Medical Martial God chapter 43

Chapter 43: Charnel house!

At noon, Ye Xuan didn’t eat with Leng Qingcheng but instead invited his colleague to eat dry pots.

After all, Leng Qingcheng was too prideful and didn’t give any answer to Ye Xuan’s invitation.

After the meal, Ye Xuan and his colleague relation was much better and it allowed him to enjoy a more leisurely life.

He especially enjoyed when these guys calling him “Xuan Bro” because his close friends used to call him that before.

The day passed leisurely like this and soon it was afternoon as his shift ended.

Ye Xuan took off his uniform and was ready to go home with Leng Qingcheng but Yu Xiaoqian came to look for him at this moment.

Today she wore a white shirt, a denim skirt and a pair of canvas shoes. The clothes and beautiful face gave people a strong feeling of pureness and a unique vitality along with giving a comfortable feeling to others.

“Ye Xuan, are you off work?”

Yu Xiaoqian charmingly asked as she blinked her small eyes after she walked up to him.

“I just got off, what about you? Why are you looking for me?”

Ye Xuan said with a sweet smile as he found Yu Xiaoqian youthful appearance particularly good looking.

“It’s like that… Ye Xuan, I saw a nice place to rent on the internet but I’ve no friend and I’m afraid to go alone. So I would like you to come with me to check it out, can you?”

Yu Xiaoqian put her hand on her chest and stared at Ye Xuan with big puppy eyes. That fragile appearance made it hard for people to reject her.

“Okay, no problem. Let us go.”

Ye Xuan agreed as he saw Leng Qingcheng’s still lit office.

Then Ye Xuan left with Yu Xiaoqian under Zhao Dahai and his other colleague envious eyes.

The Fresh Breeze residential area was located at the center of Xing Hai and less than one kilometer away from the Xing Hai hospital. The location around it was very luxurious and beautiful along with being extremely convenient for the people who live there. It was a very high grade residential area.

The apartment Yu Xiaoqian found in the internet was there.

Led by the estate agent, they quickly arrive at the new apartment which had been recently renovated. The agent said to Ye Xuan and Yu Xiaoqian, “Mr. Ye, Ms. Yu, this apartment had just been recently renovated and it had never been used because the owner had a work transfer before he could move in. Also all the equipment and furniture here are new. It would be only five thousand dollars per month. It’s an extremely good deal.”

Yu Xiaoqian seemed to be very pleased with the apartment as she turned to Ye Xuan and asked,

“Ye Xuan, what do you think?”

However, Ye Xuan didn’t answer and was frowning as he looked around before his eyes eventually fell on the wall behind the kitchen refrigerator.

There was a hint of blood on the wall behind the fridge.

“Xiaoqian, call the police.”

Ye Xuan suddenly said with indifferent voice.

“Call the police? Why?”

Yu Xiaoqian asked confusingly when she heard him. She and the estate agent were dumbfounded.

We were just looking peacefully at the apartment, why would you call the police?

“There’s someone who died in this apartment. There’s a clear sign of irregularity in the renovation and painting here. I think there’s a body hiding in the wall!”

Ye Xuan said with his eyes glowed with understanding as looked around carefully and touched the wall.

What the fuck? Is he for real?

Brat, did you see too many horror films?

Didn’t you just come to check the apartment? Why are you like this?

The estate agent couldn’t hold it when he heard Ye Xuan and burst out with anger, “Mr. Ye, you can’t say thing like this. I’m sure you watched too many horror movies. If you don’t like this apartment that is fine, we can just change to another. Is there a need to trouble the police?”

“Ye Xuan, I’ve called the police. They should be here soon.”

Yu Xiaoqian said just after the estate agent. The estate agent felt a big headache coming when he heard that.

Fuck, he must be truly unlucky to have met these two crazies!

The estate agent felt his mind going crazy.

Soon, a hot and pretty female cop in her uniform came with two of her colleague.

“Did you call for the police?”

The policewoman said with a clear and sweet but also dignified voice.

Even with her hair hidden behind the police hat and uniform, it was still hard for her to hide her beauty and charismatic aura that would made Ye Xuan’ eyes shine in appreciation.

Her name was Han Lu and was Jiang Bei municipality Public Security Bureau of Xing Hai. She did things strictly was just and impartial but she was also very beautiful with a gentle personality. She was known as Xing Hai’s beautiful policewoman.

