Medical Martial God chapter 57

Chapter 57: Altercation at the car dealership.

Ye Xuan woke up early the next morning to train even though he was drunk last night.

Then he ate breakfast and took a shower before changing to his uniform. Then he took the bus with Leng Qingcheng to Xing Hai hospital.

Ye Xuan looked at the people around him as he stood in the bus and took a look at Leng Qingcheng before a smile appeared on his face.

It was indeed difficult for a beautiful woman life Leng Qingcheng to squeeze in public transportation every day. Su Xiaomeng had a Ferrari but Leng Qingcheng wouldn’t drive it due to her arrogance. If it wasn’t the case, why would she take the bus every day?

Time to buy a car!

Ye Xuan thought about it right now.

Yesterday, he got twenty millions from Song Yuanhang and with his two millions bet, it made his current account balance reach fifty millions. It was more than enough to buy a car.

With this idea in mind, Ye Xuan checked his favorite car models online while he was on his shift after he arrived to the hospital with Leng Qingcheng.

It was the imported Mercedes C-Class AMG 10 who was a very cool off road vehicle with unique features.

Then he went to find Zhao Dahai and asked half a day off to buy a car at 4S car dealership.

Hua Qianqian was a new employee at the 4s car dealership. She was beautiful, sweet and cute as well as very attractive.

She was wearing a black uniform as she explained the details of the new Mercedes AMG 10 to a balding man in his forties.

But the balding man didn’t listen attentively as he rather lustfully stared at Hua Qianqian sexy body covered by her uniform.

“Mr. Ye, do you like this car?”

She asked warmly as she looked at the balding man after introduced him to the car.

She disliked this balding man but still stayed professional and warm toward him.

“I like the car but I like the person even more! Beauty, can I have a test?”

The balding man replied with a lecherous smile as he stared at Hua Qianqian’s bountiful chest.

“Yes, Mr. Ye. You can indeed have a test drive with our car…”

Hua Qianqian replied professionally but the balding man interrupted her before she could finish.

“Beauty, I’m not asking if I can test this car. I’m asking if I can have test with your person.”

He licked his lips perversely as he stared at her with eyes filled with lust.

“Mr. Ye, please have some self-restraint!”

Hua Qianqian said with a solemn tone as she held her anger back.

The car salesman was always subjected to harassment from their customers but this balding man in front of her was particularly disgusting and perverse.

“Self-restraint? Beauty, stop pretending to be pure in front of me. Do we even need self-restraint with people in your line of work? When I buy your car, don’t the sexes come with it? Let’s make an appointment tonight. If you serve to satisfaction, I’ll buy this car for sure! How about it?”

The balding man said meaningfully as he lecherously stared at Hua Qianqian whole body.

Hua Qianqian had never seen someone as shameless as the man in front of her. She felt very angry and was about to retort to him but smooth and enticing voice spoke up at this moment.

“I want this car!”

Hua Qianqian and the balding men were surprised by the sudden intrusion, thus turned their gaze toward the source.

A young man with an indifferent expression and sharp eyebrows while wearing a security uniform walked over while a cigarette hung in his mouth.

This was Ye Xuan who came to buy a car but forgot to change his clothes due to wanting to come here quick.


The balding man couldn’t help but burst out in laughter when he saw Ye Xuan.

“I was wondering who it was but it turned out to be a little security guard who came here to boast! This is too funny! Do you know how much this car cost?”


As Ye Xuan walked closer and saw the balding man, he felt a sense of déjà vu as he looked at the balding with.

Ye Xuan ignored it and walked up to Hua Qianqian before saying with a smile, “Beauty, how much is this care? I want it.”

Hua Qianqian a bit dumbfounded and perplexed when she heard Ye Xuan.

After all, Ye Xuan didn’t look like someone who could afford this car as he was dressed as a security guard.

Hua Qianqian thought he was a security guard from the car dealership that came to help her due to the balding man harassing her. Thus she whispered to him, “Thank you, but I can handle this…”

Ye Xuan helplessly smiled and knew then that Hua Qianqian misunderstood him.

He was about to speak but the balding man seemed to have thought of something as he started to talk as he laughed loudly.

“Haha! I remember, isn’t this the Ye family young master Ye? I heard you woke up from your vegetative state but I didn’t believe it and yet here you are!”

