Medical Martial God chapter 37

Chapter 37: The security guard counterattack!

“Want us to release her? Who do you think you are?”

Yu Danian said imposingly as killing intent flashed over his eyes when he heard Ye Xuan.

“Brat, let me tell you. This is my Yu’s family matters. If you know what’s good for you then scram. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind crushing you to death! Who do you think you are to want to seduce my sister? She’s young master Qian’s woman and is the Qian family mistress!”

“To think a worthless toad like you wish to eat swan meat. Fuck off!”

When he finished his sentence, Yu Danian extended his hand toward Ye Xuan and wanted to push this lowlife away.


However, when his hand was about to land on Ye Xuan, he easily evaded it by stepping to a side. Yu Danian, staggered to the dining table due to the inertial force he exerted. This funny sequence caused the people sitting around them to laugh at him.

“Fuck, you lowlife dare to dodge?! This young master will teach you a lesson today!”

Yu Danian cursed out angrily and felt furious after he got humiliated. His hand punched out toward Ye Xuan’s face. He just had to teach him a lesson today!



A cold light flashed over Ye Xuan’s eyes when he saw Yu Danian’s hand coming toward him. He grabbed his wrist and squeezed with hulk like strength.


The sound of broken bones and Yu Danian’s painful shriek resounded.


Then Ye Xuan kicked at Yu Danian’s stomach and sent him flying and crashing toward the opposite table.

Yu Danian was in lot of pain and stood up with much difficulty. He stared at Ye Xuan and angrily roared out.

“Shit, you even dare to hit me? What are the two of you doing? Beat him to death for me!”

“Yes sir!”

The two bodyguards with him charged at Ye Xuan and started their vicious assault.



But how could the two bodyguards be Ye Xuan’s opponent? They got sent flying by Ye Xuan’s kick before they could even a hit on him and smashed into Yu Danian, which made him puke out gastric acid.


Yu Danian felt absolutely furious as he pushed the two bodyguards away and was about to speak but Ye Xuan was already in front of him. Ye Xuan grabbed his collar and lifted him up like a duck.

Yu Danian trashed around and tried to get out of the grip but it didn’t work.

Ye Xuan’s freezing eyes stared at Yu Danian. His eyes didn’t have a single trace of emotion, just an endless coldness as he said with an indifferent tone, “I hate being disturbed during a meal. You irritated me, do you understand?”

“I …I….I understand…”

Yu Danian felt an aura spread around him that made him hard to breathe and choked him when he heard Ye Xuan’s ice-cold voice. Yu Danien felt like he had fallen into a strange hell.

It was filled with mountains of corpse and sea of blood with bones and dead bodies floating everywhere. There was also a throne made of bone at the apex and a man with a bloody red imperial robe sat on that throne like an emperor ruled over life and death. Nobody dared look at him in the eyes and nobody dared to muster any resistance against him.

Cold sweats kept dripping down from Yu Danian’s forehead as he stopped to fight back and started to feel terror.

“Also, from now on, Xiaoqian is under my care and if you dare to touch even one of her hair, be ready to face the consequence!  Do you understand?”

Ye Xuan warned him.

“I…. I understand.”

Yu Danian answered with a horrified expression.

He had never seen such a terrifying man!

In his mind, Ye Xuan was no longer a small time security guard but Demon who ruled over life and death.

He will never forget this feeling he had.

“If you understand then hurry up and scram!”

Ye Xuan domineeringly said as he withdraws his aura and threw him away.

“Brat, just wait for me. I’ll remember this. I definitely won’t let you go next time!”

Yu Danian fearfully glanced at Ye Xuan and scrambled away with his two useless bodyguards.

“Ye Xuan, thank you. if it wasn’t for you…. Wu Wu…” (TLN: Crying sound.)

Yu Xiaoqian couldn’t hold it anymore when she saw Yu Danian leave and rushed into Ye Xuan’s arms and loudly burst to tears.

Everybody in the restaurant let out a long sigh when they saw this scene.

They didn’t expect that a little security guard would be able seduce such a beautiful girl’s heart and it made them admire him.

Of course, they also admired how easily Ye Xuan dispatched the two bodyguards.

“Don’t worry, I’m here, it’s okay ….”

Ye Xuan had a helpless face when he saw Yu Xiaoqian crying like that in his arm. After all, he can’t bear to see a beautiful woman like her crying over her tragic fate and end up dying due to her depression. So he could only console her.


Yu Xiaoqian hummed and nodded gently but she wasn’t willing to leave Ye Xuan’s arms no matter what.

In her mind, Ye Xuan was her only ray of sunshine and warmth in this world.

After comforting and giving some guidance to Yu Xiaoqian, the both of them left the restaurant after paying the tab.

“Ye Xuan, we are we going now?”

Yu Xiaoqian asked with keen face as she looked at Ye Xuan after leaving the restaurant.

