Medical Martial God chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Race God, Ye Xuan!

A smile appearing Ye Xuan’s face when he saw the Bugatti rushing over rapidly. Without fear or regard, he turned the wheel and stepped on the accelerator as well as changing gear to make the car burst forward again.

The Ferrari moved like a rattlesnake’s tail under the crowd shocked gaze and dodged the Bugatti’s impact by switching to the parking space and grazing him before beautifully overtaking him.

“Oh my God, it’s a lightning quick overtaking!”

“Holy shit! You could overtake people like this? This is so cool!”

“What the fuck… I can’t find the words to describe how I feel right now. This guy is too amazing.”

“This is the legendary Race God!”

The people in the plaza screamed in excitement when they saw how Ye Xuan overtook the Bugatti.

The lightning quick overtaking was a legendary car racing skill and it was a move that people could only see from time to time in a movie. But now they saw in live with their own eyes. How could they not be excited and happy?

“Song Yuanhang, I can win against in a hundred different ways and the simplest way is make you have an accident so you can’t reach the finish line! But I don’t want to be too harsh on you.  I will just utterly convince of your defeat today!”

Ye Xuan said in a disdainful voice as overtook Song Yuanhang who was fuming with rage.


Then he stepped on the accelerator and also a bit on the brake as well as shifting gear immediately after. This sequence made the Ferrari exhaust pipe pump out a large amount of smoke as the car shot out in the distance and disappearing from Song Yuanhang’s angry gaze.

He left this guy to smell the black smokes.

As Ye Xuan said, he had a hundred different ways to take care of him and even kill him but he wanted this guy to lose thoroughly. Thus he didn’t make a move on him for now. He just contented to overtake him.

Song Yuanhang should have died a long time ago according to Ye Xuan’s past character but he hadn’t recovered his strength yet and was incomparable to when he was at his peak. He would have been in deep trouble if he killed Song Yuanhang. After all, this guy was still a core member of the Capital’s Song family.

The Song family was one of the most famous families in the Capital and had a deep background with plenty hidden dragons and tigers. If Ye Xuan dealt with them now, the one who was going to suffer was probably Ye Xuan.

“This fucking punk!”

Song Yuanhang cursed when he saw the Ferrari disappearing from his line of sight. He immediately stepped on the accelerator and shifted gear. The Bugatti speed rose to 250 from 220 instantaneously as he quickly chased after Ye Xuan.

He would become a joke once he returned to the capital if he lost to Ye Xuan.

In the dark night, the red Ferrari was like a lightning bolt that cut through time and spaces as it entered the last turns before the straight road until the finish line.

The people could imagine how good Ye Xuan’s racing skill was by seeing how far he dumped Song Yuanhang in the turns.

As long they were in the curves, no matter how hard Song Yuanhang tried, her would be able to catch up to Ye Xuan as it wasn’t about the cars but the skills.

This guy knew how to drift but can he be compared to Ye Xuan?

“Dear viewers, the Ferrari 488 driven by Ye Xuan is the first one to rush out of the turns and beat his competitor! Once he finish the last sprint, he will be declared the winner of this death race!”

“On the otherside, the Bugatti Veyron driven by young master Song is in a hurry as he kept drifting but still has one third to go before the end of the curves!”

As the host excitedly described while the crowd screamed feverishly, the Ferrari came out of the curve like a charging horse but slowly slowed down as he raced on the straight line.

This occurrence surprised the host and the crowd alike. Thus the host asked, “Oh my God, what is happening to the Ferrari right now? Why is the car suddenly slowing down? Would the cameraman please zoom the camera closer?”

“God! What am I seeing? One of the Ferrari’s front tires is gone! It turns out that drifting in the turns can minimize the huge effect of having a flat tire but it is not the case on a straight line! Is there possibility for him to be overtaken?”

Su Xiaomeng was worried as she looked at the dashboard and saw the speed dropped 230kph from the 280, and it was still falling.

