Medical Martial God chapter 42

Chapter 42: Xuan Bro!

The next morning, Ye Xuan already got up and finished his morning practice when dawn’s light just poured down from the sky. Leng Qingcheng also got up early and finished her shower.

“Qingcheng, you’re already awake?”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but tease her as he saw Leng Qingcheng who just got out of the shower.

“Yeah.”  Leng Qingcheng nodded softly and her gaze toward Ye Xuan was no longer as cold as before.

“You didn’t eat breakfast, right? Here, I bought some food back!”

Ye Xuan magically brought out the food from behind him and waved it in front of her while laughing.

“Hum… Thank you… for yesterday.”

Leng Qingcheng softly said with some hesitation after taking the food.

It was very hard to get this prideful woman to bow and say thank you.

She didn’t expect Ye Xuan to not be angry anymore about yesterday matter and even bought her breakfast. This made her heart feel warm.

“No need for thanks. After all, we’re married, right?”

Ye Xuan smiled generously as he took the advantage to wrap his hand around her shoulder and molest her.

Her initial relaxed expression quickly returned to cold as she stared at Ye Xuan coldly and angrily said.

“Bastard, hurry up and remove your pig’s hand!”

“Cough, cough. I’m just holding your shoulder. It’s not like you’re to lose anything. So mean…”

Ye Xuan said in all serious as he immediately moved his hand and coughed.

Leng Qingcheng just gave him a glance before taking the food to eat it on the dinner table.

As for Su Xiaomeng, she was still sleeping like a lazybones.

“So… Qingcheng, you take the bus or the subway to go to work?”

Ye Xuan said with a smile on his face.

“The subway is too far from here.” Leng Qingcheng replied calmly as she looked at the breakfast.

She didn’t say anything more but the implication was she took the bus!

“I’m also on the bus, should we go together?” Ye Xuan asked as he enjoyed the beautiful view of Leng Qingcheng eating breakfast elegantly.

This time, she didn’t answer him but it could be considered as a tacit agreement.

Soon, the two of them were ready and left the apartment. They went into a crowded bus in direction of the Xing Hai hospital.

There were many people getting on this bus’ line as every time the bus made a stop, many people got in and out. So bus was so crowded that neither of them could get a seat.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan was there to guard the beautiful flower Leng Qingcheng as she didn’t get squeezing and rocking she would normally experience in the bus.

She looked around the bus and saw numerous people in it but the weird thing was none of them got too close of the area where Ye Xuan and she was. This confused her as it looked like the area she was standing was restricted.

She didn’t know that it was because Ye Xuan had released a bit of his aura and made the people too afraid to get close.

-Clang, Dang-

The next moment, clanging sound resounded as the initial smooth bus stopped abruptly. The people on the bus were all destabilized due to the sudden stop and swayed left and right.

Leng Qingcheng also fell forward due to the sudden stop but Ye Xuan took this chance to wrap his hand around her waist and keep her from falling.

“Qingcheng, are you alright?”

Ye Xuan asked in a teasing tone as he held her slender waist and enjoyed the soft feeling of it.

Leng Qingcheng gave him a furious glance that made Ye Xuan smile awkwardly and release his hand from her waist.

This guy was always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of her! 

“I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, the motor stopped and is probably dead. Please get off and wait for the next bus!”

The bus driver said apologetically when everybody wondered why the bus stopped.

“Huh? Wait for the next bus? How long it would take?”

“Yeah, I’m late for work.”

“Me too, and we get fined if we’re late.”

“We still have to go to the hospital to see a doctor. We won’t be able to get a place if we’re late.”

The people complained with a grim face when they heard the bus driver.

Leng Qingcheng’s beautiful face frowned when she saw the time on her watch.

She would be late if she waited for the next bus.

As the vice-president of the Xing Hai hospital, it would be bad for her reputation if she came late for come, especially when there were a few guys who wanted to find fault with her.

“Please understand that I can’t do anything about it either. I’ve already called the company about it and the next bus should arrive shortly.”

The bus driver said with a forced smile.

