Medical Martial God chapter 51

Chapter 51: If blocked by the Buddha, kill the Buddha! If blocked by the God, kill the God!

“Ready! Go!”


The car’s engine roared loudly as soon as the host declared the start of the race.

The white Bugatti Veyron shoot out off like a white dragon under the amazed and excited gaze of the crowd and made people cry in excitement due to his terrifying acceleration speed.

Behind the Bugatti was the no.1 Lamborghini Veneno followed by no.2 Porsche 911, no.3 blue Ferrari Portofino and no.4 Chevrolet Bumblebee.

Unsurprisingly, Ye Xuan’s Ferrari 488 was last.

After all, the Ferrari 488 had a performance gap compared to the other cars present.

“Just wait slowly in the back for your death, Ye Xuan!”

Song Yuanhang sneered as he stared at Ye Xuan from the rearview mirror while he left him in the dust.

Then he picked up his radio in the car and said, “No.1, you four have fun with him in the back. You must kill him!”

“Understood, young master Song.”

Multiple respectful voices were heard across the radio.

As  Su Xiaomeng guessed, Song Yuanhang bought the other four contestant to mess with Ye Xuan and gave him no chance to win at all.

“Ye Xuan we’re last!”

Su Xiaomeng said anxiously when she saw the Bugatti disappearing from their view while no.1 was far ahead.

“Don’t be anxious. We’re going uphill and our car isn’t very good but they can’t get too far.”

Ye Xuan looked at her anxious’ face and teased, “Please sing the Seven Swords Victory for me, I’m about to go all in!”


Although Su Xiaomeng was displeased with Ye Xuan, she still did as she was asked and put the Seven Swords Victory song for him.

As the battle song begin, Ye Xuan’s spirit was stimulated as his the lazy aura around completely disappeared and replaced by domineering and ferocious aura like a wild beast.

Then he stepped on the accelerator and changed the gear box. The engine roared loudly as the car instantly sped up like an arrow just being shot from the bowstring.

The car’s speed soared from 150 to 180 kmh.

Ye Xuan slowly got closer to the four other cars.

The others cars acceleration were better than the Ferrari 488 but their maximum speed were about the same, and it was not a speed ordinary people would be able to control.

But Ye Xuan could as his racing skill was world class. When he was at his peak, he was a car enthusiast and collected countless luxury cars in his garage.

The Ferrari 488 was good enough for him and wouldn’t lose out to the other cars too much.

“We’re close and about to catch up!”

Su Xiaomeng exclaimed in excitement when she saw that no.3 and no.4 was just in front of them.

She could feel the change in Ye Xuan’s aura when the song started as the car sped up.


Ye Xuan only smiled and didn’t speak. He stepped and changed the gear again to speed up the car further.

“We caught up!”

At that moment, Ye Xuan’s Ferrari was less than five meters from no.3 and no.4, he could overtake them at any time!

“Damn, that guy caught up!”

No.3 driver’s face turned a bit ugly when he saw it.

“Haha! What are you afraid of? I’ve been waiting to use my tire spikes on him. You can go ahead, I’ll take care of him.”

No.4 driver said with a sneer.

Then he reached out one of his hand to grab some tire spikes he prepared earlier before opening his car roof and threw them out.


A car engine sound resounded and a red flash passed by him just as he threw the spikes.

It was Ye Xuan’s Ferrari who overtook him in a flash!


As Ye Xuan drove his Ferrari past no.4, his face suddenly turned cold as a silver needle was thrown out from his fingertip and accurately stabbed into no.4’s driver’s body, which made him lose focus for a moment.


A thundering explosion was heard as no.4’s car directly drove into the mountain’s wall and exploded under the crowd shocked gazes. The car was destroyed and the driver was dead!

Ye Xuan wouldn’t have killed him if that guy didn’t try to make a move on him.

He was a Demon King. He will repay goodness or harm in kind!

If nobody offended him, he wouldn’t offend anybody!

But if somebody offended him, he would kill him!

Even if a god offended him, he would still kill him!

This was Ye Xuan’s motto.


No.3 couldn’t help but yell out when he heard the explosion and saw no.4’s death on his rearview mirror.

However he couldn’t do anything anymore.

No.4 had been sent to hell by Ye Xuan to meet the King of Hell.


Furthermore, Ye Xuan’s Ferrari was approaching no.3 like a red lightning bolt.

No matter how good your car was, it was not enough if your driving skill wasn’t up to par.

