Medical Martial God chapter 48

Chapter 48: Cyan Emperor Edict.

Although it was an hour since Ye Xuan and Black Dragon fought each other, security guard Xiao Wu had still not able to recover from the shock he got from seeing the ferocious battle.

Their thrilling battle replayed in his mind like a movie and it was still hard for him to believe it happened.

Whether it was his rationality telling him was real or the beautiful police’s flower Han Lu coming and clearly telling him what he saw wasn’t an illusion but reality. It made the lofty image he had of Ye Xuan in his mind even loftier and made him admire him even more.

Moreover, he clearly remembered the dumbfounded look on the beautiful policewoman and the other police officers face when they discovered Black Dragon’s identity. He also saw the strange gaze Han Lu gave Ye Xuan.

After all, she wasn’t an ordinary assassin but an internationally renowned silver class assassin!

What happened tonight certainly gave Xiao Wu a huge impression.

Zhao Dahai who got knocked down wasn’t injured as Black Dragon didn’t go too hard on him.

And he soon woke up thanks to Ye Xuan impressive medical skills.

Zhao Dahai looked around in confusion when he recovered before he gazed at Ye Xuan as well as Xiao Wu and asked in confusion.

“Just what happened?”

He somewhat remembered that he was attacked and blackout but wasn’t aware of anything else after.

Xiao Wu told him everything that had happened before his eyes when Zhao Dahai asked.

This guy even vividly described in detail Ye Xuan’s fight with Black Dragon to him and shocked Zhao Dahai to his core.

“What happened to the assassin?” Zhao Dahai asked.

“She was taken by the police!” Xiao Wu replied.


Zhao Dahai let out a huge sigh of relief when he heard Xiao Wu’s reassuring word.

Then he turned his gaze filled with admiration and shock to Ye Xuan before saying, “Xuan Bro, it’s all thank to you, otherwise…”

“You’re too polite, it was something I was supposed to do anyways! Since there’s nothing more to do here, how about we get something to eat?”

Ye Xuan asked with a smile as he held their arms.

He didn’t think it was necessary to tell them that the assassin came for him or who sent her.

There too many people that wanted to kill him in this world. All he could do was get stronger and beat the people who wanted to kill him one by one.

“But, Xuan Bro, aren’t we still on duty?”

Zhao Dahai said meekly.

“We’re in middle of the night, its fine! Besides, we can eat it nearby so we can still guard the place.”

Ye Xuan then proceeded to pull them to stall just ahead.

The three of them were back on guard after their meal.

Ye Xuan got bored during the shift and under Zhao Dahai and Xiao Wu’s gaze, he took particular piece of material and started to carve it with his knife.

Slowly, the material became a glorious token under Ye Xuan’s carving. (TLN: I forgot how they called those things, it’s some golden wood tablet that Chinese emperor threw or gave around to pass down their orders or edict.)

 There were two eye catching characters on it, Cyan Emperor.

“Xuan bro, what is this thing? It’s so domineering.”

Xiao Wu asked curiously as he stared at the finely carved token.

“Cyan Emperor edict!”

Ye Xuan replied with a light smile.

“Cyan Emperor edict? What does it do?”

Xiao Wu asked again as he took the token and felt unique feeling from it.

“Can be used to scare people!”

Ye Xuan replied with a teasing tone.

This thing was a symbol of status in the Western Shura World and Ye Xuan made in case someone strong from the Western Shura World came to trouble. It might come to use at a critical time.

The sun already rose when he finished embedding the token and it was time for him to get off work.

Because Ye Xuan took an twenty four hours shift, he could take a day off.

Ye Xuan returned to the Wang Jiang residence after getting off work and happened to encounter Leng Qingcheng who was about to go to work. Thus he said, “Qingcheng, did you eat breakfast?”

She dressed very beautifully today with her hair was split in the middle. She wore a trendy pullover with a black leather pants and high clad boots. She was very stylish and sexy. The outfit accentuated her perfect figure and unique presence and made it hard for Ye Xuan to not stare at her.

“I did.”

Leng Qingcheng indifferently replied and went to the elevator while leaving her beautiful back for Ye Xuan to see.

This woman was a bit different than before. At least she replied!

“This woman… is so cold!”

Ye Xuan help but whisper when he saw how Leng Qingcheng just walked by him to the elevator.

Then he took a shower before going back to his room to sleep.

Maybe due to working without a break, he slept until it was noon.

He came out his room after changing his clothes and that the little girl, Su Xiaomeng, still wearing her pajamas as she played games with her tablet intensely and didn’t notice Ye Xuan come out at all.

“Hey, student Su Xiaomeng, how old are you? You’re still playing game obsessively every day!”

