Medical Martial God chapter 44

Chapter 44: War Tigers Gang.

Yu Xiaoqian was horrified when she saw the severed hand suddenly sticking out from the wall. She tightly held onto Ye Xuan’s hand in fear but didn’t notice that the soft mountain on her chest was squeezing on his arm.

Ye Xuan had a deeply strained smile on his face when he saw Yu Xiaoqian scared appearance as she ran to him and squeezed his arm on her valley.

Yu Xiaoqian couldn’t be blamed as even Han Lu and the two other officers were frightened by this terrifying scene. They felt their scalps getting numb.


The estate agent screamed in fear and was scared shitless as he ran out of the room and threw up.

Because there was a bloody bag along with the severed hand.

And that severed hand was sticking out of the bag that obviously contained the corpse.

Han Lu and the two officers’ paled and shocked when they saw the bloodied bag on the wall. They never would have thought that Ye Xuan guess would come true and that there was really a body hidden in the wall.

“Officer Han, since we can’t do anything more here, we’ll be leaving first!”

Ye Xuan said as he looked at the shocked Han Lu before pulling Yu Xiaoqian hand to leave.

This silly girl must be scared to death.

“Officer, I’m leaving too…”

The estate agent also spoke up at this moment.


However, they were stopped by Han Lu before they could leave the apartment. 

“If you could please follow me back to the station so we can take your testimony.”

“Also, Xiao Wen, immediately notify the forensic to come here and check the files if any person was reported missing or something recently.” 

“Come on! I still have to the station for a testimony? If I knew this, I wouldn’t have called the police!”

Ye Xuan displeasingly said as he stared at Han Lu. 

“Officer Han, I’m telling you, I still have to go and find a place to rent with Yu Xiaoqian. If you make us go to the station and delay us from getting an apartment, we’re going to sleep in your house tonight!”

“Looking for an apartment? You want rent one? I have a place in my home, but it’s only for women!”

Han Lu proposed after she pondered a bit.

“You should have said it earlier… Look, I’m trying to find a house fore Yu Xiaoqian and if you’re looking for roommate then, she’s a very good candidate!”

Ye Xuan said with a big smile.

It would save him a lot of trouble and worry if Yu Xiaoqian and Han Lu lived together.

“How about you first follow me back to the police station for your testimony and then I’ll take you guys to see the house when I get off work, okay?”

Han Lu said straightforwardly. 

“No problem.”

Ye Xuan and Yu Xiaoqian looked at each other and agreed.

It was already 8pm. when Ye Xuan gave his testimony and waited for Han Lu’s shift to end.

Han Lu felt disgust toward Ye Xuan but since he helped her discover the body, she invited him and Yu Xiaoqian to dinner.

They went to sidewalk stall and ordered some dishes. They chatted as they ate.

“Ye Xuan, how do you know there was a corpse in the wall?”

Han Lu looked at Ye Xuan curiously as she ate. She remembered the calm attitude and detailed analyze he made.

She would have thought that it was Ye Xuan who had done it if she didn’t know that Ye Xuan was still lying on the bed as vegetative patient few a days ago.

“Yeah, how did you know it, Ye Xuan?” Yu Xiaoqian also asked curiously.

“Of course it was with my terrifying observation and reasoning skills. Officer Han, it seems that I helped you get some credit. How are you going to repay me?” Ye Xuan said proudly as he drank his beer.

Han Lu was about to reply to him but her phone ringed at this moment. She took it out and answered.

As she listened to the phone, her eyes was sharp as her expression changed and screamed with different pitch of voice, “What! The identity of the body was the driver that killed the Ye husband and wife in the accident two years ago?”

“Yes, the corpse is indeed the driver who caused the accidental death of the Ye husband and wife. He has been in the wild all this time and we’ve been tracking him down for so long but I didn’t think he would have been killed and even got chop up in pieces!”

Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed as it realization flashed over it.

He didn’t know why when he heard the words of ‘Ye husband and wife’ it made him think of this body’s parents who died in a car accidents.

“Okay, I got it!”

Han Lu hung up the after hearing everything she needed to.

Her expression gradually became weird as she looked at Ye Xuan.

They had always assumed that the Ye couple’s death was an accident and the driver disappearing had left them with no lead and clues to progress.

But she didn’t expect the son of the deceased Ye couple would find the driver’s corpse.

The driver’s death was definitely caused by a murder and the Ye husband and wife’s death was probably not as it seemed.

After pondering for w moment, Han Lu spoke, “Ye Xuan, you have been in a vegetative state for three years. Do you know what happened in these last three years?”

“I know a little bit. I know that my parents died in accident during my sleep and I was kicked out from the Ye Family with nothing left. Why would you suddenly ask, Officer Han?” Ye Xuan replied as his eyes narrowed with dangerous glint in it.

“According to our investigation, the body you found was the driver who drove the Dongfeng truck that crashed your parents’ car, but now he is mysteriously dead and severed into pieces. We think that your parent’s death wasn’t an accident but something else.”

Han Lu stared at Ye Xuan with shining eyes as she said, “We are now trying our best to track down the owner of the house right now and hope to get a lead from interrogating him! I also hope that you will cooperate with our investigation and fight out the real culprit behind the murder of your parents!”

“This goes without saying, Officer Han. Don’t worry, I will definitely cooperate.”

Ye Xuan said in a serious tone and nodded.

Since they are this body’s parent and he took over this body. It was only naturally for him get revenge from them.

And Ye Xuan was also curious why so many things happened and put him and Leng Qingcheng into such a situation.

