Medical Martial God chapter 59

Chapter 59: Rage.

“Which one of you is Ye Xuan? Please come with us!”

As the harsh voice resounded, a dozen of middle aged men in black suit appeared in front of Ye Xuan who narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

These middle aged men in black suits were tall, strong and robust. People could tell they were trained at the first glance as they were disciplined and stood straight. They brought tremendous pressure to people as Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun, who were smiling, turned serious.

Zhao Dahai took a big breath to suppress the fear inside him and spoke out in a solemn voice.

“Who are you people and what the hell do you want?”

The man leading the people in suits instantly rushed up to Zhao Dahai and grabbed his collar before lifting him up in the air as he asked.

“Are you Ye Xuan?”

Zhao Dahai felt his strength leave his body as he was lifted in the air.

“I’m not Ye Xuan, I’m his captain!” he responded through his gritting teeth.

“Release the captain!”

The other member of the security team shouted out.

“If you’re not Ye Xuan why the fuck did you speak up? Get the fuck out!”

The leader clenched his hand and hit Zhao Dahai abdomen heavily. The blow caused him to spray a large amount of blood from his mouth before the leader threw him away.


Zhao Dahai was pale as he smashed into the security team while blood was leaking out of his mouth. He was completely loss all strength to fight back.

That leader guy was really cruel.

“Captain Zhao, are you alright?!”

“Captain Zhao, hold on, I’m going to get a doctor right now!”

The other rushed up to Zhao Dahai and anxiously said.

“Cough, cough… Xuan Bro, quickly run! These guys are definitely from the underworld. Quickly run and call the police!”

Zhao Dahai whispered to the furious Ye Xuan as he ignored the pain on his body.

Ye Xuan clenched his fist hard when he saw Zhao Dahai appearance and heard his words.

He was reminded of when his precious subordinates and his beloved lover fighting to let him escape when he was attacked by the other four other great emperors.


Ye Xuan exhaled to calm himself and didn’t listen to Zhao Dahai’s words about fleeing. He was calm and emotionless as he walked toward Zhao Dahai.

“Xuan Bro, why are you coming? Hurry up go to the car, we’ll stop them!”

Wang Dachun, Xiao Wu and the other security guard also told him to run.

Although they didn’t spend a long time with Ye Xuan, the time they spent was especially fun and happy. Ye Xuan showed genuine respect for them and didn’t look down on them at all. They felt appreciated, hence they all stood up for him at this moment.

“I know everyone wishes, but don’t worry, it won’t be a problem. These bastards can’t hurt me!”

He walked up to Zhao Dahai to check his pulse before taking a silver needle from his watch and inserted to his body to calm his chaotic Qi and blood.

After finished with this, Ye Xuan walked toward the dozen of men in suits while killing intent was oozing out of his body.

“You are Ye Xuan? I advise you to not resist and quietly come with us!”

The leader said in a disdainful tone as he stared at Ye Xuan.

His was name Wang Tao and his nickname was Nobita (Doraemon). He was one of the lieutenants of the Crazy Dragon gang and was quite skilled and powerful. He was entrusted by the Crazy Dragon Gang’s leader to take Ye Xuan to their headquarter for a chat.

“You’re not qualified to speak to me. Let the person behind you talk to me, it would be more like it.”

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he said, “In addition, you hurt my friend. I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave here unscathed today.”

“Haha! What a joke! It seems that you won’t come with us if we don’t make you taste a little pain! Brother, Go! Give him a hell of a lesson!”

Wang Tao yelled out fiercely as his glowed with killing intent. He had been in the underworld for so long and nobody had dared to talk to him like that and not give him face.

-tep, tep, tep-

Then more than a dozen of his subordinate behind him rushed out toward Ye Xuan.

“You people are overestimating yourselves.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes glowed with killing intent as he charged toward the incoming men.





What happened next was a sequence of action that made Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun exchange unbelieving glance to each other.

The sound of fist hitting flesh resounded as every time Ye Xuan swung his fist under their shocked face, the men that were rushing at him were sent flying back by a punch or a kick.

They couldn’t see how those men were attacking Ye Xuan as the only thing they could see was Ye Xuan punching and kicking them like they were dogs and send them flying all over the surrounding to wail in pain.

In just a moment, the dozen or so men who were rushing at Ye Xuan were easily toppled by him.

This brutal scene not only shocked Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun but also Wang Tao. He didn’t expect Ye Xuan to be so terrifying powerful.

This was completely beyond his imagination.

“It’s your turn now.”

Ye Xuan said in a freezing tone as he stared at Wang Tao after dispatching his men.

“Brat, don’t act so arrogant! You weren’t born yet when I was already shitting on people! Go die!”

Wang Tao furiously said as killing intent oozed out of him after seeing his men laying on the ground and wailing in pain.

“Mountain Splitting Fist!”

His whole body exploded forth with energy as he charged toward Ye Xuan like a tiger as his terrifying speed set off a gust of wind.

He rushed up in front of Ye Xuan in a moment and punched toward Ye Xuan’s face with enough force to split a mountain.

The fist didn’t even touch Ye Xuan but his hair was already floating due to the wind.


However, Ye Xuan just smirked and looked unfazed. He blocked and grasped Wang Tao’s fist with his palm and completely blocked his powerful and fierce blow.


Wang Tao was stunned for a moment when his attack got blocked so easily, and before he could react, Ye Xuan pulled him toward himself before crashing his shoulder toward Wang Tao’s torso.

One of fighting’s most common moves. Without some fancy movements. It was simple and powerful!


Wang Tao sprayed out a large amount of blood after being hit by Ye Xuan’s shoulder.


Ye Xuan then released Wang Tao’s hand before jumped over one meter high and tornado kicked him in the face.

Wang Tao puked out teeth and blood as his body was sent fly and crashing into the distance after bouncing a few times.

This well executed combo shook Zhao Dahai and Wang Dachun as their mouth and eyes were wide open with shock plastered all over their face.

Ye Xuan was too powerful and even Wang Tao’s fallen men were shocked by his strength.

“Cough, cough…”

Wang Tao tried to stand up but Ye Xuan’s placed his foot on his face to prevent him to do so.

Ye Xuan stared coldly at Wang Tao who stayed obediently under his foot before saying with an emotionless voice, “Who sent you?”

“Puh! You think you can ask me? Brat, I’m telling you, Crazy Dragon Gang’s leader is my superior! Just release and kneel down for forgiveness before following me back. Then I won’t make fuss about it. Otherwise, you’ll die painfully!”

Wang Tao said angrily as his eyes was filled with defiance.


Ye Xuan took out his army knife and knocked him out right after he finished his sentence.

Then Ye Xuan walked to a nearby Wang Tao’s subordinate and asked with the same cold and emotionless voice, “Tell me, who sent you guys here?”

“I-it’s our Crazy Dragon Gang’s Lord Dragon who asked us to come. He-he’s waiting at the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter for us to bring you back.”

The men hurriedly replied fearfully when he saw Ye Xuan’s eyes.

“Director Wang, Xiao Wu, I’ll leave things here to you guys. Call the police. As for me, I need to take care of something. I’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Xuan told them before he drove his Mercedes G10 at an illegal speed toward the Crazy Dragon Gang’s headquarter.

He didn’t go to provoke them but yet they came here to trouble him. Did they think he was pushover?

He had endured for too long and he shall no longer tolerate it anymore!

It was time for him to prove himself!

Ye Xuan was determined to give the Crazy Dragon Gang a profound lesson!

He will sent all of them a message!

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