“Well, I know how to repair cars. Please let me check it!”

That sentence made the people’s eyes shone with hope as they stared at Ye Xuan who was the one who said it.

But they got skeptical of his words when they saw his youthful look.

After all, learning how to be repair cars was a very arduous and long process. Very few people were willing to learn it!

Ye Xuan thin figure looked like a pretty boy. How could he know how to repair cars?

“Ye Xuan, what kind of rubbish are you saying? You can’t fix a car!”

Leng Qingcheng whispered and pinched Ye Xuan’s waist as she didn’t expect to speak up at this moment.

“Everybody, just wait for a bit. I’ll go down and take a look.”

Ye Xuan didn’t mind them and got off the bus.

He skillfully opened the bus’ hood and started to busy himself and manipulate the machinery under everybody’s eyes.

“Hey, hey, hey… Buddy, can you really do it? Don’t break the car.”

The bus took a look at what he was doing when he started to hear panging sound.

“It’s done, sir! Please try to it up!”

Ye Xuan said with a smile and got out of under the car.


The bus driver agreed after seeing his confidence and tried to ignite the car.


Just as he started to ignite the car, the loud sound of the motor resounded and stunned the bus driver a bit.

This guy actually repaired the car?

Everyone looked at Ye Xuan with hints of surprise and admiration in their eyes.

Even Leng Qingcheng looked at him in surprise.

From what she remembered, Ye Xuan only knew to drink and play around. Since when did he learn how to repair cars?

At this moment, she thought that everything about Ye Xuan changed since he woke up from his coma.

“Ladies and gentlemen, since the car was really repaired by this little brother, everybody get in! We’re leaving!”

After the bus driver declared, the bus departed again and this time there were no trouble on the way.

Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng successfully arrived at the Xing Hai hospital without being late.

“Qingcheng, how about we have lunch together at noon?”

Ye Xuan asked loudly as he stood at the entrance of the security room and Leng Qingcheng’s back.

She didn’t reply as she continued to walk away and disappear from Ye Xuan’s line of sight.

“What the fuck! Brother Ye Xuan, what is going on? You took the same bus as vice president Leng to come to work and you are even asking to eat lunch with you?”

Zhao Dahai asked with admiration in his voice just when Ye Xuan was about to get into the security room.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but laugh and put his hand on Zhao Dahai shoulder when he saw his gossiping face. He coughed twice and said solemnly. “Cough, Cough. Captain Zhao, this is personal, so don’t ask!”

“Tsk. Brat, don’t try to have me guess! Just tell me what’s going on. How do you know vice president Leng?” Zhao Dahai asked full of curiosity as he patted Ye Xuan shoulder.

He remembered the time Leng Qingcheng yelled Ye Xuan’s name when he got to the rooftop even though they didn’t introduced him to her.

“Alright, I won’t make you guess it since you want to know it so much. Actually, Leng Qingcheng is my wife! We obviously rode the bus together because we live together!” 

Ye Xuan said truly and without hesitation.

“What!? Vice president Leng is your wife? Brother Ye Xuan, did you fully wake up? We all know that vice president Leng is single.”

Zhao Dahai said in a shocked tone and looked incredulously at Ye Xuan.

“See, I told you the truth but you don’t believe me.”

Ye Xuan spread out his arms and shrugged helplessly. He then entered the security room and put his uniform.

“Were you serious?”

Zhao Dahai pondered as watched Ye Xuan back.

He thought back on when Wang Dachun asked him to take care of Ye Xuan and also thought of yesterday when the cute and beautiful woman came to pick Ye Xuan in a Ferrari.

“Holy shit! Does it mean that vice president Leng is really brother Ye Xuan’s wife? And that brother Ye Xuan came here to be security guard to protect his wife?”

Zhao Dahai came into such conclusion in the end and was determined to have relation with Ye Xuan.

As the result, the news that Leng Qingcheng was married Ye Xuan had been slowly and quietly circulating amongst the security guard. It made them look at Ye Xuan with a strange admiring gaze. 

They no longer called Ye Xuan by his full name but called him Xuan Bro.

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