“Yo, what happened? Young master Ye got kicked out from the Ye family and couldn’t find a job so you became a security guard? If you just obediently did your security guard job, you would been spared from humiliating yourself. Why did you come here and boast? Want to be the hero saving the beauty? You’ll making laugh to dead. Ye Xuan, you trash is only humiliating yourself by coming here!”

Ye Xuan look turned cold as he stared at the balding man face with a bit of confusion.

“What it is? Did you turn stupid after sleeping for three years that you can’t even recognize me anymore? I’m Ye Zirong!”

The balding man said sarcastically when he saw Ye Xuan’ confused look.

“Ye Zirong? I remember now, you’re my former driver!” Ye Xuan quipped with a smirk on his face.

“Ye Xuan, life is full of ups and down! I used to be your driver but now I’m the logistics director of the Ye Group while you’re a little security guard! Maybe you didn’t expect that a little driver could now stand above your head and take a piss on it?”

Ye Zirong mocked him as he disdainfully stared at Ye Xuan.

“Take piss on my head? You’re overestimating yourself.” Ye Xuan didn’t mind about him anymore as he couldn’t care less about Yi Zirong.

“Haha! How about your manager then? Get him over here! How can a little security guard like him talk to a client like that? What the hell, who doesn’t know that the customers are god?”

Ye Zirong got upset and shouted loudly when he saw Ye Xuan indifferent attitude.

Soon, the manager of the 4s car dealership ran over and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, what can I do for you?”

The manager even bowed as he did so. After all, Ye Zirong was a big client and he didn’t want to offend him.

Then he turned his gaze toward Ye Xuan and said, “What is a security guard ran in here for? You want to lose your job?”

Hua Qianqian on the other side was getting agitated as she tried to hint him to leave.

“You’re this 4s car dealership’s manager, right? I want to buy this car.”

Ye Xuan calmly replied and completely ignored his earlier words.

“Haha! Ye Xuan, you’re just a trash that has been kicked out from the Ye Family and became a security guard! Why are you still here? I think you have a problem with your head and now you’re crazy.”

Ye Zirong laughed loudly as he continued to mock him.

“Do you know how much this car costs? 3.88m! You’ll never be able to afford it!”

“Xiao Wen, quickly call the security manager over here! What kind of guy did he hire…”

The 4S manager said to his radio as he got angrier.

Very soon, the security manager came and asked, “Manager Wu, what’s going on?”

“Is this guy your new recruit? He’s so stupid, quickly take him away!” Manager Wu furiously ordered.

“Manager Wu, this person… isn’t one of our security guards! The uniform is different!” The security manager said uncertainty.

“I don’t care if he is one of yours or not, just quickly take him away! Is this a place a little bodyguard can come?” Manager impatiently said.

“I’m here to buy a car. And as I said, I want this one.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes shone with displeasure as he said coldly.

“Haha! Ye Xuan, why are still doing here? If you can afford to buy this car today, I will dirt for you!”

Ye Zirong said disdainfully.

“Then you’ll eat dirt in a moment! Beauty, please swipe the card!”

Ye Xuan smiled and took out his credit card before handing it to Hua Qianqian.

Hua Qianqian looked at the credit card and didn’t know if she should do it or not.

She was afraid the card would show that he didn’t have much money and embarrass him.

“Beauty, don’t stare at me like that. I’m I that handsome? Just swipe the card, the code is six time 8.”

Ye Xuan teased her a bit.

“Swipe it, just go and swipe this retard card. I want to see how this he’s going to keep pretending after.” Ye Zirong urged her at this moment.

“Qianqian, go swipe the card.” Manager Wu also said the same.

“Manager Wu, this…” Hua Qianqian looked uncomfortable and stared at Ye Xuan but he was still calm.

“Hurry up and do it!” Manager Wu urged again.

He wanted to embarrass this guy!

“Yes sir!”

Hua Qianqian could only go to the cashier area and swipe the card.

Honestly, she had no hope in Ye Xuan and his credit card at all. What if it was refused?

Thus she decided to check the account balance first.

But her whole froze up and was utterly dumbfounded when she saw the balance.

Because the first number was a five followed by a string of zeros that made her count quietly, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…7 zeros! 50 millions!?” 

Hua Qianqian suppressed her shock and quickly completed the purchase before quickly going back to Ye Xuan with his card and the bills.

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