Medical Martial God chapter 50

Chapter 50: Death race.

Ye Xuan’ steps stopped when he heard Song Yuanhang provocative words.

Ye Xuan smiled as he looked at him and was about to speak but was beat to it by Su Xiaomeng.

“Brother Yuanhang, my brother in law doesn’t know how to race.”

Su Xiaomeng knew that Song Yuanhang was very good at car racing as this guy joined the professional racer league when he was abroad and became a brilliant racer. After all, he was able to use the Audi R8 and overtake everyone. That enough showed his skills.

And in her opinion, Ye Xuan’s racing skill should be very ordinary and should be even worse than her as he drove slowly when they came here.

Su Xiaomeng thought that if Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhang compete, Ye Xuan would definitely lose and suffer.

“Brother Yuanhang, me and brother in law still have things to do so we’ll be leaving first! Have fun!”

Su Xiaomeng said and immediately took Ye Xuan’s hand to leave.

Song Yuanhang felt displeased when he saw Ye Xuan was about to leave, thus he mocked him again, “Ye Xuan, stop hiding behind a woman like a trash all day long! If you’re a man, stay here and race against me!”

Ye Xuan slowed down but Su Xiaomeng used all his strength to pull him away with her. She didn’t want him to compete with Song Yuanhang in a race. Who knew what kind of danger he would be in?

Song Yuanhang clenched his fist in anger when he saw Su Xiaomeng’s action and continued his mocking.

“Xiaomeng, you’re still a member of the Su family! Let me remind you that you better stay away from this trash! Otherwise you’ll be joke when you go back to the capital and worry your parents!”

“He may be your brother in law but he is still a trash!”

Song Yuanhang kept taunting.

“Thank you for your concern, brother Yuanhang, but I don’t need you to worry, I know what I’m doing!”

Su Xiaomeng replied indifferently as she felt angry and disappointment in her heart.

She nearly shed all pretense against Song Yuanhang for Ye Xuan and felt relief in her heart.

“Then you can take this useless trash and scram.”

Song Yuanhang said and waved his hand impatiently.

“Ye Xuan, let’s leave.”

Su Xiaomeng didn’t want to say anything more and tried to pull Ye Xuan away.

But no matter how hard she pulled, Ye Xuan didn’t budge an inch.

He turned back to look at the sneering Song Yuanhang and spoke with a slight smirk.

“It’s not impossible for me to play against you. I’m just afraid you won’t dare to.”

Song Yuanhang felt a bit happy when Ye Xuan finally stopped enduring without protest. He laughed and said, 

“Haha! There’s no game I don’t dare to play. Ye Xuan, no matter whatever you want to play or bet, I’ll do it!”

“Great, as expected from the Song family young master, I like it! It’s too boring to bet money and I don’t have as much as you. Young master Song, I see you’ve a beautiful hand just like a women’s hand. How about we bet your hand?”

Ye Xuan had a sly glint in his eyes as he stared at Song Yuanhang’s hand who held the car’s key. Then he rose his arm and said, “Let’s race. If you win, I’ll give you this hand. if you lose, that hand is mine. How about it? Do you dare to play?”

“Ye Xuan…”

Su Xiaomeng’s face turned anxious and wanted to say something but Ye Xuan stopped with a wave of his hand.

“Haha! This is interesting, I like it! Ye Xuan, I will take your hand away today!”

Song Yuanhang thought that Ye Xuan wanted him to not accept the bet by gambling a hand and scar him away thus he could retreat but he would not let his plan succeed. Hence he accepted the challenge proudly.

“But I have one condition.”

“What condition?” Ye Xuan asked softly.

“You let me decides on the race’s type!” Song Yuanhang declared calmly.

He was going to play Ye Xuan to death here!


Ye Xuan agreed immediately.

Su Xiaomeng was anxious but wasn’t qualified to butt in the conversation.

Soon, the most exciting race of the night was be announced by the host and drew plenty of attention from the people.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m the host, JK! Now I will present you an unprecedented death race with six supercars!”



-Clap, clap, clap-

The crowd burst with excitement when they heard the host and clapped.

The Death Race was the most thrilling race that existed. It had no rule and the participant could use any means to interfere or attack the opponent until the end of the race and the first to cross the finish line wins!

It was very rare that a death race happened because any means could be used to disrupt the opponent, thus very few were willing to participate. Especially in the life racing valley where it was even rarer to see a death race.

