Medical Martial God Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Flat tire crisis!

In the massive plaza, numerous people stared at the red Ferrari 488, who was speeding down from the mountain’s top, with shocked gaze and were unable to calm themselves.

They thought it was a no brainer race as they thought that Ye Xuan wouldn’t be able to move pase no.1, no.2, no.3 or no.4 and that Song Yuanhang would leave all of them in the dust, making this race easy to predict.

But they would have never imagined that Ye Xuan would turn things around and not only catch up to them but completely overtook them while getting rid of them.

Ye Xuan’s reaction speed and his driving skill were beyond their expectation and dumbfounded them as the lime powder and tire spikes were completely ineffective against him.

Now, Ye Xuan was driving his Ferrari up the hill to chase after Song Yuanhang.

The very loud voice of the host started to speak at this moment.

“I thought it was already decided before the race but Ye Xuan with his red Ferrari 488 gave us an extraordinary show and performance…”

“But now, young master Song’s Bugatti Veyron completed three fifth of the race while Ye Xuan is only at two fifth of the race. So in my opinion, this race is still without suspense and our young master Song would eventually win!”

Mane people nodded when they heard the host as although Ye Xuan got through four drivers, he was still too far behind Song Yuanhang and added with his skills as well as his top notch car, it was impossible for Ye Xuan to catch up to him.

“I can’t believe this trash has some skills and even took care of no.1 and the rest. But if he want to catch up to me… he’s still too far away!”

Song Yuanhang said with ice cold voice as a sneer appeared on his face when looked at his rearview mirror that showed nothing.

“That is obvious. After all, young master Song is professional driver and a beautiful man. How could that trash be compared to you?”

A Beautiful woman sitting on the passenger seat with a hammock dress that made her look very sexy said with a charming smile.

“You’ve such a silver-tongue!”

Song Yuanhang extended his hand and passionately grabbed the beautiful woman’s chest.

“Young master Song, should we give that guy a bit of a surprise?”

The beauty said with a smile as Song Yuanhang’s teasing made her feel very good.

“Baby, I’ll watch your performance!”

Song Yuanhang replied teasingly as he tenderly caressed the thick layer of makeup she had on her face.


The beauty giggled and took a bunch of tire spikes and threw them out of the windows.

Then she took out a small barrel of oil under her seat and unscrewed the lid before throwing it out too.


After doing all of this, she took out a special lighter and threw it out. The oil was instantly lit and spread around to create a sea of fire.

This was the surprise they prepared for Ye Xuan.

“Good job, baby! Come, let’s this young master give you some sweets…”

Song Yuanhang gave sinister smile as he pushed the beauty’s head toward his crotch.

Soon after, the beauty started to busy herself in a very rhythmic manner and made Song Yuanhang feel orgasmic.

This guy was really unrestrained and eccentric.

However, it was unknown if this guy would be able to laugh at the end.

In the middle of the night, a red Ferrari raced on the road like a wild horse.

Ye Xuan sat on the driver seat and stared at the winding downhill path in front of him. His calm face was like a vast spring source with no stain in it. His dark eyes glowed like obsidian in the darkness of the night.

His left hand controlled the steering wheel while his right hand was on the gear box as he continuously stepped on the accelerator. He didn’t slow down even if the path was downhill but kept speeding up.

Su Xiaomeng sat in shock next to him as she stared at the rapidly changing scenery outside and from time to time she would stare at Ye Xuan with a complex expression and worry as well as a hint of fear.

The image of Ye Xuan decisive action to kill the driver that blocked them and made the two car collide still reverberated in her mind. The act still made her uncomfortable.

Because Ye Xuan killed someone!

And the guy who just killed people was so calm and without care as if it had nothing to do with him!

In Su Xiaomeng’s sheltered view, Ye Xuan was unscrupulous murderer.

Ye Xuan turned to look at her as if he knew what she was thinking about and spoke with a calm voice, “Xiaomeng, do you think I’m cruel?”

“In fact, it’s not me who’s cruel, it’s the world who’s cruel! It’s the law of the jungle. If I haven’t done it, the one who would die wouldn’t be them but us!”

“You’re still young now and had been coddled since you were little, like how the flower in a greenhouse never experienced a storm before, you never experienced how dangerous the world could be, but you will understand it later.”

