Medical Martial God chapter 53

Chapter 53: Possessed by the Car Racing God.


The sound of the tire bursting was particularly loud in the night. The tire had been pierced by spikes before and the sideway drift further damaged the tire. All the strain made the tire to burst.

The Ferrari shook and lost balance just as the tire popped. It looked like it was about to fall to the other side but Ye Xuan turn the wheel once again and shifted the car’s gravity and made it come down safely.

-Clang- Clang-

The sound of the car hitting the ground resounded.

Under Ye Xuan control, the Ferrari safely passed the sea of fire as the four tire landing on the road smoothly and made the car tremble a bit. 

The speed of the Ferrari decreased a lot due to having a flat tire and it was near impossible to bring up the speed again.

Ye Xuan looked at the many turns ahead and sighed in relief when he saw that the Bugatti was only one third done before the end of the many curves and was about to catch up to him.

He wasn’t worried about the flat tire because there were still plenty of turns ahead and he could make up for the flat tire with his drifting skill.

It’s just that the straight road at the end would be a bit annoying to him.

After all, he couldn’t compete with a Bugatti Veyron in a straight line with the current condition of his car. Thus he could only try to distance himself from him during to curves.

“Comrade Su Xiaomeng, it’s about to get bumpy. Sit tight and hold the armrest.”

Ye Xuan looked down at the dashboard before turned his head toward Su Xiaomeng who was patting her chest in hope to calm herself down.

This little girl was probably scared to death by what just happened.


Ye Xuan stepped on accelerator right after he warned Su Xiaomeng and changed gear to speed up again.

Although the car burst a front tire and lost some balance, but for experimented driver like Ye Xuan, it was nothing. It was something he was used to.


The Ferrari sped up like a blood dragon into the last multiple turns and in pursuit of Song Yuanhang.


The people in the plaza breathed a sigh of relief and felt their heart relax when they saw the Ferrari enter the next turns safely.

After all, the Ferrari gave them unequaled amount of excitement as well as experience and made their bodies feel stimulated.

It felt like watching a blockbuster movie.

But they couldn’t relax yet. Because the Ferrari started to drift again under their disbelieving eyes as the sound of tire rubbing on the ground and the engine roar could clearly be heard. This scene made their heartbeat pick up once again.

The crowd found it difficult to believe that the Ferrari who had a flat tire was still able to drift at an extremely fast pace. The speed increased wildly as he drifted.

The Ferrari took a big C-type drift perfectly with extreme speed and then took a double S-type with the same fast pace drift followed by lightning quick big C-type drift.

The impressive movements and drifts showed by the Ferrari looked like a cobra frantically chasing after its prey and that nothing could stop him as he drifted rapidly on the turns.

The Ferrari’s real time speed was also shown on the big screen.

180kph. 188kph. 198kph.

The speed kept increasing.

200kph, 210, 220…

The car didn’t slow down at all!

260, 265, 270…

The Ferrari only stabilized when it reached 280kph. It was the maximum speed the car could go!

Everyone’s faces paled when they saw the car’s speed was at the terrifying speed of 280kph.

Most of them were car racing enthusiast and knew well the danger someone could face when the speed reached a certain point. A majority of them would become dizzy and unable to drive if the speed was at 160, not to mention 280…

Car Racing God!

This guy was definitely a Car Racing God!

Even a professional driver wouldn’t have the skill to do that. Only a Car Racing God could do it!

Ye Xuan’s driving skill already convinced many people’s mind.

They all thought Ye Xuan as the Car Racing God incarnation in their minds.

The people present had long been conquered by Ye Xuan’s brilliant performance.

“Catch up to him, Race God! Come on, you can do it!”

“Race God, let’s go!”

“Race God, go get him!”

“Race God! Race God! Race God!”

It was unknown who yelled it first but soon everybody followed and started to yell “Race God” as everyone got feverish.

On the white Bugatti, the beauty wiped the white liquid on the corner of her mouth with a tissue as she stared at Song Yuanhang who was driving and said seductively.

“Young master Song are you satisfied?”

“You did well baby girl! This young master will give you a good treat soon!”

Song Yuanhang looked at the beauty next to him and laughed as he continued, “The sound of tire bursting should surely come from that trash’s car?”

“Young master Song, you are like a prophet! That was really from the that trash’s tire! I think that trash’s car has already been destroyed by now…”

The beauty with a hammock said with a mocking tone.

“It’s a pity that bitch Su Xiaomeng died with that trash. I was waiting for her to grow up so this young master can enjoy her beautiful body.”

Su Xiaomeng regretfully said and sighed softly.

He paused for a bit before continuing, “But her death can be a good thing too. With her death, that bitch Leng Qingcheng would have no one else to rely anymore and finally become this young master good toy.”

“Young master Song, you really planned everything perfectly!” The beauty continued to bootlick him.

“That’s only natural!”

Song Yuanhang arrogantly said.

Then he activated the radio and asked, “Doggie, what’s the situation? Did the brat’s car rollover and die yet?”

But only the sound of the host blood boiling voice was heard. 

“He’s close and getting closer! 500 meters, 300 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters…”

“He’s about to catch up! Race God and his Ferrari has finally caught up with the Bugatti Veyron after a series of awesome drift! Oh my God, this is so cool!”

Song Yuanhang’s face turned when he heard the host and asked coldly, “Doggie, doggie! Just what is going on over there? Why it is so noisy?”

Unfortunately for him, he was answered by the host overly excited voice.

“Race God’s Ferrari finally caught up and is less than one hundred meters from the Bugatti Veyron!”

“Bastard! Are you guys wanking!?”

Song Yuanhang cursed with an ugly expression.

However, just as he cursed, a bright light suddenly appeared from behind and reflected on his rearview mirror. It was Ye Xuan’s red Ferrari.

This guy didn’t turn on his light in order to not let Song Yuanhang know he was getting closer but he decided to reveal his arrival now.

“Damn it! How did this bastard caught up!?”

Song Yuanhang angrily yelled after seeing Ye Xuan’s Ferrari and narrowed his eyes due to the light.

“How could this be? It’s impossible!”

Even the beauty screamed in disbelief.

She unintentionally swallowed the filth in her mouth when she spoke and the taste made her nauseous and disgusted as she coughed before puking.

Moreover, she puked on Song Yuanhang lower body as he didn’t pull up his pants yet. This made him feel extremely disgusted.

All she wanted was to please Song Yuanhang and sweet talk him but in the end, she couldn’t do anything but puke on him.

“Shit! What are you doing you fucking bitch?”

Song Yuanhang roared out angrily as this sudden turn of event made him fly into rage due to the disgusting feeling he felt from the sticky vomit.

“So-sorry young master Song. Sorry, let-let me wipe it off for you…”

The beauty scrambled to wipe it when she came back to her sense after hearing his angry scream.

But during that time, the red Ferrari caught up and was right next to the Bugatti as they took the turn.

“Yo! Song Yuanhang, you sure are in a good mood. Eating it back after spitting it out. This is the first time I see this type of play.”

Ye Xuan made fun of Song Yuanhang when he saw the state inside his car.


This guy even took out his phone at this moment and took of picture before saying, “It’s a bit blurry but it’s still recognizable. Tsk tsk, Song Yuanhang, I wonder what will happen if I posted this picture on the web?”

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard! Trash, go die!”

Song Yuanhang was absolutely livid when he heard him and drove his Bugatti toward Ye Xuan.

This guy would definitely fight to the death against Ye Xuan.

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