It was like a car had the maximum speed of 260 kmh but the driver could only control it up to 180 kmh and couldn’t control it if it was any faster.

“Shit, is this guy insane? He’s driving so fat, isn’t he afraid to die?” 

No.3 couldn’t help but curse when he saw how fast Ye Xuan drove.

His current speed was 170 kmh and he was too afraid to go over that but Ye Xuan drove at 180kmh and the distance between them shortened as the seconds passed.

“Go fuck your mom with your 180. I’ll fight you to death!”

No.3 cursed out angrily when he saw Ye Xuan arrived to his side and was about to overtake him. He abruptly turned his wheel in Ye Xuan’s direction and tried to crash him.

It was bound to be fatal if two cars collided at such a high speed.

“Ye Xuan!”

Su Xiaomeng yelled in panic when he saw no.3’s car coming their way and closed her eyes in fear.

“Stop panicking and yelling. Scaredy cat.”

Ye Xuan softly said as he changed the gear again and accelerated.

The car accelerated and overtook no.3’s car just as no.3 was about to hit him. He ended hitting nothing and got the car out of control before it crashed into the fence and stuck there unmoving.


Ye Xuan glanced casually in front of him and saw the rear of no.1 and no.2 car’s rear as he slowly closed on their red lights.

As for Song Yuanhang’s Bugatti, it was still far away.

That guy driving skills wasn’t bad and coupled with the Bugatti Veyron’s excellent performance, it would be hard for him to catch in a short amount of time.

“No.1, no.2, that guy got me! And no.4 is completely gone. That bastard is catching up, it’s up to you guys now…”

The raspy and out of breath voice of no.3 came from the radio and caused no.1 and no.2’s faces to turn ugly.

They looked at their rearview mirror and saw the red Ferrari closing in on them like a red dragon.

“How fast is this bastard driving that made him catch up so fast? Damn it!”

They cursed in frustration.

The track they were using for this race was a mountain road. The first part was all uphill while the second part was all downhill. Now they were four fifth to the top.

How can they not be surprised when Ye Xuan could catch up to them with a worst car?

“Get rid of him!”

No.1 and no.2 were side by side and glanced at each other and could killing intent in their counterpart’s eyes,

-Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!-

No.1 and no.2 grabbed tire spikes and lime powder they prepared before and threw it behind them.

Throwing tire spikes and lime powder proved they wanted to take Ye Xuan’s life.

The lime powder was used to impede his view while the spikes would destroy the tires. It would be weird if he wasn’t killed if such a thing happened in such a rough and steep road.

“They’re so despicable and shameless! Ye Xuan stop the car!”

Su Xiaomeng yelled in fright when she saw that.

“Sit tight!”

Ye Xuan solemnly said as he still looked emotionless.


Ye Xuan stepped on the accelerator to the bottom and made the engine roar loudly again as the exhaust pipe spat fire while the car sped up like a train straight ahead.


The lime powder splattered on Ye Xuan’s roof but couldn’t cover Ye Xuan windshield.

But Ye Xuan’s Ferrari still ran over the spikes and caused one of his tires to be punctuated and started to leak air. Thus it slowed his impressive speed down.


No.1 and no.2 laughed triumphantly as the two guys grabbed more lime powder and spikes to throw again.

“Brat, you can only blame yourself for offending young master Song. Just obediently go die!”

“You guys were the one looking for death. Don’t blame me.”

Ye Xuan was filled with killing intent as his left grabbed the wheel while his right hand threw his army knife.


The sharp knife directly broke through his Ferrari’s windshield and continued unblocked through to no.1’s windshield. The knife passed through the seat and pierced the back of no.1’s head before going through his brain. The attack splattered blood everywhere and killed him on the spot.

Then Ye Xuan pulled on the nanowire and made the knife flew back.

There weren’t a single drop of blood on the knife.

With no.1 dead, he couldn’t throw the lime powder anymore as his car lost control and slammed into no.2’s car who screamed in despair as he was terrified by the gruesome death.



The two collided as spark went off and created a huge explosion.

No bones remained.

Ye Xuan change gear and stepped on the accelerator as he passed by them.

He didn’t want to kill anyone but some people were courting death, so he had to give them a ride to it.

He looked forward and saw that Song Yuanhang’s Bugatti Veyron couldn’t be seen yet. He continued to drive his Ferrari forward and chase after him.

He already took care of the four and the next was Song Yuanhang and his Bugatti.

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