kuang Ba couldn’t help but muttered in disbelief.

He knew how strong and hard Qing Yu was to deal with. Even him, Kuang Ba, wasn’t his opponent.

But he was defeated by Ye Xuan in a few moments, which really made it hard for him to accept. Did it mean that Ye Xuan never used his full power when he fought him?

At this moment, Lord Dragon’s face that was already solemn, turning to being absolutely livid as he stared at Ye Xuan with unconcealed alarm.

He thought that Kuang Ba and Qing Yu would be able to teach Ye Xuan a lesson and put some pressure on him but didn’t expect them to be ferociously taught a lesson back.

Lord Dragon felt his face heat up at this moment.

He underestimated Ye Xuan after all!

Of course, Qing Yu was the one who had hardest time to accept this.

He lost!

He never would even dream he would lose so thoroughly and quickly.

Whether it was his proud hidden weapon or physical prowess, he was completely outclassed by Ye Xuan. This was definitely a huge blow to his spirit.

His mind was ten millions times unwilling to accept this but he could only swallow the anger back and grit his teeth because Ye Xuan’s knife could cut his throat at any time.

“Are you convinced?”

Ye Xuan said emotionlessly and stared at Qing Yu calmly as he stood straight.

“I lost!”

Qing Yu replied hoarsely after gulping when he felt the knife touching him.

“I’m asking if you’re convinced or not?”

Ye Xuan asked again.


Qing Yu spat the word through his teeth after a few moments.


The sound of collision resounded just after Qing Yu admittance.

It was Ye Xuan who harshly kicked Qing Yu and sent him flying out the room. He ended up falling on the couch in the front hall.

-Clap, clap, clap-

Qing Yu’s expression turned ugly and wanted to charge at Ye Xuan again but clapping sound rang out at this moment. It was Lord Dragon who was clapping with a smile on his face and he even praised Ye Xuan.

“Brother Ye Xuan is really heroic! You were able to defeat so many of my man along with Kuang Ba and Qing Yu. Really impressive…”

This old fox was really pretender. His attitude changed faster than turning a page from a book and his expression changed faster than actors from an opera. He said he wanted to teach Ye Xuan a lesson not long ago but now he was all smile.

But before he could finish what he wanted to say, Ye Xuan indifferent voice interrupted him. “Cut the crap and just make your move!”

He never liked people who hid a knife behind their smile like Lord Dragon. Thus, he didn’t want to talk with him.

“Haha. Brother Ye Xuan, you don’t have to be so impulsive and make us fight until we both lose. We can sit down and have a calm discussion…” Lord Dragon said with a calming smile but he was secretly accumulating his power inside his body. 

“We can discuss, as long you obediently become my dog!”

Ye Xuan sneered.

“Humph! You’re really a brat that doesn’t know how high the sky is! Do you think you can win against me just because you won against Kuang Ba and Qing Yu?”

Lord Dragon smile disappeared and was replaced by a scornful expression.

No one ever dared to speak him like that.

It never happened!

Ye Xuan was the first, and would be the last!

“Today, I’ll see how much you’re really worth!”

Lord Dragon abruptly charged toward Ye Xuan to attack him like a tempest sweeping through the hall. His terrifying speed left after image behind him.

This guy’s strength and speed were indeed better than Kuang Ba and Qing Yu. He was one of Xing Hai’s Supreme Being and his strength could be ranked in the top 10 in Xing Hai.

Dragon Steps!

Lord Dragon’s martial that he had practiced over many years. He moved agilely like a dragon’s tail and swift like the wind. People eyes couldn’t even catch his speed or see through his technique!

Ye Xuan was a bit surprised by Lord Dragon sudden leap in speed.

He looked ahead and saw the after image Lord Dragon left.

He indeed deserved his reputation of a supreme being of a city and a being that ranked in the top ten of Xing Hai.

This also gave Ye Xuan an understanding of Xing Hai’s top masters.

Well, he was a bit stronger than he imagined.

After image flashed over with winds sweeping through and killing intent filling the hall.

Lord Dragon appeared in front of Ye Xuan in just a moment with his hand wrapped in a green energy like jade stone in a form of a dragon claw as he tried to grab Ye Xuan’s throat.

