Medical Martial God chapter 49

Chapter 49: Song Yuanhang’s provocation!

“I… lost everything and don’t have the money to exchange chips anymore.”

Su Xiaomeng said with a dejected expression when she heard that Ye Xuan wanted to exchange chips.

She only took one card that had on million in it when she left and lost everything.

“It’s alright, I have some.”

Ye Xuan smiled and took her to the betting booth to exchange a hundred thousand worth of chips. Most of the money came from when Su Xiaomeng ate his meal, which was also most of his saving.

“Ye Xuan, how about we go home? What if we lose?”

She whispered when she saw his poor state as he took out all of his saving. She couldn’t bear to see him lost it all thus stopped following him.

She knew that Ye Xuan was poor now and that his salary was only a few thousands per month. This hundred thousand was a huge sum for him and it would be too much if he lost it.

This little girl did indeed care about Ye Xuan.

“Don’t worry, this young master won’t lose. I already got a good understanding of the drivers’ skills after watching the last few race. I will definitely win!”

Ye Xuan confidently said.

“Dear players, the new round is about to begin and the drivers are already in place. Please place your bet now!”

Numerous people went to the betting booth when they heard the radio announcement.

Ye Xuan smiled and under Su Xiaomeng dumbfounded gaze, he bet all his chips on the no.6, Audi R8 who was always ranked last.

Ye Xuan, don’t bet on the no.6. He has been bad the last few races and is the last in the ranking. How could he win? Are you stupid?”

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t help but warn him as she pulled his clothe.

The other people around them also looked at Ye Xuan with pity as if he was an idiot.

This guy was betting on the biggest underdog.

“But the odds are very high! 1 to 19.8! Tsk, if I win, we can get all your money back in one single bet.”

Ye Xuan calmly said.

“Win? That driver was mediocre. While the Audi R8 is good compared to average sports car but how can it be compared to the other cars? They’re Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari 812 superfast, Maserati Grancabrio, Chevrolet Bumblebee…”

Su Xiaomeng inwardly panicked as she looked at Ye Xuan’s calm appearance.

“Just wait for the result.”

Ye Xuan said with a smile but didn’t explain anything.

Ye Xuan understood the no.6 driver skill very clearly after watching the previous races. That guy driving didn’t have any unnecessary movement whether it was on a straight line or a curve and was stable. Ye Xuan couldn’t see his face due to the helmet but he could sense that the driver was always calm.

It was his calm and steady performance that caught Ye Xuan eyes and his guess was holding back for the final race. Thus Ye Xuan betted everything he had on him.

He was also the lowest odd and few people betted on him due to that. But if he won, the betting house would win an absurd amount of money and that was the second reason Ye Xuan chose to bet on him.

The third reason was the Audi R8 was modified to increase the speed of nitrogen. The function was not very powerful but it was especially good when taking turns.

Therefore Ye Xuan believed that the Audi R8 would win this race.

“Just wait for the results? Are there any other results to wait for? Isn’t it already obvious that you’re giving away your money to other people?”

Su Xiaomeng furiously said.

“Comrade Xiaomeng, you just don’t understand.”

Ye Xuan smiled and shook his head as he pretended to be wise when he saw Su Xiaomeng getting angry.

“Ready! Start!”

The race finally began as the referee loud voice rang.

As many people expected, the Audi was at disadvantage right at the start of the race and was far behind the other five vehicles.

“Look! This is the no.6 you betted on!”

Su Xiaomeng angrily said when she saw the Audi’s performance.

“Don’t worry, it’s still the ascending stage. The R8 is a bit worse than the others but it’s alright. The driver will show his skill during the descent. Believe me!”

Ye Xuan calmly said and smiled.

“Look! All the other cars are about to get on top of the hill while yours is only three quarter before he reach the hill!” Su Xiaomeng burst with fury when she saw Ye Xuan calm attitude.

Ye Xuan laughed and was still as calm and collected in front of this situation. 

“Stop worrying. The no.6 will make his move soon.”

Su Xiaomeng snorted and didn’t say anything more as she continued to watch the race on the screen.

“They are already drove through two third of the race. No.2 is way ahead in the race followed by no.1 and no,4 while no.3 and no.5 are competing against each other, meanwhile no.6 that had been left far behind finally made it on top of the hill. Oh my god, is no.6 a turtle?”

The commentator tried his best to narrate the course as he held the microphone and even joked with the audience.

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan ferociously with discontentment all over her face.

Why did this bastard insisted on buying the no.6?

God, what an idiot!

Su Xiaomeng looked and found out the way the other betters looked at Ye Xuan like he was second class citizen and that made her feel really uncomfortable for standing next to Ye Xuan.

