Medical Martial God chapter 41

Chapter 41: Blamed Wrongly.

Wang Jiang apartment complexes, in a comfortable and relaxed room.

Leng Qingcheng’s whole body was flushed red as she lay on the bed. Her face contorted in pain as her hands tried to rip her own clothes while her legs rubbed together and mesmerizing body was twisting. Su Xiaomeng felt extremely anxious as she saw her in this state and moaning with an intoxicated voice.

Clearly, the drug Song Yuanhang gave Leng Qingcheng started to manifest its symptom.

“Sister Qingcheng, are you okay? Sister Qingcheng!”

Su Xiaomeng asked in concern and grabbed her hand when she saw Leng Qingcheng twisting in pain.

“Hmm… I…. I feel….. So uncomfortable…. Hmm… my body feels….so itchy…. So hot….”

Leng Qingcheng beautiful face was completely red as her eyes was unfocused and filled with desire with some blood gurgling sound coming from her mouth.

“Ye Xuan, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and….think of a way to save Sister Qingcheng!”

Su Xiaomeng anxiously yelled at Ye Xuan who was concocting the cure when she heard  Leng Qingcheng cry out in pain and suffering.

“Wait for a moment, don’t worry. The cure is nearly done.”

Ye Xuan replied without turning his head as his hand was holding numerous medicinal herbs.


But at this moment, Leng Qingcheng become even wilder due to the effect of the drug and tore apart her shirt, revealing the twin towering mountain wrapped in purple laced bra and her mouthwatering body.

There were many and thick block colored pattern appearing and spreading on the surface of her body. Su Xiaomeng paled when she saw it.

That was the symptom of the poison!

“Ye Xuan, hurry up, Sister Qingcheng can’t hold on anymore!” Su Xiaomeng yelled out again.

“I’m coming!”

Ye Xuan finally finished the cure and came to the bed.

He gulped his saliva as he glance at the shredded clothes that revealed her snow white skin and perfect body.

After all, Leng Qingcheng was just too seductive and hot right now. Her eyes were blurred and her face was fully red while her body was constantly twisting around as she stared lustfully at Ye Xuan. Her body was so perfect that people would kill for it.

However, Ye Xuan recovered his sense when he saw the blood marking on her sexy body.

He knew couldn’t keep dragging this on because as more time passed, the more dangerous it would be for her.


His fingers moved like lightning toward Leng Qingcheng’s chest and froze her body as if he used body pressure point technique and calmed her down.

“Xiaomeng, I need to put needles to detoxify Qingcheng. Help me sit her up and cross her knees.”


Su Xiaomeng nodded lightly in understanding and made Leng Qingcheng sit with her legs crossed.

Seeing the Leng Qingcheng who ripped away half of her clothes, Ye Xuan ignored the beautiful sight in front him and spoke after some hesitation.

“Also…. Take her coat off.”


Su Xiaomeng undid and took off Leng Qingcheng clothes. Thus she was only wearing the purple lace bra on her upper body. With the glimpse of underwear came a fragrant smell.


Ye Xuan took a big breath and exhaled all the chaotic thoughts in his mind. He took out a seven inch needle from his watch as his expression turned serious.

The poison in Leng Qingcheng was very difficult to deal with. Since the normal method couldn’t be used, Ye Xuan could only suppress it with the Thirteen Needles of Defiance.

And with the cure he made, he could completely get rid of the poison!


Ye Xuan’s glowed as his needle pierced into Leng Qingcheng’s chest. His special mental cultivation technique quietly circulated into her body.

Thirteen Needle of Defiance: First Needle, Calming Spirit!

The top of Ye Xuan’s head started emit steam and bead of sweat appeared on his forehead under Su Xiaomeng stupefied and shocked gaze. Obviously it was very taxing!

The red blood like pattern on Leng Qingcheng gradually disappeared under Ye Xuan’s needle administration. Her flushed face returned normal and her painful expression turned relaxed.

As time passed, more and more steam emerged from Ye Xuan’ head and more sweat poured down from Ye Xuan’s forehead.

It was extremely taxing for him the use the Thirteen Needles of Defiance Calming Spirit to cure Leng Qingcheng with his current strength.

But fortunately, he persevered until the end.

