Medical Martial God chapter 46

Chapter 46: The reason.

By the time Ye Xuan returned to the Wang Jiang Residence, it was already 10p.m. Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng didn’t sleep yet.

Leng Qingcheng was wearing a white nightgown and was reading a medical book on the sofa while Su Xiaomeng wore pajama and played with her tablet on the sofa.

“Ye Xuan, tell us truth, where did you go? Why did you come back so late?”

Su Xiaomeng asked with haughty attitude when she saw Ye Xuan come back.

Ye Xuan smiled when he saw Su Xiaomeng haughty attitude and went to sit on the sofa beside her before he replied nonchalantly.

“I was helping a friend search for a place to live but found a hidden body and then some War Tiger Gang people came to trouble us.”

“A hidden body? How did that happen?”

When Su Xiaomeng heard the word ‘hidden body’, she transformed into a curious baby and looked at Ye Xuan with glowing eyes.

“I was helping my friend find a house and we got introduced by an estate agent to a recently renovated apartment. Everything was fine until we looked at the kitchen…”

Ye Xuan then vividly described his discovery of the corpse in the kitchen wall.


When Ye Xuan described how the severed arm suddenly stuck out of the wall, he also abruptly moved his hands at that moment and scared Su Xiaomeng who ended up collapsing on the couch.

“Hey, weren’t you eager to know what happened? Why are you scared now?” Ye Xuan asked and teased her.

“Who told you to move your arm and deliberately scare me! What happened next?” Su Xiaomeng asked him to continue.

“It was pretty weird, because the police found out after their autopsy that the dead body was the driver who drove the Dongfeng truck that caused the accident that killed my parents and disappeared.”

“The police thought that my parents’ death was an accident but it doesn’t to be that simple anymore. The driver was probably killed in order to silence him.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes landed on Leng Qingcheng who was listening to him attentively and asked, “Qingcheng, what do you think?”

Leng Qingcheng gently nodded and softly said, “The other people may think that yours and my parents’ death are accidents but it isn’t something that simple.”

“So can you tell me why they would encounter the same tragic fate? I’ve been curious about this.”

Ye Xuan asked Leng Qingcheng with solemn tone.

“Do you really don’t know anything?”

Leng Qingcheng seriously asked after she put away her book as she didn’t was surprised by Ye Xuan’s question.

Ye Xuan had a helpless smile on his face when faced Leng Qingcheng’s glare. He shook his head as he said, “I may have lost some of my memory after the car accident, so I really don’t know the reasons.”

“Our fathers were not only university classmate but also very close friend! Our marriage was arranged by them and they were also secretly conducting some research and experimentation together. Everything happened and changed when they finished researching that thing.”

“Devil Wolf probably attacked me because of that thing.”

Leng Qingcheng softly narrated.

“Just what is the thing?” Ye Xuan asked suspiciously as he frowned deeply.

“I don’t know either because they didn’t have the time to name it.”

Leng Qingcheng replied after pondering about it.

“You don’t know the name? What’s so special about it?” Ye Xuan asked again.

“I heard my father mention it before. It was a new source of energy that could replace all the type of energy we have today, but it could also be absorbed by the human body and improve it constantly while strengthening the muscles and bones past the human limit as well as get rid of many disease such as cancer and able to remove physical pain.”

Leng Qingcheng answered.

“That amazing?”

After hearing her answer, Ye Xuan finally knew why so many people would set their sight on Leng Qingcheng and why his parents died.

This thing could make the whole world go crazy much less this country.

“So… where is that thing now?”

Ye Xuan asked with some hesitation.

“I don’t know either.”

Leng Qingcheng replied while shaking her head.

Ye Xuan wanted to continue to question her but she stood up and walked toward her bedroom as she said in a slightly tired voice, “It’s late and I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.”

Ye Xuan stared at her leaving back as he pondered about her words.

As for Su Xiaomeng, she was completely uninterested by the discussion between the other two as she kept playing her game.

“Su Xiaomeng, it’s late, time to sleep!”

Seeing how captivated Su Xiaomeng was playing her game, Ye Xuan grabbed her tablet away.

“No! Ye Xuan, don’t be like that. Give me the tablet back! We’re going to lose the teamfight!”

Su Xiaomeng anxiously yelled.

Ye Xuan shrugged helplessly and returned the tablet to her before going to wash himself and sleep.

War Tiger Gang headquarter, in a luxurious hall.

A middle aged man with soaring dragon tattoo on his chest sat languidly on the couch with a glass of wine in his hand while a voluptuous woman in a particularly sexy dress snuggled up in his arm and tended his every need and pleasure.

The middle aged man looked to be in his forties. He had solemn face with a tall and burly body along with an imposing aura. His soaring dragon tattoo matched his temperament very well as an haughty and domineering person.

He was the War Tiger Gang leader, Luo Tianhu and also known as Lord Tiger.

He was really well known existence in Xing Hai that dominated the underground world and led thousands of War Tiger Gang’s members.

Just as Luo Tianhu was about to get further acquainted with the beauty in his arm, a young man in a black suit rushed over and spoke in an anxious tone.

“Bo-boss! Something bad happened!”

“Why are you panicking? What happened?”

Luo Tianhu asked coldly.

“Boss, Fat Tiger and many of our men under were arrested by the police!”

The young men immediately replied respectfully when he heard Luo Tianhu cold tone.

“Fat Tiger was arrested? Who fucking did it? Who dared to touch my people?”

Luo Tianhu furiously yelled and slammed the tea table in front of him.

“Boss, it was like this. Didn’t Wolf King put a bounty of five millions dollar on that brat Ye Xuan? Well, the brat found himself on Fat Tiger’s territory but was accompanied by a female cop, and ended up fighting…”

“Then Fat Tiger and the men got completely beat down Ye Xuan and were dragged back to the station! Now, the police is interrogating them all night and trying to get rid of us, the War Tiger Gang!”

The young man explained.

“That idiot Fat Tiger! He really thought that Wolf King’s five millions would be so easy to get? Retard! The police have always been trying to arrest us and that retard went offering himself to them! Goddamnit!”

Luo Tianhu was absolutely furious and a terrifying aura spread out from his body due to his rage while the dragon tattoo on his chest gave the impression it was moving.

“Why are you dazzling off? Hurry up and use our connection to send a message to our brother in the station. Tell them to keep their mouths shut! I’ll will find a wait to get them out.”

“Yes Boss!”

The young man immediately agreed respectfully.

“Also, try to find any information on Ye Xuan. Although it was Fat Tiger who went to cause trouble first, my people isn’t anybody can bully!”

Luo Tianhu furiously said as his hand clenched to tightly that cracking sound was heard.

“Yes Boss!”

The young man bowed down in reverence.

“Boss, calm down, anger isn’t good for your body. It’s not worth it.”

The beautiful women at his side said with concern as she patted his chest and supported him.


Luo Tianhu didn’t say anything else as he pressed her body against the sofa and…

Ye Xuan woke up early to exercise before going to work with Leng Qingcheng at the Xing Hai hospital.

“Morning Xuan Bro!”

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