After all, with a flat tire and worn out tires, the resistance was too much for the car to speed up.

Su Xiaomeng checked the rearview mirror and saw the Bugatti’s light approached. It was about to catch up to them!

“Ye Xuan, that bastard is about to catch up to us. What are we gonna do?”

Su Xiaomeng anxiously asked.

“Let him!”

Ye Xuan calmly said as he smirked.

“Ye Xuan, you trash! You definitely lost now! I caught up. Haha…”

Song Yuanhang’s crazy laugh resounded after a couple minutes passed.

Ye Xuan could see the Bugatti getting closer from his rearview mirror and could even see Song Yuanhang’s ugly and arrogant face.

At the same time, the host started to scream in excitement again, “He caught up! Young master Song and his Bugatti Veyron caught up!”

“200 meters, 150 meters, 100 meters, 80 meters, 50 meters….”

“He’s getting closer! 10 meters! Five meters!”

“The Ferrari is about to be overtaken!”

Song Yuanhang smiled and sped up his Bugatti further. He wanted to overtake him!

But Ye Xuan was still calm when the Bugatti was about to overtake him. Ye Xuan just turned the wheel and to stop his advance.

The road only had two lanes, thus it was undoubtedly difficult to overtake someone.

“Want to stop me? In you dream!”

Song Yuanhuang said in a cold tone when he saw this.

He was about to change lane and try to overtake the Ferrari again but found out that Ye Xuan already drove in front of him before he could.

This guy tried to overtake him four times but got blocked every try.

Ye Xuan seemed to be able to predict his every movement and stay in front of him to keep him from passing so he could only follow behind his butt.

“This guy…”

Su Xiaomeng watched in shock at the rearview mirror as the Bugatti was unable to pass by them and at Ye Xuan who was driving the car calmly like it was everyday drive. Her mind was filled with shock when she saw this.

This guy actually made Song Yuanhang unable to overtake him with his incredible driving skill and made the Bugatti stick to his butt!

“The Bugatti want to try to pass but was block by the Ferrari again!”

“This is the thirteen attempts at overtaking by the Bugatti but unfortunately, it has been thwarted by the Ferrari again!”

“Oh my God, isn’t the Ferrari reaction time too fast?”

“Just what is going on? Is young master Song throwing the game on purpose?”

The host loud and exciting narrating continued.

“I’m throwing your mother! Fuck! I just can’t overtake him because this brat is blocking me every time!”

Song Yuanhang yelled out furiously when he heard the host.

“You fucking bastard, I’ll go all out! Go to hell!”

Song Yuanhang lost his cool and drove his Bugatti toward the Ferrari’s rear.


The sound of the two car resounded as the Ferrari bumped forward. Su Xiaomeng nearly tumbled out of her seat if it wasn’t for the seatbelt but Ye Xuan didn’t even budge as he glanced at the rearview mirror that showed the ferocious Song Yuanhang before he said in a mocking tone, “Thank you very much young master Song. Thank for helping me out!”

“This race is mine now!”


Ye Xuan stepped on the accelerator and changed the gear speed up with the help of the push due to the collision and shot off like a rocket.

The next moment, the excited scream of the crowd could be heard.

“Oh my God, the red Ferrari used the impact to shoot off like a rocket toward the finish line. What a beautiful move!”

“I declare the winner of this race to be Ye Xuan and his Ferrari 488! He used his excellent driving skill to overcome all obstacle and made young master Song’s Bugatti follow obediently behind his butt! This is too beautiful!”

“Let’s shout the winner’s name together!”

“Ye Xuan! Ye Xuan! Ye Xuan!”

“Race God! Race God! Race God!”

The booming voices resounded around for a long time as the people were excited.

This was a wonderful race that was hard to describe.

This was a visual treat never seen before.

This racing miracle was made by a man!

And his name was Ye Xuan!

He was dubbed as the Race God!

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