-huff- huff-

Ye Xuan lay on the bed after finishing the exhausting work and panted heavily as he said weakly, “It’s done, just quickly make her drink the cure and she’ll be completely cured of the poison.”


Su Xiaomeng rushed to pour the cure into Leng Qingcheng’s mouth after hearing Ye Xuan.

“Cough, Cough…”

Leng Qingcheng completely regained her sense after coughing heavily a few times.

“What happened?”

She asked in confusion as she looked around her.

When she found herself in rag and saw Ye Xuan breathing heavily on her bed, she was stunned for a moment before screaming angrily.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking son of a bitch!”

She didn’t need to think about it much because she already knew what happened.

She was sure this bastard did unspeakable things to her.

“Sister Qingcheng, calm down!”

Su Xiaomeng quickly acted to stopped her when she saw that Leng Qingcheng was about to crazy on Ye Xuan.

After being stopped, she tried to remember what happened before looked toward Su Xiaomeng and asked in confusion.

“Xiaomeng, just what is going on?”

She remembered that she was talking with Song Yuanhang at the Jin Dynasty Holiday Hotel but how did she end up in her bed?

“What is it? You can’t even remember what happened?”

Ye Xuan said unhappily. 

“You were having a date with that sly Song Yuanhang at the Jin Dynasty Holiday Hotel where I and Su Xiaomeng happened to eat there when we saw that son of a bitch Song Yuanhang plotted to make two guys cause trouble to you before coming to save you like a white knight in shining armor so you feel good about him. But you didn’t notice that he put some kind aphrodisiac into your drink.”

“When he was about to take you to a hotel room, this Lord showed up and saved you from the danger! To cure you, I worked so hard and spent a great deal of energy and sweat. The result was being called a son of bitch by you when you woke up. Leng Qingcheng, you’re really good at being ungrateful!”

After saying his piece, Ye Xuan got up before walked out the room and closed the door loudly behind him. He left behind a stunned Leng Qingcheng and a helplessly smiling Su Xiaomeng.

Who wouldn’t be angry when they got wronged?

On top that Ye Xuan had already warned her about Song Yuanhang being bad but she didn’t want to listen to him and even called him petty for it.

It would be weird if he wasn’t angry when she scolded him after he tried so hard to cure her. That was why he yelled at her and left right after it.

It was only after a while that Leng Qingcheng recovered from the Ye Xuan’s rant.

She turned her eyes toward Su Xiaomeng and hesitated before asking softly, “Xiaomeng, is everything that bastard said were true?”

She didn’t know anything that happened after she passed out.

Su Xiaomeng paused for a bit when she heard the question before nodding and replied softly, “Sister Qingcheng, you really misunderstood Ye Xuan!”

“I thought that Song Yuanhang was a reliable big brother that spoiled me since I was a kid but it was just an act! Ye… Ye Xuan was right. Song Yuanhang was really a despicable, evil and despicable man! I saw with my own eyes that he went to meet with two men in suit after leaving the table…”

“It didn’t take long for the two same man to come out and cause you trouble. Then Song Yuanhang came out like a hero saving the beauty to gain your affection! However it wasn’t all! The outrageous thing is that he drugged your wine! If Ye Xuan hadn’t arrived in time to stop him, you might become his…”

Leng Qingcheng felt completely dumbfounded when she heard Su Xiaomeng’s words.

After all, she regarde Song Yuanhang as a true friend and even asked him to investigate about the death of her parents. But she didn’t think he would such a despicable and shameless person.

She may not believe Ye Xuan, but there was no way she wouldn’t believe Su Xiaomeng.

Su Xiaomeng continued before she could speak yet.

“And also….. In fact, the president of the Azure Company, Lan Wanting, wanted to hire Ye Xuan as the director of her company but he refused and came to Xing Hai hospital to work as a security guard instead. I think he was trying to protect you. It’s just that he didn’t say anything about it.”

Leng Qingcheng felt stunned once again after hearing Su Xiaomeng, but then she thought of Ye Xuan’s timely arrival when Yu Xiaoqian was about to jump off the building and the memory of Ye Xuan saving her from danger several time.

It turned out that guy had done so much for her behind the scene.

“It turned out that I accused him wrongly…”

She muttered and couldn’t help but blame herself.

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