Medical Martial God chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Brother Kun part 2.

Yellow haired guy and the rest rushed at Ye Xuan at the order of Brother Kun.

Their momentum was incredible, like a pack of hungry wolves rushing at their preys to devour them.

But Ye Xuan didn’t pay any attention to them as he still stared at the two assassins and said, “Tell me who sent you.”

“Brat, don’t think about it. We brothers have a reputation to maintain and you still have to deal with Brother Kun and his people first.”

The two men smiled sinisterly.

“Then stay here and watch me.”

Ye Xuan gave them a glance and said confidently.


He took out his army knife and struck them on the side of their head with knife’s handle.

They fell down on the ground but didn’t consciousness as Ye Xuan controlled his strength.

“Brat, you dare to cause trouble in our Evil Wolf Gang territory? Die!”

The yellow haired guy said as he rushed at Ye Xuan with his fellow brothers. He had a machete in his hand as he charge at Ye Xuan while laughing madly.


Ye Xuan didn’t even give a glance as he kicked in his direction.




The sound of bone cracking resounded as yellow haired guy got his sternum cracked. His chest caved in as he sprayed a large amount of blood from his mouth and flew like a cannonball toward the men behind him, causing all the men behind to be pushed back and fall down.

But there were still many people who charged at Ye Xuan and attacked him.

After all, it wasn’t for nothing that the Evil Wolf Gang recruited so many people as they needed to protect their profitable asset, and these were better than those from the bar.

Ye Xuan impassive face turned impatient when he saw the stream of people.

If this was the past, would he have to do this himself?

It would have only needed that brat Wind God who liked to fight and kill.

Thinking about that guy made him feel nostalgic.

Ye Xuan’s face showed a nostalgic smile when he thought about it.

But his face soon turned serious.

Killing intent flashed over Ye Xuan eyes as he watched at the numerous members of the Evil Wolf Gang charging at him. He stomped his feet and a terrifying force howled through the air as he charged at them like an enraged dragon.

Everywhere he went, a large numbers of the Evil Wolf Gang members were sent flying like an arrow in a battlefield and nobody dared to stop them due the speed they were flying away.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was like a War God in a battlefield. Numerous men were struck by his fists and legs and could only see after image when they got sent flying due his terrifying speed.

“Fuck! What are you guys doing? Keep going!”

“Also, call for all our brothers to come!” 

Brother Kun yelled angrily as his face turned ugly when he saw how Ye Xuan disposed his men.

Ye Xuan had beat nearly all the men he had brought with him and knocked them out to the corridor, even Brother Kun had to retreat to the corridor to keep some distance.


Ye Xuan’s kick sent out another Evil Wolf Gang’s member and stared at Brother Kun’s ugly face before saying mockingly, “Brother Kun, right? How about you apologize to me now?”

“Brat, who do you think you are to have me apologize to you?”

Brother Kun’s face had a smile as he saw his many brother coming through the corridors and said, “Right now, you have to deal with my many brothers first.”

After that, he took out a cigarette and lit it up before putting it in his mouth. He turned his gaze away from Ye Xuan as he turned around and left.

Although Ye Xuan’s strength was extraordinary, he had more than three hundred men here going at him.

Even if he can fight, he still would be exhausted soon or later.


As Brother Kun left, his men came from all direction and encircled Ye Xuan, effetely cutting all his retreat paths.

“What a bunch of annoying fly.”

Impatient washed over Ye Xuan’s face as he jumped into the air like an eagle spreading his wing toward them and engaged into ruthless slaughter once again.

No one could withstand his attack as a constant flow people flew away while other charged at him.

This was a corridor decorated in an ancient style and just below was the hall. So Ye Xuan fighting people naturally attracted people, not to mention the people he sent flying that were grabbing the fence so they don’t fall down to the hall and dangling in the air, yelling for help.

Other unlucky one directly fell below and fell unconscious due to their injuries.


The place turned chaotic and bloody as screams of horror were resounded. The lively lobby bellow turned into a mess as many people ran outside to leave.

Only the more courageous people stayed to watch Ye Xuan constantly fighting in the corridor upstairs with shocked eyes.

They felt that everything that happened in front of them wasn’t real but an action movie instead.

After all, most of them were ordinary people that never saw someone like Ye Xuan that can trash so many people by himself.

It wasn’t one versus ten but one against hundreds of people.

In the corridor of the ninth floor, a young man held a beauty’s slender waist with his left hand as his right hand held a wine cup. He looked interestingly at Ye Xuan as he fought brutally against many members of the Evil Wolf Gang.

To be honest, he didn’t expect to see Ye Xuan here.

He never thought that Ye Xuan would be so good at fighting. This surpassed his expectation.

If Ye Xuan saw him, he would be able to recognize him because he was Song Yuanhang who had accompanied Leng Qingcheng at the banquet.

“Young master Song, do you know that brat?”

The sexy woman said as a seductive smile appeared on her beautiful face.

“He’s just a clown, no need to bother with him. Go in and properly service this young master.”

Song Yuanhang smiled and then walked into the room just behind him.

At the Earl’s Palace, painful screams resounded and it took a long time before the screams gradually stopped.

Most of the guess in the Earl’s Palace already left and only the battered members of the Evil Wolf Gang lied down in the lobby and the corridor. They huddle together while holding their stomach and screamed in pain.

The three or so members of Evil Wolf Gang got all sent flying away by Ye Xuan and only Brother Kun remained standing at the nearby observation deck. He was smoking calmly.

Scarface and the man with an eagly tattoo were dumbstruck by Ye Xuan power as they didn’t expect him to be so strong.

Now that the members of the gang were taken care of, Ye Xuan walked slowly with a stoic expression toward Brother Kun as his stared at him coldly.

“Brat, I admit that you’re very good at combat. Being able to take down three hundred of my man by yourself was just as good as me in the past. But you better not look down on my too much!”

“Even if you kowtow to me a hundred time and offer me your arms and legs, it will be useless! Today your only option is death.”

Brother Kun said and killed his cigarette as he stared at Ye Xuan.

To be honest, Ye Xuan beating up three hundreds of his man was beyond his expectation and imagination. Even the haughty Brother Kun doubted he could do it like Ye Xuan. The skill that Ye Xuan showed shocked him greatly and he was far from the calm act he showed to Ye Xuan.

But he was fully confident that he can take down Ye Xuan. In his opinion, Ye Xuan spent a lot of his stamina in that hard fought battle and that he was weakened.

After all, he saw that Ye Xuan forehead was sweaty and probably consumed a lot of his stamina by taking care of more than three hundreds of his men.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but smile mockingly when he heard what Brother Kun said.

How could he not know what Brother Kun was thinking? But who was Ye Xuan?

He was Western Shura World Three Sovereign and Five Emperors Grand Demon.

What kind of place was the Western Shura World?

It was a place filled with darkness that made many countries fear its existence and didn’t even dare to invade it.

It was a place filled with murders and a holy land for the strong with countless madmen in there.

How could Ye Xuan be ordinary when he killed his way to the throne and became one of the Three Sovereign and Five Emperors?

Even if his strength was less than one tenth of when his was at his peak, he still wasn’t someone that can be bullied by a small figure such as Brother Kun.

In Ye Xuan’s eyes, whether it was Brother Kun or the Evil Wolf Gang, they were only stepping stone for him to restore his strength.

If he wanted to ascend to the throne again, his feet were bound to filled with bones!

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