Bro, how can not feel ashamed?

However at this moment, the commentator’s voice resounded again.

“Three quarter of the race has already been passed, no.2 is still ahead, no.4 is second, no.3 is third and no.1 and no.5 is following closely. No.6… oh shit! No.6 is drifting like crazy and his speed is soaring due to his perfect use of nitro! Holy shit, he’s catching up!”

“He’s getting closer and closer! He overtook no.1 and no.5 at the same time with a single turn! He pursuing the no.3 and no.4 at full speed!”

“Holly shit! Did no.6 eat gunpowder? The car isn’t slowing down at all but still accelerating! He’s at 220km now. He’s crazy!”

“My God, he’s getting past no.3 and no.4! He’s now chasing no.2 for the first place! Can he take the win?!”

“OH! A miracle happened! No.6 succeeded in surpassed no.2 just before the finish line and won the race! Congratulations to no.6 and to the people who betted on no.6! You have won big money!”

The commentator shouted out loudly with excitement and with that the race ended. The dead last no.6 turned it around and won the race.

“Oh my God! Ye Xuan, you’re too amazing!”

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t contain the joy and excitement in her, thus jumped up and gave Ye Xuan a big hug. She was so excited that she didn’t realize what kind of reaction Ye Xuan had.

Ye Xuan only felt that he had bumped into a cotton sponge with two balls of softness in front of his chest and the constant movement on his broad chest gave him a strong thrill.

The people who looked Ye Xuan like an idiot was now dumbfounded and had a hint of admiration in their eyes.

This guy had the greatest eyes of them and won the jackpot. They could only admire him.

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan with a face filled with admiration and curiously asked.

Ye Xuan briefly explained to her before he said quickly,

“Come on, let’s get the money and go home.”


Su Xiaomeng nodded happily and took Ye Xuan’s hand to leave but a surprised and refreshing resounded at this moment.

“Xiaomeng, what a coincidence, did you came here to have fun too?”

From where the sound came off, a slender figure appeared with several bodyguards.

He had a handsome face and wore a racing suit with the number 6 on it while his helmet was held by a bodyguard near him.

“Song Yuanhang.”

“Brother Yuanhang…”

Their gaze turned cold when they saw it was Song Yuanhang.

They didn’t expect that it was no.6 driver who drove the Audi R8 was Song Yuanhang.

“Xiaomeng, I haven’t seen you in a while! You knew I was in Xing Hai but you didn’t contact me. Don’t you like your Brother Yuanhang anymore?”

Song Yuanhang teased Su Xiaomeng when he saw her surprised face and extended his arm in hope to pat her head.

“I’m with my brother in law, so…”

Su Xiaomeng said after retreating to Ye Xuan’s back and held his arm.

If she didn’t see Song Yuanhang despicable true personality under Ye Xuan’s lead back at the hotel, she would still like Song Yuanhang very much.

Su Xiaomeng’s action surprised him greatly and his eyes couldn’t help but let out a hint of displeasure. His hand was still extended awkwardly in midair.

But he looked at Ye Xuan instead of thinking more about it as his gleamed with coldness when he stared at him.

“I never thought I could meet you here!”

He was able to feel the change of Su Xiaomeng’s feeling toward and it was something that was absolutely impossible to happen before because she liked him very much and would follow him all the time.

But seeing Su Xiaomeng distancing herself from and getting so close to Ye Xuan displeased him greatly.

He blamed it all on Ye Xuan.

“I didn’t expect you to meet you here either.” Ye Xuan responded with the same cold tone.

“Haha. Boy, you’re lucky to be able to meet young master Song here! He’s the no.6 that you bought! He made you a fortune! You should be thanking young master Song for that or you would have lost everything if it wasn’t for him!”

Just as Song Yuanhang was about to speak, the manager from the betting booth came over to flatter him.

“Oh? Manager Xu, he betted on me?”

Song Yuanhang asked in surprise.

“Yes, this boy betted one thousand on you and won almost two millions back. This boy profited all thanks to you!” the manager respectfully answered.

Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng lost all joy of winning when they heard it was Song Yuanhang. They didn’t thought that no.6 was Song Yuanhang. They would rather not bet if they knew.

“Xiaomeng, let’s us go home.”

Ye Xuan said as gave the manager and Song Yuanhang a glance.

He then pulled Su Xiaomeng with him toward to the parking lot to leave.

But Song Yuanhang blocked their way and gave Ye Xuan a disdainful gaze as he said provocatively.

“Ye Xuan, I heard you used to be quite good at car racing. Why don’t we compare our skills? Didn’t you bet on me to win?”

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