Medical Martial God chapter 35

Chapter 35: Medical Martial God.

“You can’t die yet. You must live to avenge your mother!”

When Yu Xiaoqian heard the voice, it was as if there was magic possessed her and made her lean back grasp the guardrail again. Then she muttered, “Take revenge for mother?”

“That’s right, for the sake of avenging your mother. After all, she was secretly murdered by someone.”

The rooftop’s door was kicked open and Ye Xuan, in a security guard uniform, walked out slowly and stared at Yu Xiaoqian as he said provoking words, “You’re the only one who can avenge her and if you’re dead, nobody would avenge your mother. Thus she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.”

Behind Ye Xuan, Captain Zhao Dahai was breathing heavily.

While he was rushing here, Ye Xuan had already understood Yu Xiaoqian’s situation, and according to his deduction and judgment, Yu Xiaoqian’s depression was probably caused by her family and her mother’s death.

A trace of shock appeared on Leng Qingcheng’s beautiful face when she saw Ye Xuan on the rooftop. Especially when she saw that Ye Xuan was wearing the security uniform.

Wang Dachun saw that Ye Xuan’s words temporarily calmed Yu Xiaoqian, he let a huge sigh of relief and thanked Ye Xuan for his timely arrival.

“It’s no use. They all said my mother died in an accident. I investigate again and again but the results were always the same… Even if I want to avenge her, I don’t have any way to do it! I can’t do anything…”

Ye Xuan clearly had some effect in making Yu Xiaoqian raise her head and look at him but she seemed to talk to herself.

“And I have already agreed to mother that I will go to a world free of pain and sadness. I…I’ve seen her waving at me and urging me to hurry……”

Yu Xiaoqian said with a chuckle as she turned around and looked down at the empty place across the building.

“I don’t belong here. I shouldn’t have been born in this word. I want to leave. I have no concerns or regrets…”

Ye Xuan walked toward Yu Xiaoqian and was about to speak but she suddenly released her grip on the railing and leaned down toward the void.

Her deep depression made her completely insane as she even started to hallucinate. She just couldn’t control herself.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Leng Qingcheng, Zhao Dahai, Wang Dachun or Director Zhang, all of their expressions changed drastically as they disregarded everything and rushed towards Yu Xiaoqian while reaching out their hands in an attempt to grab her…

But they were too slow and simply couldn’t save her.

When Yu Xiaoqian let go of her hands, Ye Xuan straight out jumped off of the rooftop to follow her and disappeared from Leng Qingcheng, Wang Dachun and Zhao Dahai’s field of vision. This made their body stop and freeze on the spot.


The people standing in the plaza below saw Yu Xiaoqian jump off the building, but they also saw another figure leap down from the rooftop to grab her ankle. This extremely frightful sequence made their hearts beat faster as ear-piercing screams came out from their mouths.

Ye Xuan managed to grab one of Yu Xiaoqian’s feet at the critical moment just after he jumped down while his other gripped the edge of the wall and prevented their bodies to fall down further.

“Ah! Let me go! Hurry up and let me go!”

After her foot was caught by Ye Xuan, her body was dangling in the air as she struggled and used her other leg to kick the arm that was grabbing her. Then she also started to yell angrily at him. It could be said that the danger reached the extreme.

Seeing from afar, Ye Xuan and Yu Xiaoqian were hanging in the air and their weight were all supported by Ye Xuan’s hand that was gripping the edge of the wall. 

Drops of sweat started to flow down from Ye Xuan’s face.

It was really difficult for him to maintain this posture, especially with Yu Xiaoqian squirming around.

What was even direr was the fact Ye Xuan wasn’t able to grab her ankle but instead grabbed her shoe.

And under Yu Xiaoqian struggle, her shoe was slipping bit by bit.

“Leng Qingcheng! You stupid woman, what are you standing in a daze for? Hurry up and save us!”

Ye Xuan angrily roared out as he got anxious when he saw there was no movement after a long time.

“Hurry up and save them! Hurry!”

Ye Xuan sudden yell made Leng Qingcheng, Zhao Dahai and the others to quickly come back from their despair and run toward the railing.

“Brother Ye Xuan, don’t stress. We’re coming to save you right now, just hold on…”

Wang Dachun and Zhao Dahai quickly replied after they ran up to the guardrail and looked down at Ye Xuan and Yu Xiaoqian hanging in the air.