“Sit tight, there are a few turns up ahead. We’re just one kilometers away from that bastard Song Yuanhang now.”

He went straight to take the turn and didn’t wait for Su Xiaomeng to respond.

-Creak!- Swoosh-

Ye Xuan turned serious just as he entered the curve. He turned the wheel as he lightly pressed the brake with one foot while his other foot stepped on the accelerator rhythmically. This action made the car drift impressively fast and made the exhaust pipe pump out a large amount of fire. 

Su Xiaomeng recovered a semblance of focus when she saw the scenery outside change at an even faster rate. She felt as the care was flying as her hair floated and her body indescribable thrilled due to the incredible speed.

“Three quarter of the race has already been passed as young master Song is driving his Bugatti Veyron into the last five kilometers of the race that is consisted of turns before a straight line to the end! I believe that victory already belong to our young master Song.”

“Ahem, now let’s take a look at Ye Xuan’s Ferrari 488 that had long been left behind by young master Song. Could the aerial camera turn toward the Ferrari 488?”

When the aerial cameraman pointed the camera toward Ye Xuan and his Ferrari 488, the host became completely dumbfounded as his face showed fright and shock as if he saw a ghost and spoke with a disbelieving voice.

“Holy shit, what am I seeing?”

“S-type curve drift… Oh my God! Are you for real!”

“God, another S-type curve drift followed by a C-type drift while drifting at a lightning quick speed. The fuck!? Just what’s going on!? Is this guy possessed by the car racing God?”

Everyone watching the live broadcast from the big screen were shocked beyond belief as they watched the red Ferrari driving extremely fast speed and showed an unbelievable skill in drifting the turns. They could hardly come back to their sense due to the unbelievable sight.

The drifting skills displayed by the red Ferrari just overturned their understanding of drifting.

In the last race, Song Yuanhang drove the Audi R8 down the hill and went to first place from last place before winning the race as he showed the people his excellent drifting skills.

But Song Yuanhang’s drifting skill just couldn’t be compared to Ye Xuan’s skill.

This guy drifted as fast as if he was driving in a straight line. This sight completely went beyond their comprehension.

Did the car racing god took over his body?

“With his dazzling and lightning quick drifting as he continuously took S-type and C-type curves perfectly, the Ferrari was quickly catching up to the Bugatti Veyron. He will soon reach the big turn…”

Even the host who was biased toward Song Yuanhang became excited at this moment as he narrated passionately. After all, this was his instinct as a host.

Then he saw the sea of flames and the tire spikes on the exit of the big turn and couldn’t help but sweat for Ye Xuan as he said, 

“What the hell is going on? There’s a fire on the road and in the flames there are tire spikes! The Ferrari won’t have the time to slow down and no choice to go through it! The Ferrari is dead for sure! This fire was prepared by young master Song as a burial place for him!”

The people’s heartbeat rose at this moment.

Ye Xuan would absolutely die if he rushed into the fire as an accident was bound to happen. His hope to survive this was dim and the people couldn’t help but let out a sigh for him in their heart.

Even though this guy drove like the embodiment of a car racing god and possessed incredible amount of skills, he still couldn’t overturn the sky.

“Ye Xuan, the road ahead is on fire and there shiny things in it. What should we do?”

Su Xiaomeng asked in fear as she saw the raging fire in front of them.

“Doesn’t matter!”

Ye Xuan replied indifferently.

This indifferent made Su Xiaomeng feel really safe.


Just as the car was about to enter the flame, Ye Xuan abruptly turned the steering wheel and smashed on the break. This sudden move and stop made the car tilt slightly.

Then he instantly stepped on the accelerator with the foot that was pressing the brake.


The car’s engine roared as the Ferrari tilted until it was on two wheels and drifted pass the fire and spikes under the shocked gaze of the numerous people.

A beautiful sideways drift happened!


“Oh my God! It’s a sideway drift!”

“Oh ma Gad! So cool!” (TLN: this time he’s actually saying it in English.)

“What the fuck! So awesome!”

“Too beautiful! Too cool! Too awesome!”

The people couldn’t help but scream out in admiration when they saw that amazing sight.


However the sound of tire bursting resounded at this moment and the people excited screams stop.

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