Swift as the wind and fast like lightning!

Shattering Dragon Claw!

The air seemed to be torn away by his claws as he struck.

“It has a bit of power but… I’m not a pushover that anyone can push around!”

Ye Xuan commented lightly as a smirk appeared on his face.


Ye Xuan stepped forward with his left foot as his body slightly tilted forward while energy surrounded his right leg with an invisible blue energy. Then he kicked with a ferocious force toward Lord Dragon’s claw at an even faster speed.

Wind God Wrath against Shattering Dragon Claw.




The next moment, Ye Xuan’s Wind God Wrath and Lord Dragon’s Shattering Dragon Claw collided and caused a deafening sound along with the sound of broken bones.

Lord Dragon’s claw was dismantled by Ye Xuan’s powerful kick under everyone shocked and horrified gaze. Ye Xuan’s kick continued his path and kicked Lord Dragon’s chin without loss of momentum.

With the powerful force of the kick, Lord Dragon was sent into the air spinning upside down before crashing into a bookcase with a bit of blood leaking out of his mouth.


Lord Dragon suppressed the pain he felt and spat out the blood in his mouth. He stood up and was ready to fight Ye Xuan again but his mind suddenly felt danger.

A powerful claw that seemed to be able to tear anything grew bigger in his pupil as it approached his throat with an insane speed that made it impossible to dodge.


Lord Dragon harshly gritted his teeth as he punched back toward Ye Xuan’s claws with a domineering force behind it.

Ye Xuan sneered when he saw that as his claw moved with an even faster speed and grasped Lord Dragon’s fist before squeezing with a hulk like strength.



Lord Dragon’s painful scream resounded along with the sound of broken bones.

Ye Xuan broke this guy’s wrist.


While he was howling in pain, Ye Xuan continued with a powerful knee strike to his guts.


Blood mixed with puke spurted out of Lord Dragon’s mouth.


He wanted to fight back but Ye Xuan’s hand grabbed his throat and lifted him up in the air.

Lord Dragon had no longer the strength to struggle anymore.

The looked fearfully at the man in front of him as endless waves of shock crashed into his mind. He never thought that Ye Xuan would be so strong that he swept away his Crazy Dragon Gang by himself and that he also easily fell under Ye Xuan’s might.

This guy was too ridiculous strong!

This guy was known as a playboy that only knew how to drink and play around. He clearly didn’t have the strength to do what he had done today.

But how did this guy became so powerful and fierce after waking up from a three years coma?

His parent left him behind a mysterious thing. Maybe it was that thing that changed him and made him so strong after he woke up from his coma.

Many thought flashed in Lord Dragon’s mind at this moment.

“Lord Dragon!”


The action happened so quickly that people only reacted when Lord Dragon’s was already in Ye Xuan’s hand. They yelled in panic whenever they were Qing Yu or Kuang Ba or regular guards and tried to rush up to Ye Xuan in order to rescue Lord Dragon.

“Don’t come here!”

Lord Dragon hurriedly said when he saw them coming.

At this moment, his life was at Ye Xuan’s hand. He couldn’t take any reckless action.

Lord Dragon took a big breath after seeing Ye Xuan’s cold face and put a smile on his face as he said pleasantly.

“Brother Ye Xuan, this was just a test, a misunderstanding.  We didn’t really want to be enemies with you…”

“You have two choices! You either die or become my dog!”

Ye Xuan said with his uncaring tone as he lifted Lord Dragon in the air.


Just as he said that, Ye Xuan released his aura and made Lord Dragon feel like he was sent into a terrifying freezing hell.

The Ye Xuan in front of him stopped being a human but became the king of hell with numerous corpses at his feet that stood overbearingly over the empyrean and no one could contend against him.

His own life and death only depended on his thought.

Ye Xuan ignored the endless fear in Lord Dragon’s face and asked again.

“Tell me your decision.”

Ye Xuan freezing voice gave Lord Dragon’s cold sweat as his hair stood on end.

Whenever he lived or died depended on his answer.

If he chose right, he would soar up to the heaver.

If he chose wrong, he would fall to the nine hells.

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