Medical Martial God chapter 39

Chapter 39: Knowing smile!

Jin Dynasty Holiday Hotel was one of Xing Hai’s most prestigious hotels.

They could not only eat and enjoy good food here, but also enjoy particular style and atmosphere of being near the river. The river view was also very popular amongst the customers.

By the time Su Xiaomeng and Ye Xuan came here, there were already plenty of well-dressed wealthy men and women sitting with many more people lining up.

Fortunately, Su Xiaomeng had already booked a table for them. They were led a waiter to the rooftop at the ninth floor for a meal in the open.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but smile when he saw Su Xiaomeng ordering a bunch of good dishes and teasingly said, “Yo, little rich woman, I don’t think you really want to treat a big meal like that for nothing. Tell me truth, what do you want me to help you with?”

“You’re wrong. I brought you here just to make you understand something, that you need to give up my sister.”

Su Xiaomeng ruthlessly answered YE Xuan before she pointed to a table at some distance and whispered, “There, look for yourself…”

Ye Xuan squinted his eyes when he heard what she said and looked at the direction she was pointing and saw a handsome man with a beautiful woman.

The man was very handsome but had a sinister aura.

The woman was extremely beautiful as well as elegant and gave off a haughty feeling.

They were eating and talking while holding some documents. They looked like a beautiful couple from afar.

The pair was none other than Song Yuanhang and Leng Qingcheng who left the hospital earlier.

Ye Xuan’s stopped frowning as a cold light flashed in his eyes while his heart was filled with displeasure.

“Ye Xuan, did you see it? That’s the reality. Sister Qingcheng and Brother Yuanhang are the real couple.”

Su Xiaomeng slowly said as she sighed.

She didn’t do this only for her sister’s good but it was also for Ye Xuan’s good.

In her opinion, Leng Qingcheng and Ye Xuan were two people from two completely different worlds. They would never be happy if they stayed together.

She brought Ye Xuan here so he could realize this and give up on her.

Ye Xuan smiled indifferently when he heard her words and unhappily said, “You think I want to be with your sister? She always has a cold expression on her face as if everybody owed her money.”

“Then why don’t you quickly divorce my sister? If you did…. Then my sister can finally be together with Brother Yuanhang.” Su Xiaomeng said with a pout.

In her mind, Ye Xuan was an outsider. So she obviously supported Song Yuanhang and Leng Qingcheng to be together.

“Hey…. What kind of ecstasy that pretty boy gave you to make you want to help him all the time. I at least saved your life a few times but you repaid my kindness with nothing!”

Ye Xuan gave her a fierce look and said with displeasure, “And that punk is really sinister. You and that stupid woman Leng Qingcheng better not be deceived by his appearance.”

“Yuanhang is my cousin and one of the future heirs of the Song family. He has been good to me since I was little.”

Su Xiaomeng quietly said and felt a bit guilty when she heard what Ye Xuan said.

Ye Xuan smiled when he saw this and was about to speak but his flickered and saw Song Yuanhang leave. He hurriedly pulled Su Xiaomeng with him to follow up.

“Come one, follow me. I’ll show you that punk real face today!”

“Ye Xuan, what are you doing? Are you following Brother Yuanhang?”

Su Xiaomeng whispered as she was pulled by Ye Xuan to follow after Song Yanhang.

“Shh… stop messing around and just quietly watch.”

A small smile appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he said mysteriously.

They soon followed Song Yuanhang to an empty corridor.

Under their sneaky gaze, Song Yuanhang looked around but saw no one in the vicinity. Thus he clapped lightly.

Then two men in black suits walked out from a passage and bowed respectfully toward Song Yuanhang. Then the three men started to whisper amongst themselves.

“Let’s go back.”

Ye Xuan quickly took Su Xiaomeng back when he saw they were about to split up.

“Ye Xuan, what were they saying? Or doing?” She asked in confusion.

“Do you remember the two men in suits? If I’m right, Song Yuanhang will ask them to make trouble to Leng Qingcheng and then Song Yuanhang come to save her like a hero who save the beauty. Then…”

Ye Xuan said jokingly as his eyes sparkled with wisdom.

“No way. A righteous man like Brother Yuanhang would never do such a despicable thing!”

Su Xiaomeng retorted.

“Look, a good show is about to happen!”

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he pointed at the direction where Leng Qingcheng was.

Su Xiaomeng looked in direction of Leng Qingcheng when she heard him and as Ye Xuan said, she saw the two men in suits that were talking with Song Yuanhang earlier trying to find trouble with Leng Qingcheng and even boldly touched her.

Song Yuanhang came back right at the most dangerous time and with incredible mean and strength, he viciously taught the two men a lesson and chased them away like a hero saving the beauty and got the applause as well as the recognition of everybody around him.

Su Xiaomeng felt at lost when she saw the thing acting out as Ye Xuan said. She would have never imagined Song Yuanhang, someone who she admired, would be this kind of person and would use such a dirty trick to try to get her sister’s heart.

But all of sudden while she was staring at Song Yuanhang, she saw that he put something in Leng Qingcheng’s cup while she wasn’t paying attention.

“Ye… Ye Xuan, hurry up and Look! Brother Yuanhang seems to put something in my sister’s cup.”

“If I’m not wrong then, it should be some kind of aphrodisiac. Pay attention. Your sister is going to pass out after drinking the wine and Song Yuanhang will take this opportunity to take her to a hotel room. I think I don’t need to tell you what happens next, right?” Ye Xuan calmly said.

“No… there’s no way… Brother Yuanhang isn’t this kind of person.” Su Xiaomeng said in a shocked trance.

Song Yuanhang had been taking care and protecting her since she was little like he was her brother but seeing what he did right now, she felt how infinitely different he was than what she remembered. She was terribly disappointed and found it hard to accept.

“You still call him Brother Yuanhang? Look, he tricked your sister into drinking that drugged wine…”

Ye Xuan said and shook his head as he watched Leng Qingcheng slowly losing consciousness.

Song Yuanhang watched as Leng Qingcheng drank the wine and fell unconscious.

Then he pretended to call out for Leng Qingcheng to check if she had any reaction.

“Ye Xuan, what are you still here? Hurry up and save my sister! We can’t let him accomplish his evil plans!”

Su Xiameng anxiously exclaimed as she saw that Song Yuanhang was about to take Leng Qingcheng to a hotel.

“She hates me so much, why should I save her?”

Ye Xuan nonchalantly said as he gave off an uncaring expression.

“No matter what, she’s still your wife in name. You want that son of bitch Song Yuanhang to put a green hat over your head?” 

She couldn’t help but angrily retort back.

Why was this guy still being petty in such situation?

She hoped very much Song Yuanhang to be with Leng Qingcheng before but she instantly abandoned that idea when she discovered Song Yuanhang true self.

She preferred Ye Xuan now compared to the sly Song Yuanhang.

Su Xiaomeng’s words undoubtedly stimulated Ye Xuan’s anger as he immediately walked toward Song Yuanhang.

“Motherfucker! Who dare to cuckold me! It must be that son of a bitch Song Yuanhang, right? You stay here! I’ll go fucking kill him right now!”


Su Xiaomeng breathed a huge sigh of relief when saw Ye Xuan go.

She didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened if she didn’t bring Ye Xuan here to eat.

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