“Yes, we did.”

Ye Xuan nodded as his eyes swept through Han Lu’s body.

“Ye Xuan, is that you? What are you doing here? As far I know you don’t live here.”

Han Lu said contemptuously with a hint of disgust when set her eyes on Ye Xuan.

“What? You know me?”

Ye Xuan got confused when he heard her.

“Nonsense, of course I know you. You always made trouble for me, you son of bitch!”

Han Lu scolded him angrily.

The Jian Bei municipality was in her jurisdiction and Ye Xuan caused her plenty trouble due to his drinking and playing that created plenty of brawls that annoyed her greatly.

But then Ye Xuan got into an accident and went into a vegetative state, thus Han Lu never saw him again.

“Hey, hey, hey, why are you insulting me? I didn’t offend you, did I?”

Ye Xuan asked with a groan.

Maybe it was because he lost some of his memory as he didn’t have any impression of this beautiful cop.

 “Didn’t offend me? You still have the guts to say…. Whatever. I’m too lazy argue with you. Disperse!”

Han Lu turned around to leave.

After all, in the past, Ye Xuan tricked her many and used his identity to call the police with false alarm.

She thought Ye Xuan called for the same reason as before, to joke with her.

“Hey! Are you leaving just like that?”

Ye Xuan could help but shout when he saw they were about to leave.

“What else I should do? Stay here and have a cup of tea with you?” Han Lu replied coldly and gave Ye Xuan a nasty glare.

In her eyes, Ye Xuan’s would never change.

“What the fuck? Be a little bit more responsible alright? I may have done something bad before but… this time I’m really calling for real! If you don’t believe me then look for yourself. There are corpses in the wall…”

Ye Xuan felt his head getting heavy as he took Han Lu’s hand and put it on the wall behind the fridge.

This guy didn’t forget to take this opportunity to lewdly touch her smooth and slender hand.

“Enough, Ye Xuan!”

However before Ye Xuan could finish was he wanted to say, Han Lu angrily interrupted him, “How could a new apartment could have a dead body? You think you’re in a horror movie?”

To Han Lu, Ye Xuan had probably some mental problem.

Han Lu’s words ease the estate agent’s heart as he hurriedly said, “The police is right. How could there be a corpse when the owner hadn’t even move in.”

“IF everything is fine then let’s go back. I still have to close the door behind you and serve the next customers. As for you two, you better go to elsewhere to look for apartment. You guys are crazy.”

The estate agent was obviously very unhappy with Ye Xuan.

The two other police officers also looked disapprovingly at Ye Xuan and felt that the guy was trying to cause trouble to them.

“I believe Ye Xuan. He will never say anything rubbish.”

But at this moment, Yu Xiaoqian still believed Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan smiled when saw that and pointed at the refrigerator before saying, 

“You see, there are signs that the wall has painted twice in the kitchen and you can see some faint traces of blood on the wall as well as the wall is uneven. If I’m not wrong, the fridge initially in this kitchen should be a single door, but now is a double door fridge. Obviously it had been changed.”

“And it has been more than five years this neighborhood had been constructed. Don’t you think is strange that the owner didn’t move in yet?”

Han Lu was slightly shocked when she heard Ye Xuan explanation and stared at him. If she really put some thought on Ye Xuan’ analyses, there was indeed something suspicious here.

Then she took a closer look at the wall behind the fridge and the layout around it.

As Ye Xuan said it, the fridge seemed to be replace and the paint wasn’t professionally done as it made the wall uneven.

“Move the fridge so we can take a look!”

Han Lu said in a low tone as her mind started to work rapidly.


The two officer worked together to move the fridge right after she ordered.

Han Lu saw the snow white wall behind the fridge and noticed end the floor was painted white. It was really out of place with the other kitchen floor tiles.

How could a normal person make his home in such a manner?

“Now, you should start to believe what I said, right?”

Ye Xuan asked with a teasing tone as he saw Han Lu’s face turning serious.

Han Lu didn’t answer as she took out a knife and scrapped the white paint on the ground.

Normally, the powder like thing that scrapped off should be white but what came off was red and grey.

“Break apart the wall!”

Han Lu ordered as her face turned somber.

-Bam!- Bam!-


The two accompanying officers quickly busied themselves and broke the wall.


A horrified scream resound as a severed hand stick out of the wall when the wall got broken down.

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