Ye Xuan said with a hint of displeasure when he saw how focused Su Xiaomeng was.

“I’m seventeen. Why?”

Su Xiaomeng replied him without taking her eyes from the tablet.

“Seventeen years old?”

Ye Xuan’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch when he heard Su Xiaomeng. He didn’t expect her to be only seventeen due to the shocking mountain on her chest that numerous women wouldn’t be able to reach that size even if they waited for a lifetime.

“Are you serious?”

Ye Xuan looked at dubiously.

“Of course it’s true. My eighteenth birthday is next month’s twenty seven.” Su Xiaomeng replied but her gaze was still on the tablet.

Ye Xuan thought back on how she acted when there was a situation and started to believe that she might just be seventeen.

Then, he asked suspiciously again, “If you’re seventeen, how are you so free to play video games all day? Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“Bruh, its summer vacation right now!” Su Xiaomeng replied unhappily as she ended her battle on the tablet and put it down.

“Based on your age, you should still be in high school or did you graduated from it?” Ye Xuan asked curiously.

“I already graduated high school and chose to go to Xing Hai University. So I came here earlier to familiarize myself with the city but unfortunately, Sister Qingcheng is always busy with work and has no time to accompany me. So it’s really boring for me to stay at home all alone!”

Then Su Xiaomeng got excited as if she got an idea and asked Ye Xuan with an eager look, “By the way, Ye Xuan, you don’t need to work today, right?”

“Right!” Ye Xuan nodded.

“Let us go play then!”

Su Xiaomeng got even more excited.

“Go where and play what?” Ye Xuan asked.

“How about we go car racing? I heard that Xing Hai had a car racing circuit called the life racing valley. It’s going to be fun and exciting!” Su Xiaomeng stood up and stared excitedly with her big eyes at Ye Xuan and made him unable to refuse.


Ye Xuan agreed as he nodded softly.

“Hooray! Wait for me! Let me guess dressed before we go.”

Su Xiaomeng exclaimed happily and rushed to her room to wash up and change clothes.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiaomeng was done with her preparation and walked out of her room. Ye Xuan lost his focus for a moment when he saw her beautiful appearance.

Su Xiaomeng made her hair into a double pigtail. Her tiny and curvy body was wrapped by a silver lace dress with a sapphire collar on her smooth and long neck. This outfit made her look like haughty, cute and beautiful little princess. 

This kind of dress was highly lethal for men and couldn’t be compared to those scantily clad women.

“Ye Xuan, let’s leave!”

She said with a smile as she walked up to him.


Ye Xuan agreed and left the apartment with Su Xiaomeng.

The life racing valley was outside of Xing Hai city’s suburb and was fifty kilometers away from the city center.

It was a very dangerous place as there were accidents all year round on that place. A new highway had been made nearby since this one was listed as high risked road but it became paradise for numerous cars racing enthusiasm due to the low traffic and gathered many of them there.

Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng first ate lunch before going to see a movie and followed by a bit of shopping. It was already late into the evening when they both arrived at the life racing valley.

The life racing valley was still bustling with car racing enthusiast with a bunch of luxury sports cars and booming music. Su Xiaomeng was extremely excited by the sight and looked around like a kid in a candy shop.

It was obvious that this little girl wanted to come here very much but couldn’t.

Ye Xuan laughed as he followed behind her.

This place was really a paradise for car racer as there was an open air plaza for the many sports car and plenty of entertainments around.

There were a betting booth, a leisure area, restaurants, karaoke, a car racing registration booth and so on. It was comparable to many large entertainment venues and could even be called a large entertainment complex.

“Ye Xuan, let’s go to the betting booth! I want to bet on the Chevrolet bumblebee to win! His four fire spitting exhaust pipes are just too cool!”

Su Xiaomeng watched in excitement the bumblebee car on the big screen in the middle of the plaza.

This silly girl was indeed a rich woman as she exchanged a million dollars’ worth of chips for her amusement.

She spent two hundred thousand in betting the bumbled to win but it was beaten in the last minute by the Aston martin. 

She made a few more bet after that but lost them all as well as ending up losing all her money and felt depressed.

“It’s boring… and not fun at all.”

Su Xiaomeng said in a saddened voice and pouted when she lost her last chips.

“Silly girl, it would be weird if you won after betting on a car just because he looked fast and cool! Although the car’s performance is important, the driver is the decisive factor! A great racer would be able to bring the car’s performance to its peak! Even if there was a gap in car performance, he would still be able to match it with his skill!”

Ye Xuan couldn’t bear to see Su Xiaomeng depressed look and said with a smile, “Let’s go exchange some more chips. Look how I’m going wins you back few millions.”

A real master was about to make his move!

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