Medical Martial God chapter 40

Chapter 40: On your knees!

“Qingcheng, are you okay? Qingcheng!”

“Qingcheng, you drank too much and became drunk. I’ll take you back to your room.”

Song Yuanhang said in concern as his eyes glowed with unhidden lust when he saw the blushing and unconscious Leng Qingcheng. His lustful eyes devoured her sexy figure as his heart was filled with excitement.

“Song Yuanhang, right? Please fuck off!”

A menacing voice resounded just as Song Yuanhang was talking and was about to take Leng Qingcheng away. It was Ye Xuan who already arrived near Leng Qingcheng’s unconscious form.

“Bro, what do you want?”

Song Yuanhang asked coldly and stared ominously at Ye Xuan who blocked his action.

“What do I want? Song Yuanhang, stop fucking pretending you don’t know. You’re having ideas on my woman and you still ask what do I want? You think I’ll give you face?”

Ye Xuan originally didn’t like him anyway, so he obviously wasn’t polite to him.

“Having ideas on your woman? Who the fuck are you? Do we know you? I’m warning you to not look trouble when there isn’t any! Now quickly scram!”

Song Yuanhang said with a somber tone as he stared at Ye Xuan with his eyes filled with killing intent.

How could he not be angry when he was about to get a beautiful woman but was interrupted by this guy?

What was that fucking bastard, Wolf King, doing?

At this moment, Song Yuanhang’s mind was in a mess.

Of course, he also knew very clearly about the relationship between Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng. That was why he planned to drug her and enjoy her body before anything else.

“Shit, you really fucking thought I will give you face.”

Ye Xuan cursed and didn’t intent on wasting his breath with him anymore as he kicked toward Song Yuanhang’s stomach with his right leg that carried a powerful force behind it.


-tep, tep, tep,-

Song Yuanhang’s face turned livid when Ye Xuan suddenly attacked him. He immediately crossed his hand in front of him to block Ye Xuan’s kick.

As the sound of collision resounded, Song Yuanhang took a powerful force and needed to take several steps backwards to stabilize his body. Then he looked up at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with unhidden killing intent

The next moment, he shouted in a stern voice.


He didn’t intent to personally make a move as in his eyes Ye Xuan was just a jumping clown.


He may have not intended to fight Ye Xuan, but it didn’t mean that Ye Xuan would go along with his plan.

A powerful force gathered in Ye Xuan’s body when Song Yuanhang was calling for security. Then he charged toward Song Yuanhang like a dragon sailing through the air and launched a brutal assault on him while Song Yuanhang’s killing intent burst out at this action.

“Since you’re looking for death, then this young master will give it to you!”

Then Song Yuanhang’s eyes glowed blood red and his whole body suddenly burst into flame. His body was surrounded by an invisible dark red aura. He kicked his right leg at Ye Xuan and it was as if a roaring bloody dragon did it.

“Demon God’s Wrath!”

Ye Xuan was a bit surprised when he saw this move as his whole body started gather energy and poured into his leg that struck against Song Yuanhang attack’s.

“Wind God’s Wrath!”



The moment their legs collided, a terrifying energy swept out their surrounding and destroyed the table surrounding them.

-tep, tep, tep-

Ye Xuan needed to take five steps back to balance his body again while Song Yuanhang needed seven steps!

The two stared at each other and could see the surprise and seriousness in both of their eyes.

If Ye Xuan wanted to be honest, the strength that Song Yuanhang had showed was somewhat beyond what he imagined and expected. He somehow felt a bit familiar with the technique he used but couldn’t remember familiar to what.

As for Song Yuan-hang, he was also shocked and surprised by Ye Xuan’s strength even though he saw what Ye Xuan did at the Earl’s Palace.

After all, he learned this technique from a Lord at Western Shura World.

-tep, tep, tep,-

Just as Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhang were preparing for another exchange, the hotel’s manager finally came with vast and surging security guard that surrounded Ye Xuan.

The manager of the hotel was a man in his forties. He wore a black suit and peoples a feeling of calmness.

He quickly came to Song Yuan Hang as he respectfully and apologetic said, “Sorry, young master Song, we came late and troubled you.”

“No problem.”

Song Yuanhang replied coldly without moving his head.

“So can I ask young master Song what exactly is the situation here? How can we be of service for you?”

The manager asked respectfully as he got a headache when he saw the displeased expression on Song Yuanhang.

He was very clear about the origins of Song Yuan-hang. He came from the Song Family in the capital and he wasn’t someone the manager can offend.

He also recognized Ye Xuan. He was the trash that was kicked out from the Ye Family.

“That kid bothered me when I was eating and even wanted take away my friend. I need you to give me a satisfactory explanation for this.”

