Medical Martial God chapter 55

Chapter 55: Xian Tiannan.


Song Yuanhang angrily yelled when he saw the crowd chant Ye Xuan’s name and hit the steering wheel.

He actually lost.

And he thoroughly lost.

But he felt very unwilling!

The final sprint especially left him bitter. He was clearly able to overtake the Ferrari but Ye Xuan relied on his incredible driving skill and read through his intention to completely block him at every turn and let him taste a terrible defeat.

This was definitely the most humiliating moment of his life.

Around the betting area, numerous people stared at Ye Xuan who won the race and looked at the result of their bet with a grim face.

“I-I lost…”

“God… how can I be so stupid? He told us we would win for sure and I stupidly went to buy. It’s gone, everything is gone, all my family saving…”

“Haha! I lost! I lost everything!”

“If only I bought Ye Xuan I would have won but I was stupid…”

“Tsk, why didn’t I buy Ye Xuan? This guy surely wouldn’t shoot himself in the foot.”

Ye Xuan won but a lot people lost the bet and they lost thoroughly.

Those who had mocked Ye Xuan before especially felt regretful now.

However there was no pill for regret in the world!

Su Xiaomeng face was filled with surprise and excitement as she looked at the crowd shouting Ye Xuan’s name while sitting in the car. Her heart beat wildly as she thought that everything that was happening in front of her was a dream.

She always thought that Ye Xuan would lose miserably.

But she didn’t expect him to overcome all the obstacles in front of him and made a beautiful comeback before taking the win.

Everything was so surreal.

“Ye Xuan, di-did we really win?”

She said in disbelief as she looked at Ye Xuan while patting her forehead.

“Of course we won! To be honest, there’s only one guy who went even with me but I’ve never lost a race.”

Ye Xuan laughed and couldn’t but pat Su Xiaomeng head when he saw her disbelieving expression that looked like a lost baby.

“Okay, let go! We should go find that bastard Song Yuanhang to make him fulfill the bet!”

Then Ye Xuan took Su Xiaomeng with him toward the Bugatti Veyron.

“Hey! Young master Song, time to get out the car and fulfill the bet. What are you still doing?”

Ye Xuan said with a mocking tone as soon he got close to the car and knocked on the window.

“This fucking punk…”

Song Yuanhang cursed when he saw Ye Xuan smug look through the window. His face turned unsightly as he clenched his fist in anger.

But he didn’t get out of the car. He couldn’t afford to lose to this guy.

But Ye Xuan kept knocking on his windows and mocking him.

“Hey! What are you still doing in there? Hurry up and get out! If you couldn’t afford to lost, you should have betted with me.  Now that you’ve lost, you don’t want to keep your words. What are you trying to do? Young master Song, don’t tell me you don’t have the balls?”


Song Yuanhang nearly puked blood when he heard Ye Xuan. He remembered that he said similar things to Ye Xuan.

He couldn’t hold out anymore. Thus he got out of his car.

“Ye Xuan, who’re you calling ball less!?”

“Who else but you!? Young master Song, when you lose, you have to face it. Why are you staying in the car and sulk? Now that you’re out, shouldn’t you honor the bet?”

Ye Xuan said with a sneer as he stared at Song Yuanhang pale face.

“You lost our bet and according to it, your hand is mine now! Please chop it off.”

He continued before Song Yuanhang could respond.


Ye Xuan then threw a very sharp machete to Song Yuanhang.

Song Yuanhang clenched his hand until they cracked as his face was ugly and pale when he saw the machete.

“Song Yuanhang, don’t tell me you want to go back on your words?”

Ye Xuan tone turned as his eyes flashed with killing intent when he saw Song Yuanhang hesitating.

“Ye Xuan, I advise you not to go overboard.”

Song Yuanhag replied just as coldly as he held back his rage inside him.

“Overboard? You and I made a bet, and you lost! I’m asking to honor your bet and you said I’m going overboard!? Everyone, tell me who’s going overboard, me or young master Song?”

Ye Xuan asked loudly as he spread his arms.

“Young master Song is the one going overboard!”

“He’s right. If you’re willing to make bet, you should be able to honor the bet.”

“I always hated bastard that don’t honor their bet! If you can’t afford to lose then don’t come here to fucking race!”

“Let’s not talk about the fact that young master Song bought the other driver to attack Ye Xuan, young master Song indeed lost the bet and he should fulfill his promise. What kind of man go against his words?”

“Right, isn’t it just a hand? With the current technologies, he could get a fake one that is just like a real one. Anyway he shouldn’t act so shameless or people would look down on him.”

The crowd eagerly responded when Ye Xuan asked them.

They wouldn’t dare to offend Song Yuanhang for fear of his revenge if they were alone but with so many people, they weren’t afraid of shit. Thus they didn’t hesitate to scold him.

