Medical Martial God chapter 62

Chapter 62: Against Kuang Ba.

“Brothers, what are you doing? Go ahead and cripple him!”

The numerous guards charged at Ye Xuan like ferocious Tiger at the order of Lord Dragon. Their momentum could make people’s hair stand on end, and the whole building seemed to shake.

Ye Xuan’s eyes glowed as his lazy demeanor was replaced by a serious aura.


His body moved at a fast speed as he rushed toward the Crazy Dragon Gang’s guards and swept them away with his legs like they were long whips while completely brushing off every single attacks aimed at him.

The first two to come up to Ye Xuan were sent back into the crowd of men by Ye Xuan’s kick and took out many of them in their way,

After all, the two men weighted more than a hundred kilos each!

The power that Ye Xuan’s kick carried could be seen right there and that power even surprised Qing Yu and Kuang Ba a bit.

However, the two of them didn’t plan to intervene for now.

In their opinion, Ye Xuan wasn’t qualified for them to make a move.

As for Lord Dragon, he sat back on his throne and leisurely smoked his brand cigar as he watched the fighting in the hall as if it was theatrical performance.

Ye Xuan was like an energetic gibbon, ferocious cheetah and an unparalleled dragon as he moved amongst the guards and put down any of them that dared to attack him to the ground and yell in pain.

Ye Xuan already beat down at least a hundred guard in that short amount of time but they kept pouring down on him like a flowing river.

This was after all the gang’s headquarter. It had far more people than the Earl’s Palace and they were stronger too.

They clearly trained in hand to hand combat along with various weapon combat.

Ye Xuan was now facing against the sixteen member of the Crazy Dragon Gang who were specialize in using the tanto.

The sixteen members were moving energetically as they stabbed and slashed in crafty manners at Ye Xuan, which forced him on the defensive.

It was like the sky’s piercing light was encircling him.

“East Wind Smash!”

Ye Xuan suddenly yelled out just as when he seemed to be pushed into a corner by the sixteen members.





The next moment, Ye Xuan dodged all their attacks and spun 360 degree as he kicked them away like a whirlwind.

The sounds of broken bones and knives falling on the ground resounded.

The sixteen Crazy Dragon Gang members who seemed to had driven Ye Xuan to a corner were hit by that devastating attacks as their mouth spurted blood and their bodies flew away like arrows before crashing into the wall and stuck into the wall.

A cold and freezing breeze passed through the hall that made people to shiver involuntary as they stood in shock.

It was a lightning quick attack and a very mighty technique!

Numerous guards unconsciously took a step backward when they saw that but they soon recovered from their shock and charged toward Ye Xuan again with endless fury and killing intent as they screamed.


“There’s really no end… but it’s a good warm up.”

Ye Xuan muttered as he felt a bit helpless when he saw the guards rushing at him.

His combat power gradually increased as he slowly recovers his strength. He still couldn’t be compared to his peak and was under 12% of his peak powers but it was more than enough against these small fries.

After all, a single of the eight gods under him could easily dominate Xing Hai and its underworld, much less him at his peak.

Then he rushed toward the Crazy Dragon Gang members again without missing a beat.

In order to be faster and more efficient, Ye Xuan went to the offensive and never even gave them the chance to attack.





For a while, the hall resounded with sound of people spilling blood or bodies falling to the ground amongst other.

The famous Crazy Dragon Gang member were lying on the ground like dead dogs and mercilessly kicked by Ye Xuan as well as being step on by him.

Ye Xuan fierce attacks finally made Qing Yu and Kuang Ba to pay attention again as their expression turned serious and battle spirit to surge in their eyes.


Ye Xuan repetitive assault took down the rest of the guards at the hall soon enough.

“A bunch of useless trash! All of you leave!”

Qing Yu and Kuang Ba could no longer keep watching, thus they ordered the men to retreat.


The guards let out a huge sigh of relief when they heard them. They all retreated to a side and left an open space.

Qing Yu turned his gaze toward Kuang Ba and a smile appeared on his face as he asked,

“How do you want to do it? You want to go first or I’ll go first?”

“Just come at me together!”

Ye Xuan emotionless voice interrupted Kuang Ba just as he was about to answer.

“Haha! You want the both of us to fight against a small fry like you? Brat, you know how to brag but let me test you first!”

Kuang Ba sneered.


Following his words, Kuang Ba jumped toward Ye Xuan like a mad lion filled with killing intent.

The terrifying force behind his jump left the floor he had been standing on cracked.

The moment later, he appeared in front of Ye Xuan and punched toward Ye Xuan’s face with a powerful force behind his fist.

It was a simple and straightforward punch.

It wasn’t some fancy moves but it was still quite powerful punch.

Kuang Ba’s level of power was quite extraordinary.


Ye Xuan humphed disdainfully when he saw the fist as he didn’t have any intention to back down. He clenched his hand and punched back toward the incoming punch.

Fist against fist.

Punch colliding against punch.


A loud and powerful collision sound resounded in the hall as an invisible force centered on their fists swept through the hall.

Ye Xuan stood straight and unmovable and prevented Kuang Ba’s fist to go any further.

Kuang Ba thought his fist hit a steel wall and the collision made him feel extremely uncomfortable.


He was about to strike again but Ye Xuan straightened his waist as the force traveled from his spine to his fist before the force struck into Kuang Ba’s fist.


-tap, tap, tap-

Kuang Ba felt a powerful force traveling into his arm. This force turned him pale as he spurted a large amount of blood from his mouth and needed to take several steps back before he could stabilize his body.

“Third Boss!”

The guards around him yelled out in panic.

“It’s nothing!”

Kuang Ba said in a cold tone as he stared at Ye Xuan.

The scar on his head was particularly noticeable under the light.

“As I said, it’s better if you come at me together.”

Ye Xuan interrupted once again Kuang Ba just as he was about to speak.

“Go fuck yourself with your together! Motherfucking son of a bitch!”

Kuang Ba cursed out furiously as Ye Xuan’s words angered him beyond belief. His whole body burst out energy as he charge at Ye Xuan again.

This time he was faster.

The floor cracked whenever he stepped on it.

As he rushed, he mustered as much energy inside him toward his hand that resulted in that hand to be covered by a dark red energy sphere filled with boundless power and murderous intent.

He made a sudden stop just as he was about to reach Ye Xuan and cocked by his fist before launching his right fist at Ye Xuan’s face.

The force behind the punch was as strong as a charging dragon and had a lot of momentum behind it.

The guards burst out with excitement as they yelled in anticipation when they saw the move.

“Mad Fury Fist!”

“This is Third Boss’ famous move, Mad Fury Fist! That kid is done for!”

“What a terrifying skill. His fist is even covered by a dark red energy.”

“If he takes the strike, he will be at least seriously injured if he doesn’t die!”

“I heard that Third Boss used this move and sent an elephant flying before. I didn’t believe it but I can believe it now.”

An arrogant and proud expression appeared on Kuang Ba’s face when he heard the discussion around him.

He knew how strong this skill was and so far nobody could take this fist head on.

This was his killing technique he was particularly proud of.

Even Qing Yu and Lord Dragon’s eyes narrowed slightly at this moment. They wanted to see how Ye Xuan would deal with Kuang Ba’s technique.

Kuang Ba instantly arrived in front of Ye Xuan with a terrifying energy around him as a malevolent and bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face as he smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan with an even faster speed.

“Brat, you will be at least seriously injured if you don’t die! Don’t blame me! If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for pissing me off!  Go to hell!”

“Mad Fury Fist!”

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