Song Yuanhang said with a somber tone.

“Young master Song, don’t worry, we will definitely give a satisfactory explanation to you.”

The manager promised quickly.

Ye Xuan was nothing but a trash kicked out from his family while Song Yuanhang was the super prince from a big family at the capital. The hotel’s manager obvious knew who to choose.

He would rather offen Ye Xuan a hundred times than offend Song Yuanhang a single time.

He glanced contemptuously at Ye Xuan and spoke in cold tone before Ye Xuan could say anything.

“Ye Xuan, you are no longer the Ye Xuan family young master anymore. Our hotel isn’t a place you should be either and young master Song isn’t a person you can offend. Let me give you an advice, kneel down and apologize to young master Song. Young master Song is magnanimous and will forgive you. Then this matter will be resolved and you can safely leave my hotel. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise you’re going to do what?”

Ye Xuan mockingly asked and smirked.

“Otherwise, don’t think you can leave this place with your limbs intact after you came to our hotel to cause trouble and offend young master Song.”

The manager said with a chilling voice as his expression turned solemn.

This guy was indeed ruthless!

“Haha! What a joke! In this world if I, Ye Xuan, want to leave, nobody will be able to make me stay, and neither will you.”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but burst out in laughter when he heard the manager as heroic aura spread out from his body.

He lifted Leng Qingcheng sexy figure with one hand and put her on his shoulder after he said his piece. He fearlessly marched toward the numerous security guards who held electric baton in front of him.

“That reckless bastard!”

Su Xiaomeng felt a headache when she saw this.

But she had never experienced anything like this before and felt at loss as she didn’t know what to do to help Ye Xuan.

“Ye Xuan, you got balls. You are the first one who dares to make trouble at my Jin Dynasty Holiday Hotel. What are you waiting for? Go cripple him for me!”

The manager shouted.


The many security guards rushed at Ye Xuan with their electric baton in hand and launched a brutal assault at him.

Ye Xuan’s face was indifferent and fearless as he walked forward with Leng Qingcheng on his shoulder while not paying any attention to these security guards.

Although these security guards were carefully hired and looked very ferocious and threatening to normal people, they were absolutely no threat to Ye Xuan.

Those guys’ attacks couldn’t even land on Ye Xuan before they were sent flying by his long and whip like leg. The manager’s face twitched constantly as he saw that none of his men could stop him.

Ye Xuan was nothing but a trash in his eyes but he didn’t expect him to be so strong and so good at fighting.

None of his security guards could touch Ye Xuan under his pained gaze. They slowed Ye Xuan down but they were soon taken down.

“A bunch of useless crap!”

The manager cursed out loud when he saw this.

Then his vision suddenly turned dark for a second but when it came back, he saw standing right in front of him with Leng Qingcheng still on his shoulder as he stared at the manager with a mocking look and said,

“You said that I couldn’t leave here with my limbs intact?”


The manager stammered and didn’t know how answer. He felt overwhelmed as cold sweat dripped down from his forehead when he was under Ye Xuan’s gaze.

“On your knees!” (TLN: it was actually kneel but Kotal Kahn on your knees is too good.)

Ye Xuan commanded as his eyes shone.


The manager felt like his brain was struck by lightning when he heard him as a terrifying aura pressed him and made his knee turn to jelly as he kneeled in front of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan didn’t attention to him anymore as he turned his head toward enraged Song Yuanhang and asked with a domineering attitude.

“Do you still want to stop me?”

“Tsk, you don’t have the qualification for me to make move personally. Ye Xuan, count yourself lucky this time! Next time, just wait and see.”

Song Yuanhang sneered and gave him a disdainful gaze before leaving.

He naturally knew how well the relationship between Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng was. There was no reason for him to continue get involved in this mess.

It was better for him to retreat for now. After all, there’s only him that can get rid of the drug he gave Leng Qingcheng, otherwise she’ll certainly go in heat. He wanted just how this guy would deal with Leng Qingcheng when the time came.

Although he let go of that brat easily, it would also deepen the misunderstanding between the couple and once Leng Qingcheng broke off completely with him, he would be one step closer to his goal.

After all, his goal wasn’t only to get Leng Qingcheng’s body.

Ye Xuan couldn’t anything as Song Yuanhang left like a coward. He wanted to teach him a good lesson but he this guy pussied out.  Ye Xuan could only remember this and pay him back later.

After all, the most urgent thing to do right now was to find a way to help Leng Qingcheng expel the drug from her body. Ye Xuan had already felt that her body reacted to the drug and it had affected her greatly. If it wasn’t done in time, she would explode and die.

“Su Xiaomeng get the car right now!”

Ye Xuan yelled out in a hurry.

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