“I need to go back to work.”

Ye Xuan seriously replied as he took a look at the time.

“Then… I’ll go back to the hospital with you.”

Yu Xiaoqian quickly replied.


Ye Xuan didn’t refuse but gently nodded in agreement.

“Right, Ye Xuan, what are your phone numbers and WeChat? Can I have them?”

Yu Xiaoqian looked at Ye Xuan with the puppy dog’s eyes and made it impossible to refuse.

Of course, Ye Xuan told her his phone number and WeChat, something that overjoyed Yu Xiaoqian.

Yu Xiaoqin happily saved the phone number and sent him a friend request on WeChat. However, her face suddenly turned gloomy and whispered.

“Ye Xuan, do you think my illness can be cured? They all say that depression is incurable. I… I’m afraid that one day I won’t be able to control it and try to kill myself again.” 

Depressed people were like this, moody and unpredictable.

“Silly girl, it’s just a little depression. How can it be untreatable?”

Ye Xuan said with a smile and patted her to comfort her when he saw her like this.

“Can it really be cured?” Yu Xiaoqian was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course, I forgot to tell you but I’m a Grand Medical Sage. It would be easy for me to cure your little depression.”

Ye Xuan casually said while stretching out his limbs lazily.

In the medicine world, depression was indeed very hard to cure condition. It was a mental illness that had high mortality rate. Once it started, the patient would start losing his emotion and unable to save himself. 

But it wasn’t difficult for Ye Xuan to treat depression. He only needed to use his Thirteen Needle of Defiance to harmonize her mentality and she will be cured after a few more treatment.

“Really? You’re that skilled?”

Yu Xiaoqian firmly believed his words and looked at him with admiration.

For her, Ye Xuan was her closest person in the world.

As for her brother…

In her mind, he was a hateful and terrifying demon that would forcefully use her and that was it.

“Of course!”  Ye Xuan affirmed.

“Then…. When you will be able to help with my illness?” Yu Xiaoqian now looked at Ye Xuan with even more fervent eyes.

“Let’s wait for my rest day. Because the treatment not only me to apply my needle, but also a peculiar psychotherapy, which is extremely time consuming! Give me your hand…”

Ye Xuan thought about it and said.

Yu Xiaoqian extended her hand for him as asked. Ye Xuan held her wrist and carefully took her pulse. His expression gradually became more and more serious.

Yu Xiaoqian condition was graver than he thought. Her body was affected by her depression and caused her bodily function to decline severely. She was in a subpar health condition. If this continued, her body might collapse.

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment before he said with a soft tone, “Don’t take the medicine the doctor prescribed to you anymore. I’ll get you a few sets of traditional Chinese medicine later.” 

“In addition, you’re not in a very good condition for hospitalization and the environment inside are too depressing, it will affect your condition. Do you have a place in Xing Hai?”

“I originally had one but I’m afraid to go back there. My brother might look for me…” Yu Xiaoqian replied after thinking about it.

“How about this, stay at the hospital for two days and then try to find a place to rent.”

“Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

“Good, we’ll do it like that. I’m going to work while you go back to rest. If you have anything, call me.”

They arrived at the hospital at the end of their discussion and separated.

“Oh… Brother Ye Xuan, you’re back?”

“Tsk, Tsk…. From your look, your date was definitely successful!”

“That chick seemed to be really interested in you. Brother Ye Xuan, you better hold this opportunity tightly.”

Zhao Dahai and the other teased him when they saw him come back.

“Hey, hey, hey…. What are you guys talking about? There’s nothing between me and Yu Xiaoqian. Don’t be ridiculous.” Ye Xuan said with exasperation.

-Vroom, vroom, vroom!-

Time passed quickly when Ye Xuan and Zhao Dahai were chit chatting and soon it was already 5 p.m.

As loud sound of engine resounded, a limited edition of Porsche 918 stopped at the hospital’s gate amid Zhao Dahai’s shocked cries and attracted many people eyes while caused them to gossip.

“Che, I wonder which rich young master came again to our hospital to pick up girls.”

“Picking up girls? Who?”

“Who else can it be? Of course it’s our beautiful vice-president Leng.”

Zhao Dahai displeasingly said while looking at the handsome man leaning on his luxury car while holding a bouquet of roses.

As for Ye Xuan, his eyes narrowed as a cold light passed over them.

Because this man was none other than Song Yuanhang

He didn’t need to guess to know that he came for Leng Qingcheng.

Even though Ye Xuan didn’t have much feeling for Leng Qingcheng, he still felt unhappy when he saw Song Yuanhang coming here with a bouquet of roses.

At this moment, Ye Xuan left the security room and went in direction of Song Yuanhang.

“Hey, Ye Xuan, what are you doing?”

Zhao Dahai couldn’t help but ask when he saw Ye Xuan quickly leaving.

“Beat someone!”

Ye Xuan indifferently replied without turning his head.

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