Medical Martial God chapter 60

Chapter 60: Crazy Dragon Gang.

The Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter was located in the most prosperous and quiet area of Xing Hai’s north district.

The place’s both entrance was heavily guarded by their gang’s members and everyone who enters or leave were subject to strict scrutiny. It was like an emperor palace.

From a long distance, people could see the three story villa with the two words ‘Crazy Dragon’ on a sign board. It was a very important place in Xing Hai as many wealthy people came here to pay respect.

After all, the Crazy Dragon Gang was the master of Xing Hai’s north side. Many thing that couldn’t be resolved by normal mean could be resolved by them.

There were four major gangs in Xing Hai underground world. The Crazy Dragon Gang who ruled the north, the Evil Wolf Gang who ruled the south, the War Tiger Gang who ruled the east and the Shadow Snake Gang that ruled the West.

The strength of the Crazy Dragon Gang was at the top of the four gangs but with the rapid rise of the Evil Wolf Gang and War Tiger Gang recently, they found themselves at the bottom of the four with the Shadow Snake Gang at the top.

No one knew how strong the Shadow Snake were. People only knew that they sent one man to eradicate a medium level family in Xing Hai.

When Ye Xuan arrived at the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter, two member of the gang stopped Ye Xuan in his track while holding tomahawks in their hands.

“Brat, scram away right now. This isn’t a place you can come.”

The Crazy Dragon Gang’s members were really like tyrannical rulers.


However, the answer they got was Ye Xuan’s fists lodged in their guts.


The two gangsters spit blood and collapsed to the ground.

“Brat, what are you doing?”

The other gangsters standing at the entrance yelled out angrily. 

“Not much, just here to flatten the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter.”

Ye Xuan said emotionlessly with an indifferent face like he was taking a stroll in a park.

“You’re courting death! Beat him to death!”

The captain of the guards shouted out solemnly.


But before they could finish what they were saying, their vision blurred and all got hit by powerful blows before they all fell on the ground.


Ye Xuan then kicked the front gate open and walked inside.

As soon as Ye Xuan walked into the garden behind the front gate, a two meters tall middle aged man with beefy body rushed out with a large amount of guard and stood in Ye Xuan’s way before loudly questioning him.

“Who dares to attack my Crazy Dragon Gang?”

His name was Bai Yu and nicknamed Big Wing. He was the head of security of the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter and had a very high statue and strength. He was a bit stronger than Wang Tao who came to the hospital looking for Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan’s didn’t utter a single word as his eyes glowed with coldness but instead charged forth toward the gangster blocking his path like a bulldozer.

“You’re courting death for barging into the Crazy Dragon Gang’s hall! Kill him!”

Big Wing shouted as his eyes were filled with killing intent. He and his men charged toward Ye Xuan and were prepared to launch ferocious attacks on him.

These guys were really tough, strong, fast and at least a level superior than those guards guarding the entrance.

They had some fighting skills or boxing skills, other had a bit of knife, blade or staff skills.

The men surrounded Ye Xuan didn’t let him a single path to escape. 

That surprised Ye Xuan a bit.

These people in the Crazy Dragon’s headquarter were clearly better from those gangster he met outside.

However, they were still too weak for Ye Xuan’s to take them seriously.

Ye Xuan dodged their strikes like an agile monkey the moment they started to attack. His body radiated force his spine and swept them away with a powerful right leg kicks.

Enough strength to withstand one thousand kilo, enough power to go through thousands enemies!

-Bam!- Bam!-

As Ye Xuan legs passed, more than a dozen guards were swept away by his legs and spouted a large of blood. They all flew away like cannonballs into the surrounding crowd or garden and couldn’t get up anymore.

This amazing kicking moves surprised all the guards that were coming in. They didn’t expect this guy to be so strong!


Then Big Wing rushed out from the crowd like a charging bull toward Ye Xuan.

The moment he was less than three meters away from Ye Xuan, he jumped up to three meters high and used to falling momentum to pounce on him life a ferocious tiger.

He clenched his right into a fist and flexed that arm to aim his elbow toward Ye Xuan’s head with the weight of mount Tai behind the elbow.

This blow was really ferocious and domineering.

That move surprised Ye Xuan a bit as he didn’t think he would use his momentum like that.

“Brat, got to hell! Heavy Elbow Strike!”

He yelled out as his elbow got closer and closer to Ye Xuan and saw his face change when the elbow drop speed increased.

“A nice move with a bit of momentum but… there are still too many flaws and can’t reach this Lord level!”

Ye Xuan’s said calmly as his indifferent face smirked.


Then a lot of his internal energy flowed into his right leg and kicked just when Big Wing’s elbow got close.

Wind God Wrath!


Big Wing’s attack didn’t even touch Ye Xuan before his powerful kick landed on Big Wing’s abdomen as he sent flying like a dog while puking bloods and crashed into the crowd.

“Qu-quickly in-inform Lo-lord Dragon! Ju-just say there’s a powerful person invading u-us!”

Big Wing uttered painfully as his body felt pain everywhere and looked at Ye Xuan fearfully as he walked slowly toward them.


He couldn’t hold on any longer after warning his men and puked more blood before passing out the next moment.

“Kill! Take revenge for Wing Bro!”

The other gangsters yelled furiously and rushed toward Ye Xuan like hungry wolfs after seeing their superior getting defeated. Meanwhile a little guard escaped to rush into the headquarter to report.

“Just a bunch of ants!”

Ye Xuan got annoyed when he saw those Crazy Dragon gangsters rushing at him and took a step forward to sweep away these obstacles from his path.

A middle aged man sat languidly on a luxurious throne in a beautiful hall in the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter.

He was dressed in a black trench coat with shiny hair and a healthy red face. He looked to be in his forties as he sat with his crossed while smoking a cigar and puffing out smokes. He was also enjoying the massage of the numerous beauties around him like a haughty emperor that made everyone enviable.

He was the leader of the Crazy Dragon Gang, Lord Dragon. He had an extraordinary status in Xing Hai and was well connected with many contacts.

There were two seats a bit further away and below the throne, where a charming young man with a white suit and pale blue hair sat along with a bald and mean faced middle aged man with a scar on his head. The two of them sat there while leisurely enjoying their wines.

They were the second and third in command of the Crazy Dragon Gang and were known as Qing Yu (Cyan Feather) and Kuang Ba (Crazy Tyrant).

“Big boss, I don’t understand why you asked Wang Tao to invite that trash Ye Xuan.”

Kuang Ba asked as he drank his wine while lifting his head to look at Lord Dragon.

“Because that guy had some kind of big secret on him! And now, everyone want to know what he’s hiding.”

Lord Dragon said with a meaningful smile after he exhaled a puff of smokes.

Kuang Ba wanted to ask something again but was interrupted by Lord Dragon before he could.

“You will know when Wang Tao brings him here.”

“Lo-lord Dragon, there’s a situation! There’s someone powerful attacking us! Wing Bro was taken down!”

A Crazy Dragon gangster entered rapidly and anxiously reported.

“What!? Just what is going on? Take me to it!”

Lord Dragon, Qing Yu and Kuang Ba’s expression turned serious and immediately replied when they heard the guard.

But a disdainful voice resounded right after they were about to move.

“No need to come. I’m already here.”

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