Medical Martial God chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The assassin, Black Dragon!

She looked like a foreign women in her thirties with black skin tone and was about one meter seventy five (5’8). Her hostile face was looking at him with unhidden taunting eyes. Her whole body was wrapped in black latex with a pair of black boots and was extremely sexy beauty. Her upper arm had a black skull tattoo on it and had a demonical glow under the light.

She held a long red barbed whip. She was like a poisonous snake moving under the night and radiated a chilling aura.

This was obviously an assassin from abroad!

Her name was Black Dragon and was a member of the Black Skeleton Mercenary Group. She specialized in the use of long whip and was quite powerful. She was known for being a silver-class assassin for killing a small team of secret agents in the Shadow (Ying) Country. (TLN: I’ll call it Shadow country for now on.)

She usually worked in South Africa but didn’t think she would end up coming in Huaxia.

And her purpose for coming was clear, she came for Ye Xuan.

It was important to know that there was a hierarchy amongst the assassin from abroad. The stronger they were, the more they charged.

There were six classes amongst the assassins from abroad. It was Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Earth and Sky.

The bronze and silver were the most common assassins.

Gold class assassins rarely made a move as they preferred to create their own small or medium sized mercenary group.

Diamond class assassins were all leader of a big mercenary group or the head of an assassin’s organization.

Earth and Sky class assassins were extremely rare. They were mighty being that secluded themselves in a corner or ruling over a territory and were the world’s best.

Of course, there were more powerful being than the earth or sky class being but very few people knew them.

This silver class assassin, Black Dragon, would be the perfect practice for Ye Xuan today!

Black Dragon easily knocked out Zhao Dahai and slowly walked toward Ye Xuan. Her slow pace made her look even more intimidating and strong.

Under the moonlight, her movements made her seem like a poisonous snake instead of a human. People couldn’t help but sweat if they saw her.

There was a security guard, Xiao Wu, who was sleeping on the single bed in the security room. He shuddered when he suddenly felt cold on his back and woke up. Then he asked in confusion,

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Keep sleeping, I’ll go out for a bit.”

Ye Xuan replied with a solemn tone as his eyes surged with a dangerous glint when he saw Black Dragon getting closer.

“Go out? Go out for what? Hiss…”

Xiao Wu asked when he heard Ye Xuan’s answer. He was about to go back to sleep but still cold on his back as if a devil was watching him.



The sound of broken glass windows resounded. It was Black Dragon who swung her whip and destroyed the window in her attempt to wrap her whip on his neck like a poisonous snake. Security guard Xiao Wu lost all of his drowsiness when he saw the window broke and the whip coming toward him.


Ye Xuan face turned cold when he saw the whip going in direction of Xiao Wu’s neck. His hand abruptly moved and accurately grasped the whizzing whip.


Black Dragon snorted when her attack was stopped and her grasped by Ye Xuan. Her eyes flashed with killing intent as she pulled her whip hard.

Ye Xuan jumped out of the security room straight from the broken window due to the powerful pull and landed steadily outside.

“What a surprise! I didn’t expect you to have some skills!”

Black Dragon stared at Ye Xuan who stood upright as he threw away her whip and mockingly said, “But you were too careless! My whip is coated with poison and it’s not a poison that can be dealt with by a small fry like you. Brat, you’re poisoned and done!”

Ye Xuan’s eyes stared at his hand that caught the whip with a severe expression after hearing Black Dragon and found that the skin turned into a purple black color, which indicated he was poisoned.

“A very powerful poison but I was already prepared for it!”

Ye Xuan gave a cocky smile as he took a purple pill from his pocket and swallowed it. Black Dragon watched the purple skin gradually fading and returned to completely normal color.

“The variety detoxification pill?”

Black Dragon asked in shock when she saw how Ye Xuan’s hand recovered.

The variety detoxification pill was created by the Thousand Faces Poison God, one of the eight gods under the Grand Demon. It was able to cure all poison as well as extremely expensive and very few people could afford it.

She didn’t expect Ye Xuan to have the variety detoxification pill and rendered her poison completely ineffective.

The variety detoxification pill was rare and hard to buy but at the time, Ye Xuan told Thousand Faces Poison God to give the exclusive sale right to the black market shop. Thus it wasn’t difficult for him to buy the pill from Ye Qianwer’s black market shop.

A smirk appeared on Ye Xuan’s solemn face when he heard Black Dragon’s words. He moved his hand’s muscle and joint as he spoke with a mocking tone.

“You’re quite knowledgeable unexpectedly, but I should have expected it from a member of the Black Skull mercenary group.”

“Who are you to be able to recognize my organization?”

Black Dragon asked as she gave him an icy stare.

The information she had on him was he was just a trash who had been kicked out from his family and also that he was physically very weak, but she found out that this guy was completely difference from her info and possessed quite a bit of strength as well as knowledge.