Ye Xuan had always wanted to talk about it with Leng Qingcheng but never had the chance to do so but he felt it was finally the moment for him to talk to her.

“Good boy, we finally found you.”

A mocking voice filled with killing intent resounded just when Ye Xuan and the two other girl finished eating and were about to leave.

Under Yu Xiaoqian and Han Lu horrified gaze, a large group of men with knives and clubs along with colorful hair and earrings rushed over in a menacing manner and blocked their path.

The on leading had a mid-split haircut and wore a camisole top with a jade necklace around his neck. He was fat and had a cigar in his mouth.

He wasn’t tall and was fat but he had a charismatic and the presence of a big boss that people unable to ignore him.

His name was Fat Tiger, a lieutenant of the War Tiger Gang, and he was quite strong. He was no less powerful than Green Wolf from the Evil Wolf Gang.

The Evil Wolf Gang was looking for Ye Xuan’s trail these last few days and the Wolf King even issued a hit on Ye Xuan in Xing Hai’s underground world. Anyone with Ye Xuan’s head would get a five millions dollars bounty from the Evil Wolf Gang. That agitated the entre Xing Hai underground world as numerous people wanted to get Ye Xuan’s head.

Fat Tiger was no exception.

Fat Tiger took his men around to collect protection fee but didn’t expect to receive a report from one of his men that told him they found Ye Xuan. Thus he quickly rushed over with numerous men.

Ye Xuan wasn’t scared by the menacing crowd and Fat Tiger as he still looked calm and collected. But Yu Xiaoqian and Han Lu were somewhat flustered. So Han Lu took a step forward and sternly warned.

“I’m a police officer, what do you guys want to do?”

“Police? Haha! I’m so afraid.”

Fat Tiger laughed when he heard her and acted like he was scared.

He wasn’t afraid at all. He literally didn’t take the beautiful Han Lu seriously. Maybe it was because she didn’t wore her uniform.

But even she wore it, Fat Tiger wouldn’t care!

“Haha. Brother Tiger, these two chicks are very good. Tsk Tsk, we brothers will be able to have fun today! Haha!”

The group of youngster behind Fat Tiger said while laughing loudly as they watched the two women with lustful gaze.

“Tsk, Tsk… You’re absolutely right. I never had the opportunity to have fun with such beautiful girls. Tonight we have to play and get plenty of pleasure!”

Fat Tiger glanced lecherously at Yu Xiaoqian and Han Lu as his mouth drooled. He could be described as being extremely greedy.

After all, what kind of men didn’t like beautiful women? Especially women like Yu Xiaoqian and Han Lu?

“Hehe. You guys even want to get pleasure? I think you won’t be able to get it up!”

Ye Xuan sneered when he heard their perverted words and took a step toward them while keeping the two women behind him.

“If I’m not wrong then, you should be from the Evil Wolf Gang, right?”

“Evil Wolf Gang? Nah, nah, nah, we are not Evil Wolf Gang members but War Tiger Gang’s members!”

Fat Tiger denied and said with an hint of mocking tone.

“War Tiger Gang? I don’t think there’s enmity between us though?”

Ye Xuan said with a hint of confusion as his eyes narrowed slightly.

There were four gangs in Xing Hai’s underground society. It was the Crazy Dragon Gang, the Evil Wolf Gang, the War Tiger Gang and the Shadow Snake Gang. They all dominated different party of Xing Hai’s underground world, but Xing Hai didn’t have any memory of offending the War Tiger Gang.

“Enmity? There’s no such thing as this between you and me but… who doesn’t love money?”

“Wolf King has issued a hit in Xing Hai’s underground world and he offered five millions in a bounty for you. If someone took your head off and gave it to him, they could get five millions. This is a huge sum, how could we miss such an easy opportunity?”

Fat Tiger’s gaze on Ye Xuan was filled with unhidden greed as if he was looking at a beautiful woman.

This guy was worth five millions. It was enough for him and his men to enjoy for long time.

“Brat, if you’re smart then, obediently kneel down and beg for us to cut your head if you want to die painlessly.”

Fat Tiger said disdainfully as his expression somber while stared at Ye Xuan.

“War Tiger Gang, Brother Tiger? He is the War Tiger Gang’s lieutenant, Fat Tiger?”

Han Lu seemed to have remembered something as she listened to them. She had heard of the War Tiger Gang’s bloodthirsty and horrible deed, even the police had a headache when dealing with them.

This Fat Tiger was vicious guy that could beat dozen guys by himself.

At this moment, Han Lu stepped in front of Ye Xuan and Yu Xiaoqian and declared without hesitation, “Ye Xuan, quickly Yu Xiaoqian with you and run, then try to find a chance to call the police.”

As a police officer, it was her duty to step forward to protect the citizen in time of danger even if she didn’t like Ye Xuan! 

“I don’t need run against a bunch small fry. Officer Han, just help me take care of Yu Xiaoqian and leave the matter here to me.”

Ye Xuan smiled calmly as he stretched his muscle and moved first toward Fat Tiger and his men under Han Lu’s stunned gaze.

“This bastard doesn’t know the distance between heaven and earth!”

This made Han Lu panic as she angrily scolded.

“Ye Xuan, quickly come back here!”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of small fry. I just need three minutes to get rid of them.”

Ye replied disdainfully without turning his head back to her.

Fat Tiger furiously laughed when he heard Ye Xuan and waved his hand before he angrily said,

“A bunch of small fry that can beat in three minutes? Brat, you’re brave! Want to be a hero in front of the beauty, right? I’ll give it to you!”

“Brother! Move! Kill this brat for me!”

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