Medical Martial God chapter 31

Chapter 31: Scared Brother Kun.

“What it is kid? Why aren’t you talking?”

Brother Kun asked derisively when he saw that Ye Xuan was silent.

“Since you’re not going to say anything, then obediently die for me!”

Brother Kun rushed toward Ye Xuan without delay.

Although this guy looked a bit fat and rough, his charging speed was quite fast and was like a real wolf.

Before his fist even got close, the wind generated by the attack already made Ye Xuan’s hair flutter and if it was anyone else, they couldn’t be able to open their eyes but Ye Xuan still looked calm and stood firm like a mountain.


Just as Brother Kun fist was about to hit him, Ye Xuan’s palm moved like thunder and grasped his fist.

An incredible amount of force came from the punch but Ye Xuan didn’t even take a step back.

If one looked closely, the floor under Ye Xuan cracked due to the force coming from the attack but Ye Xuan himself didn’t suffer any damage.

If a master was to see this, he would have been shocked because of Ye Xuan’s technique to offload the force is unprecedented and could not be described by a couple sentence.

Shock passed over Brother Kun’s face when he saw his attack blocked by Ye Xuan.

The calm and indifferent voice of Ye Xuan resounded, “Are you surprised that I still have this much strength even after taking down more than three hundreds of your men?”

“You thought you could exhaust me by having me fight your men and then finish me off when I’m tired? You’re too naïve! How could this Lord’s power be measured by some mere ants?”

“Just lay on your bed for the rest of your life!”

When Ye Xuan ice cold words entered Brother Kun’s ears, he felt like he was falling in an endless ice cellar. His heart chilled to the core as his hairs stood on end and was enveloped by an unprecedented sense of dangers.

“I’ll fight it out with you! Heavenly Flying Dragon Fist!”

Brother Kun angrily yelled as he went all out in this moment of crisis. His body bulged as his vein turned blue and threw a punch toward Ye Xuan with all his power behind it.

“You’re overestimating yourself.”

Ye Xuan merciless statement announced the tragic ending of Brother Kun.

Just as Brother Kun’s fist approached, Ye Xuan kicked at his knees at lightning quick speed.


The sound of bone cracking resounded. Brother Kun’s body immediately lost his balance and fell forward to his knees.

This guy’s kneecap couldn’t be more shattered than it was.

However it was not over yet.


Before he could scream, Ye Xuan grabbed his arms and yanked it back with herculean strength, removing his arms from his body.


Ye Xuan followed it with an elbow that had enough strength to break through a thousand troops and smashed it on his spine.



Along with the sound of the spine shattering and painful shriek, Brother Kun also sprayed out a lot of blood from his mouth. His head fell down and made intimate contact with the ground as he passed out.

This guy was completely crippled for the rest of his life. His legs and arms were broken along with his spine.

As Ye Xuan said, he would have to lay on a bed forever.

Ye Xuan didn’t show any mercy against him. How could he be still called the Grand Demon King if he didn’t cripple him?

Moreover, it would be a disaster if he didn’t cripple him.

One of the five experts from the Evil Wolf Gang and its vice-leader had been crippled by Ye Xuan.



Scarface and the man with the eagle tattoo just got out of the room they were from and saw Ye Xuan cripple Brother Kun. They couldn’t help but gulp down their saliva in fear and breathed roughly.

They never would have imagined more than three hundreds of their brother in the Earl’s Palace would fall at Ye Xuan’s hands, even highly Brother Kun fell at his hands.

With Brother Kun taken care of, Ye Xuan slowly turned his expressionless face toward the two men and said, “I underestimated your endurance, to think you still had the strength to crawl out of the room…”

“Xuan… Brother Xuan…no… Lord Xuan…we are sorry… really sorry…”

“He is right, Grandpa Xuan. We were blinded by money and took the offer from Master Dao! Please, Lord Xuan is magnanimous, please spare us!”

After hearing what Ye Xuan said feeling his gaze, the two men kneeled down to Ye Xuan and said respectfully with trembling voice.

These two guys no longer dared to hide anything from Ye Xuan.

“Who is Master Dao?”

Ye Xuan asked coldly.

“Master Dao is Ye Wenfeng personal butler, he gave us a million dollars to get your head and that’s why we attacked you but it didn’t work!”

“After the failure, we took the money and came here to play. We planned to run away after spending the money. We never thought of attacking Lord Ye again, we swear! Lord Ye, please spare us two brother.”

Scarface and Eagle tattooed guy explained respectfully and didn’t forget to also ask for mercy.

Ye Xuan frowned and said with a solemn tone, “I have a principle, whoever offend me has their life forfeited to me, and only when they do something for me that they can regain their freedom.”

“Lord… Lord Ye, we are willing to work for you!”

“Yes, we are willing to follow your lead, Lord Ye!”

The two men quickly answered they heard Ye Xuan.

“Unfortunately, you’re too weak and don’t qualify to work for me.”

However, Ye Xuan’s answer made them feel despair.


Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with a cold light as two needles flew out of his hand and entered their bodies. They trembled violently before their eyes closed and collapsed to the ground.

After doing all of this, Ye Xuan yawned and lazily stretched before he slowly walked out of the Earl’s Palace, leaving a mess behind him.

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