“As you can see, I’m just a little security guard.”

Ye Xuan habit made him reach into his pocket for a cigarette as he wanted to smoke but found nothing in it. After all, this wasn’t like in the past.

He had a habit of smoking a cigarette before he killed someone.

“Did that trash Kapil sent you?”

Ye Xuan coldly asked just when Black Dragon was about to make a move.

“You know our Black Skull mercenary group leader?”

Black Dragon asked back as she stopped when she heard Ye Xuan.

“He’s just a third rate garbage mercenary leader who is weak as hell, how could I heard of him? It’s just that I used to heard some assholes talk about him, but I didn’t thought he was still alive. It looks like that kid got himself quite an amount of benefit.”

Ye Xuan calmly said with a mocked glint in his eyes.

“Humph! How arrogant!”

Black Dragon snorted and didn’t deign to speak with Ye Xuan anymore as she swung her whip at him.


The long whip whizzed like a vicious snake trying to bite at Ye Xuan. The sharp barb on the reflected the moonlight as it moved. The sight would give people a strong sense of danger.

However, Ye Xuan wasn’t shaken by this incoming as he stood still. He flickered his hand to get the army knife in his hand just when the whip about to land on him and struck at it with his knife, which created spark upon impact.


More killing intent surged out from Black Dragon when she saw her attack getting blocked again. Thus she swung it again at Ye Xuan but this with much more power behind it. However, Ye Xuan dodged it this time and made the whip strike the empty ground.

Black Dragon was about to swing her whip at Ye Xuan again but he suddenly disappeared from her field of vision. 

She looked around with her imposing eyes and as if she felt something, she swung her whip toward the sky.


Ye Xuan jumped like a soaring dragon at the moment when he avoided the attack and disappeared from Black Dragon’s line of sight. Then he used the gravity force to launch of counter attack.

However, he didn’t expect Black Dragon to react so fast and sent her whip in his direction. Ye Xuan rotated in midair and let the whip’s barb graze his side as he threw his knife at Black Dragon.

The knife cut through the air like thunder and flew straight at Black Dragon. Her expression was extremely solemn toward this threat but it was too late for her to dodge. She could only grit her teeth and flick her whip so it could retract and block the knife.

This woman whip mastery was indeed very good.

However, the knife was only used to get her attention.

“Total Annihilation!”

While Black Dragon was distracted by the knife throw, Ye Xuan took advantage and landed on the ground. Then he charged at her like a train and appeared in front of her.

Ye Xuan used the momentum of charging forward and put his hand on the ground to flip as he kicked out at Black Dragon lower torso with the huge momentum.


Black Dragon bent over as the sound of impact resounded and a mask of pain appeared on her face. Her body suddenly lost all her balance and fell to the ground.

Ye Xuan asked her in her indifferent voice, “Tell me, do I kill you or let you live?”

“You can’t kill me just by relying on yourself!”

A contemptuous smile appeared on Black Dragon’s face when she heard Ye Xuan question while her hand pressed on a button on the side of the whip’s handle.

-tss, tss-

With the “tss-tss” sound, her whip retracted back and turned his direction toward Ye Xuan’s heart with lightning fast speed!


However, Ye Xuan’s army knife quickly flew back into his arm as he used it to easily block Black Dragon’s whip.


Black Dragon said in disbelief as she watched in dismay her attack being block again while Ye Xuan played with the knife in his hand.

She had never seen knife automatically fly back after being thrown away.

The nanowire connected to the knife shone under the light at this moment.

“Tell me who sent you?” 

Ye Xuan asked sternly as he coldly stared at her.

“It-it was guy called Dao. It was that guy master Dao!”

Black Dragon replied in a hoarse voice as she stared at him in fear.

It was him again?

Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with a cold glint as his killing rose.

This guy had sent people to kill him previous but he didn’t think this guy would dare to send someone else again. Did he take him as pushover?

It looked like it was time for him to visit him and have a good chat!

But he would let him and Ye Wenfeng play around for now.

“Do-don’t kill me!”

Black Dragon fearfully pleaded when she felt Ye Xuan killing intent.

It was normal for people to be afraid of death.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Because I think it will be more painful for you to be alive than death. So I’ll let you live for now.”

Ye Xuan smirked when he heard her plead and decided of her fate.


Just as he finished his promise, he stepped on Black Dragon chest harshly with a huge amount of force and energy. This stomp caused her to spray blood as she passed out.

At the same time, Ye Xuan also took out his phone and dialed 110.

“Hello, it is 110? I want to call the police…”

The shocking scene was witnessed by security guard Xiao Wu in the security room. it cause him to be in a state of shock as if was dreaming and saw a martial art movie. He stared at Ye Xuan who stepping on Black Dragon and was unable to calm himself down.

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