“Let me go, you bastard!”

However, they were too slow and didn’t make it in time. Yu Xiaoqian cursed as she finally broke free from Ye Xuan’s grasp and leaving him with her shoe in hand.

“Damn it!”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but swear in frustration when he saw this. At this moment, he did something unexpected and let go off his grip on the wall. He dived down like a hawk and quickly caught up to Yu Xiaoqian as his body fell much faster.

His hand flashed out and wrapped her delicate body around him as he declared loudly with an overbearing tone.

“If I, Ye Xuan, wants to save someone, nobody can take her away, even if it’s the king of hell!”

Ye Xuan domineering voice was heard by Yu Xiaoqian and it moved her so much that her mind froze in shock. She stared dumbfounded at Ye Xuan’s serious and sharp face while feeling his strong arms and broad chest that gave her an incomparable sense of warm.

It was like when she was in her mother’s arms back when she was a child, but it was also a bit different.

She didn’t know why but at this moment, Yu Xiaoqian felt a strange feeling surging in her heart.

She didn’t expect that this man would risk his live to save a trash like her.

Her dead heart felt alive at this moment. It was a feeling she never felt before.

She had the thought of wanting to be with this man forever.


Ye Xuan didn’t have the time to pay attention to Yu Xiaoqian’s thoughts and only cared that she suddenly calmed down in his arms. But they were still falling down rapidly and if they allowed that to continue, they would definitely die.

Ye Xuan’s eyes turned serious as with a flick of his arm, the army knife dropped from his sleeve into his hand. While in midair, he threw the knife with all of his force toward the thick wall.

The sharp knife pierced into the wall due to the incredible amount of power in the throw.

And it was completely buried in it.

The two of them who were diving toward the ground rapidly stopped their fall.

Because there was a micro-retraction device on the knife’s handle, it allowed Ye Xuan to hold onto the nanowire connected to the knife and stay suspended in the air.



The people below were stunned and excited when they saw it.

They would have imagined that Ye Xuan would save themselves in such a manner in this kind of danger.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Xuan held on Ye Xiaoqian as they swayed like pendulum under the crowd shocked gaze.

As Ye Xuan said ‘Let’s go’, he held Ye Xiaoqian tightly and used the momentum of their swaying to crash into a hospital room via the window.

“What the fuck!”


“So cool!”

Excited voices resounded amongst the crowd when saw it.

That scene was really exciting and they would imprint it deeply into their minds forever.

-Bang!- -Crack!-

Ye Xuan broke through the window as he held Yu Xiaoqian and crashed violently to the sickbed in the room. Ye Xuan was on the bottom while Yu Xiaoqian was on top of him as their bodies pressed tightly against each other.

“You… HmM?”

Ye Xuan was about to stand up to speak but in the next moment, he froze up.

Because as he tried to get up, he accidentally kissed Yu Xiaoqian’s sexy lips, which made the both them feel like electricity coursed through their body as their eyes opened wide.

A soft and unique sensation spread through them.

Yu Xiaoqian felt a current of electricity flash through her heart.

However, the both of them soon came back to sense and quickly broke away before apologizing.

“So-sorry…Ar-are you okay?”


A faint blush appeared on Yu Xiaoqian’s beautiful face.

This attempted suicide didn’t make her feel fear anymore because Ye Xuan’s appearance made her feel a bit warm and allowed her to save herself as well as give her some hope.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

The nanowire in Ye Xuan’s hand straightened out into 90-degree right angles and bounced like a rubber band before a special force was transmitted and made the army knife buried in the wall magically flew back into Ye Xuan’s hand under the wire guidance.

“N….n… no, tha….thank you for save me.”

Yu Xiaoqian replied with a soft voice when she heard Ye Xuan’s question as looking at Ye Xuan’s serious and frowning face, made her heart beat a faster.

“Thank me for what? I should be the one thanking you for helping me realize my dream of a hero saving the beauty!”

Ye Xuan teased her as he looked at Yu Xiaoqian beautiful face.

Yu Xiaoqian wasn’t the type of woman who looked amazing at the first glance but she was the type who was pleasant to look at. The closer you look, the more beautiful she was. This kind of beauty was even rarer than the typical beautiful woman.

Yu Xiaoqian was dazed for a moment as she didn’t expect Ye Xuan to answer in this manner. Her eyes started to tear up as tears flowing down her delicate face.

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