How could the people be not excited now that there was death race happening?

“Death race? Why?”

Su Xiaomeng whispered in fear as her face turned pale in fear after hearing the host while sitting on her Ferrari 488.

“Ye Xuan, how about we don’t compete. People can die in a death race and six cars could compete at a single race. If Song Yuanhang really wants you dead, he could hire the other four racers to target you and we would be in big trouble…”

Su Xiaomeng warned as she grabbed Ye Xuan’s arms in the car.

“Don’t worry. They’re just a bunch of lackeys. Your brother in law’s car racing is world class!”

Ye Xuan looked at her worried look and said, “If you’re too scared to sit in the car, you can wait for me at the sitting area over there.”

“No! I want to be with you!”

Su Xiaomeng shook her and clenched her teeth.

This little girl was sure loyal.

The host stood on a stage and looked at the excited crowd with a big smile and continued, “I’m going to introduce to everyone to the contestants and their cars for this death race…”

“The first contestant I want to introduce is the last race winner, young master Song and his beloved car, Bugatti Veyron! Please applause for him!”

A loud applause erupted as the host asked while an indomitable white Bugatti Veyron slowly rolled into the runway. This guy replaced his Audi R8 by a much powerful Bugatti Veyron.

It was known that the Bugatti Veyron was a King amongst the many sport cars.

“As everyone know, young master Song is a world class professional driver in the racing circuit. He once joined a professional racing league abroad and showed his impressive skills! In the last race, he used the Audi R8 to completely reverse the situation and overtake everyone before taking the win! How would he fare with his cherished Bugatti Veyron? I think he’s invincible! If you want to bet, you must bet on young master Song and be sure to make a profit!”

“The other contestants are…”

“And this is our last contestant, Ye Xuan and his Ferrari 488! Everyone must know that this death race happened because Ye Xuan challenged our noble young master Song! He used his hand to bet against young master Song! I think it’s the stupidest decision he’s ever made in his life!”

After being introduced by the host, Ye Xuan drove to the starting line with the Ferrari 488 with Su Xiaomeng on the passenger side.

Naturally, even the host disliked Ye Xuan as the introduction was totally biased toward Song Yuanhang.

“Now that all the contestants and the rules of the race have been introduced, the race will begin in five minutes, until then everyone can freely go bet!”

The betting booth burst with activity as countless men and women flocked there to try to place their bets.

After all, the outcome was easy for them to deduce.

The winner for them would naturally be Song Yuanhang as they saw his extraordinary skill when he won last race with his Audi R8. They were even surer now that he used cherished Bugatti Veyron!

And obviously the loser of the race would be the guy named Ye Xuan who was unknown with his Ferrari 488. How could he be compared to young master Song and his Bugatti Veyron?

Numerous people betted on Song Yuanhang to win and on Ye Xuan to lose.

“Hey Ye Xuan, where are you going?”

Su Xiaomeng asked when she saw Ye Xuan opening the car’s door and leave.

“Shit, of course is to bet!” Ye Xuan responded as he headed straight to the betting booth.

“Two millions dollars on Ye Xuan winning!”

People in the area were dumbfounded when they heard it.

Manager Xu, who was in charge, mocked, “I wondering who was betting on Ye Xuan to win but isn’t it himself!? I’m afraid there’s only him who betted on him to win tonight!”


His words made the surrounding laugh.

Facing this, Ye Xuan only smiled and said, “Everyone, if you want to win, you should bet on me.”

This guy was deliberately trying to bait them as the less people betted on him to win, the more he would earn.

“Tsk, only idiots would bet on you to win!”

Some people retorted when they heard him.

Ye Xuan only laughed and said nothing else.

“Hey, who did you bet on?”

Su Xiaomeng asked when Ye Xuan returned to the car.

“Of course I betted on myself!” Ye Xuan answered without looking at her.

“How much did you bet?”

“All the money.”

“Idiot! You should have betted half on Song Yuanhang to be safe!”

“Don’t you have any confidence in me?”

“Yes, I’m sure everyone is very confident in you!” Su Xiaomeng sarcastically said.

“We shall see.”

Ye Xuan shook his head and didn’t say more.

“Okay, the betting is now close! The race is about to start!”

The host walked toward the starting held a flag up before waving it down and yelled.

“Ready! GO!”

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