After all, Ye Xuan’s otherworldly spectacle impressed them greatly.

Song Yuanhang’s expression became even uglier with the people around commenting and said in a barely restrained angry voice, “Ye Xuan, I advise you to not take too far and bully people!”

“I’m just asking you to honor your bet and you tell me that I’m taking it too far and bullying you? Song Yuanhang, who was the one forcing me to stay and race against you? And now you’re saying this with so many people watching, don’t you have any shame?”

Ye Xuan sneered and then grabbed Song Yuanhang by the collar and said in a somber tone, “Are you going to do it yourself or I have to do it?”

Song Yuanhang’s face was black with anger and was about to speak up but a majestic voice resounded at this moment.

“Brother Ye Xuan, why must you do this? I’ll buy off the hand young master Song owe you.”

A young man with an afro dyed blond walked out with bunch of bodyguards.

He looked he was around twenty seven years old with a big afro haircut and a tiger pendent around his neck. He wore a tight fitting black T-shirt that showed his beefy arms and flashy abs with a pair of white trouser that stopped just before his ankles and a pair of canvas shoes. He had an unique style and gave off an incredible aura that made people unable to look at him straight.

He was the owner of this life racing valley and here, he was the king. He had a very high reputation that even made Xing Hai’s four grand young master respect him.

His name was Xian Tiannan, he had a lot of connection and high reputation. People called him Brother Tiannan.

“Brother Tiannan!”

“Greeting, Brother Tiannan!”

“Brother Tiannan!”

The people said respectfully as they stared at him with admiration. They all made way for him to pass when they saw him coming.

Xian Tiannan nodded at them and soon came up to Ye Xuan Song Yuanhang.

His handsome smiled when he saw Ye Xuan holding Song Yuanhang’s collar and looked at Ye Xuan with hidden admiration as he never saw Song Yuanhang being embarrassed like that.

Then his eyes rested on Ye Xuan as he said amiably.

“Brother Ye Xuan, you won against young master Song in my territory and according to the bet and rules, his hand is yours! But it will make it difficult for some powerful people if young master Song lost his hand. why don’t you give me some face and give me a price so I can buy his hand from you?”

“Give you face? Who do you think you are to make me give you face?”

Ye Xuan disdainfully replied when he heard him.

“Haha! Brother Ye Xuan, your arrogant attitude is so refreshing,  I like it! Let me introduce myself, I’m the founder of the life racing valley, Xian Tiannan.”

Xian Tiannan laughed and presented himself. He wasn’t one bit offended by Ye Xuan’s words.

This guy spirit and magnanimity was incomparable to ordinary people and made Ye Xuan secretly admire him.

And he seemed to have heard of Xian Tiannan’s name from people around him before.

“Brother Ye Xuan, how about you give me some face? Just tell me a price and I will pay it! I will definitely buy young master Song’s hand!”

Xian Tiannan also gave Ye Xuan some vague hint with his eyes as he said this.

“This guy is amusing.”

Ye Xuan thought in his mind when he saw him do that.

Thus Ye Xuan groaned for a moment before he said, “Alright, I’ll give you some face! Song Yuanhang whole body is worth at least a billion. Twenty million for his hand shouldn’t be too much, right?”

“Not too much! Young master Song’s hand is indeed worth twenty million and it is perfectly reasonable! Brother, just give me your bank number, I’ll transfer the money to you right now!”

This Xian Tiannan straightforward as he did things without hesitation.

“I- I can’t let this happen! Xian Bro, I can’t let you spend your money. No, I’ll buy it myself!”

Song Yuanhang said and tried to stop him when he saw Xian Tiannan pulling out his phone and about to transfer the money.

“Young master Song, we’ve been brothers for a while now, why bother? Besides, it’s only twenty millions. Are you still being polite to me?”

Xian Tiannan replied in a relaxed tone.

This guy was really generous and treated Song Yuanhang as if he were his own brother. This made Song Yuanhang feel particularly moved.

Song Yuanhang insisted, “Xian bro, this has nothing to do with you! Since I lost, I should bear the consequences, if he wants twenty million for my arm, I’ll give it to him!”

This also pulled out his mobile phone before staring at Ye Xuan and coldly said, “Ye Xuan, your bank account number.”

Ye Xuan showed a sly smile and gave him his bank account number.

Song Yuanhang felt his heart hurt but he could only grit his teeth and send the money. Since he already said it, he couldn’t go back on his words, could he?

Besides, he couldn’t really let Xian Tiannan pay for him, right?

The guy treated him like he was his own brother.

And this was Xian Tiannan’s territory. It would be blamed if he broke all decorum with Ye Xuan and this would cause trouble for Xian Tiannan.

All Song Yuanhang could do was grit his teeth and pay the money!

Very quickly, Ye Xuan received a message on his phone from his bank.

This twenty millions was too easy to get!

This should be enough for him to spend for a while!

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