Medical Martial God chapter 32

Chapter 32: A beautiful assassin.

Shortly after Ye Xuan left, a door from the room upstairs slowly opened. Song Yuanhuang walked out while hugging a beautiful woman whose clothes were in a mess.

Seeing the place filled with moaning members of the Evil Wolf Gang, his handsome face gradually darkened as he said with a dissatisfied voice, “The Wolf King’s men are a bunch of useless trash! They can’t even take care of a clown.”

“But this picture is not bad.”

Song Yuanhuang took out his phone and looked at the picture someone sent him. A sinister and mocking smile appeared on his handsome face when he saw it.

On the picture  was Ye Xuan talking to a beautiful waitress while giving her money. It was unknown which guy took this picture.

Song Yuanhuang smiled evilly as he whispered with a cold tone, “I’m going to send this picture to Leng Qingcheng’s phone…”

After closing his phone, Song Yuanhuang thought for a moment before he dialed another phone number.

Xing Hai Hospital, in a senior ward.

A middle aged man covered in plaster cast was lying on the hospital bed and stared at the ceiling like a miserable dementia patient.

If Ye Xuan was here, he could be able to recognize this man because he was the assassin he beat up at the bar, Scorpion.

Under Ye Xuan heavy blows, he became handicapped.

On the bed beside Scorpion was young man who was also wrapped in multiple plaster casts. There were multiple fractures over his body, and he had lost the ability to move.

He was the Evil Wolf Gang young master Wolf.

A middle aged man with a powerful aura and a burly figure stood at the bedside watching young master Wolf lay like mummy on the bed. His fist made cracking sound as he asked angrily, “Tell me who the fuck did this?”

If a Xing Hai big shot was here, he would be able to recognize this middle aged man as he was the Evil Wolf Gang’s leader and also young master Wolf father, Wolf King!

“Lea-Leader, it… it was a brat named Ye Xuan.”

A yellow haired man, who was also beaten up by Ye Xuan previously, fearfully said.

“Ye Xuan? Which Ye Xuan?” 

Wolf King turned around and grabbed Yellow Hair by the collar and asked him with rage leaking out of his voice and eyes that were filled with murderous intent.

“It’s… it’s the Ye Xuan that had been expelled by the Ye family…”

Yellow Hair felt his hairs stood on ends when he was staring at the Wolf King, he endured the fear in his heart and responded.

“He’s just a trash! How could he beat up so many people?” Wolf King coldly said.

-Buzz, Buzz, Buzz-

Right at this moment, his phone buzzed.

Wolf King’s face immediately changed when he saw the phone numbers. He quickly pressed the answer button and respectfully said with a smile on his face, “Young Master Song, are you looking for me?”

“Wolf King, your men are really useless. They can’t even take care of a clown. Your Earl’s Palace has been smashed by that trash Ye Xuan. As for the cooperation between, let’s take a pause. We’ll talk more about it when you take care of that trash named Ye Xuan!”

Song Yuanhuang voice could be heard on the other side of the phone.

“Young master Song! Young Master Song!”

Wolf King’s face changed dramatically when he heard Song Yuanhuang. He tried to talk but the other party already hung up, something that angered him.

“Let’s go to the Earl’s Palace!”

He rushed to the Earl’s with a strong murderous intent and fury in his steps.

Unfortunately, by the time he arrived to the Earl’s Palace, both Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhuang already left. What remained was a trashed place with his men moaning in pain on the ground.

“What are you all standing there for? Go find the whereabouts of Ye Xuan at all cost!”

Wolf King angrily roared out as his eyes surged with killing intent after he saw the mess and his men lying on the ground.

Ye Xuan didn’t know about any of this, nor would he care.

After leaving the Earl’s Palace, Ye Xuan went to a food stall at the roadside and ate a midnight snack. After all, he exercised a great deal back at the Earl’s Palace and was a bit exhausted.

If he wasn’t so weak right now and exhausted, he would have let Brother Kun call the Evil Wolf Gang’s leader and have him call all his men, so he could take care of them all once and for all and not worry about them anymore.

After all, the Evil Wolf Gang was his immediate enemy and the conflict between them couldn’t be resolved by peaceful manner.

As long the Evil Wolf Gang wasn’t eliminated, they would be thorn at his side.

Ye Xuan was very clear about this but there was no other way.

With the strength he had now, he wasn’t sure he could survive if he went to the Evil Wolf Gang headquarters to kill everyone.

So Ye Xuan decided to let the matter of the Evil Wolf Gang go for now. After all, he still had other enemies.

For example Ye Wenfeng, Qian Jianchen and so on.

Of course, the most important thing he had to do now was to increase his strength as soon as possible.

He looked at his bank account balance on his phone. He already decided to go to the pharmaceutical market to buy some medicinal herbs nourish his body and improve his physique.

Ye Xuan pay for his meal and was about to leave.

He gaze turned grim as a woman across the street, dressed in a black night suit with a veil over her face like an ancient and beautiful assassin, walked slowly toward him with a short sword in her hand.

Her long hair floated in the air when the wind blew and gave her unique sense of beauty.

However this beauty didn’t give him any sense of enjoyment but a sense unprecedented of danger instead.

This beautiful assassin was obviously here for him.

Ye Xuan was the target of her hunt.

-Breathing sound-

Seeing the assassin, Ye Xuan took a big breath and slowly exhaled the thick foul air from his mouth to calm himself.

“Beauty, it’s dangerous to walk alone so late at night.”

Ye Xuan didn’t try to escape from this beauty at all but instead walked toward her and said playfully.

But the beautiful assassin only stared at him coldly and continued to walk toward him.

Ye Xuan didn’t stop his walk either and the two of them were getting closer. 


Just at the moment the beautiful assassin passed by Ye Xuan, he unsheathed her sword and swung it toward Ye Xuan’s neck. His heartbeat rose as a sense of danger surged inside him.

This beautiful assassin was very powerful and was more than one grade stronger than Brother Kun.


However, Ye Xuan was already prepared and was on guard.

In the instant the beautiful assassin swung her short sword toward his neck, Ye Xuan took out his knife and blocked it without even looking back.

The beautiful assassin’s face didn’t fluctuate when her attack was blocked. It seemed that it was something she expected. She continued her attack with her right leg kicking toward Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan smiled slightly and turned around. He easily grabbed her leg with his hand while suddenly exerting strength with the hand that blocking her sword and pressing her down.

With Ye Xuan’s move, the two of them stood face to face with Ye Xuan top half nearly pinning down against the beautiful assassin but he also held her leg close to him. This posture made them look ambiguous and intimate.

Of course, it would be the case if it didn’t the scene didn’t have a knife and sword clashing.

This scene was witnessed by the stall’s owner and his wife. It stunned them before their face was filled with ecstasy. They thought this was a film crew making a movie, so they cleaned and tidied up their stall to make it look good and use this film to advertise their booth!

It had to be said the way the stall’s owner and his wife thought was truly different from normal people. They imagination were particularly wild.

But they shouldn’t be blamed as the outfit that the beautiful assassin wore could only be seen on TV.

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