Medical Martial God chapter 29

Chapter 29: Brother Kun!

The Earl’s Palace, the most famous club in Xing Hai and also known as a paradise for men.

There were all sorts of pleasurable services here and once you went in to enjoy some of it, you wouldn’t want to come out anymore.

According to Ye Xuan’s tracker, the people on the black Passat came here not long ago.

Although it was 3 p.m. there were still plenty of people coming and leaving.

There were all sorts of dazzling beauty in the establishment. Some wore some revealing clothes with stocking, other wore things such as nurse uniform, maid’s clothes, air hostess’ clothes, school girl’s clothes, sailor’s clothes or some more classic clothes, but they all undoubtedly very attractive.

A beautiful woman wearing a floral qipao stood in the hall like a model, showing her sexy body while singing and dancing. She swayed with the stirring music like a white flower blooming.

Walking in to here was like walking to an ancient brothel.

Of course, the quality here is higher, the service are more advanced and better.

Ye Xuan eyes swept the through the lobby, the crowd and the many beautiful before secretly nodding and muttered.

“This is really heaven for men. The girls here are all high quality.”

After exploring around the lobby for a bit, Ye Xuan sat down on a couch. Soon a very beautiful and sexy waitress wearing cat themed costume came to receive him respectfully.

“Dear distinguished guest, what can this establishment do for you?”

Ye Xuan smiled and pulled out his phone to show her a picture as well as giving her a few bills.

“I’m looking for two of my friends. I don’t know if you happened to see them?” 

On the phone was the picture of the two assassins on the Black Passat.

Maybe the bills played a big role as she answered with a big smile.

“Sir, your friends are in the third floor of the Spring Breeze Pavilion. You can go up to there by taking the escalator in the lobby.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Xuan thanked her and went to the elevator.

He went straight to the third floor and arrived in the Spring Breeze Pavilion.

Hearing the sound of yell and laugh, Ye Xuan’s face became unpleasant. He took out a needle to lock pick the door instead of knocking.


A small unlocking sound was heard before Ye Xuan opened the door quietly and walked in silently.

When he entered the room, he was greeted by a sumptuous decorated hall and yet there was no one in it but there were petting and moaning sounds coming off the master bedroom along with breathing and water splashing noise.

The master bedroom had a large and high end bath filled with water and foam. A knife scar man and an eagle tattooed man were two delicate women in the bath. They were bathing in bubbles and gave a vivid image.

Ye Xuan calmly walked into the bedroom and sat on the couch. He lit a cigarette as he waited for them to come out of the bathroom.

When Scarface and the eagle tattooed man walked out of the bathroom and saw Ye Xuan sitting on the couch, their face changed as the two women went back to the bath for the phones and call for help.

A cold light passed over both of the assassins’ eyes as they looked at Ye Xuan solemnly before they smiled and asked in confusion, “Buddy, did you get in the wrong room? What are you doing ours?”

These guys acted and pretended that they didn’t know Ye Xuan.

After all, in their eyes, finding them and entering this room without them noticing was not something easy to do or a feat they expected from him.

Ye Xuan mouth curled in a smile when he heard him and said in a mocking tone.

“Hey, how come you forgot about me so soon?”

Scarface had a thick face and replied with a smile.

“Buddy, we’ve never met before, so how do we know each other? If it’s because buddy like these two girls, then we brother can…”

“Stop pretending, I don’t buy it. Tell me who sent you to do this and I’ll spare you.”

Ye Xuan leisurely said as he smoked.

“Haha, buddy, you must have misunderstood something? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

The man with an eagle tattoo said.

“I think you will understand soon enough.”

Ye Xuan rushed at them as mocking glint passed through his eyes.




The assassins instantly changed their attitude and tried to dodge away but Ye Xuan already arrived in front of them and smashed his fists in their stomach, they sprayed blood and saliva as their bodies smashed through to door and landed in the bathroom.


Their sudden appearance startled the two women in the bathroom who were calling for help and made them scream in fright.

“You fucking bastard, our brothers will kill you today.”

The man with an eagle tattoo said with rage as he climbed out of the bathtub he fell in with Scarface.

Their body trembled as their muscle bulged out before they charged arrogantly toward Ye Xuan.


As they charge toward him, Ye Xuan jumped into the air to avoid their punches before kicking them on the chest with brutal force.


Their got sent off again to the bathtub and made the water splash everywhere.

“Cough, Cough…”

Bloods flowed down from the corners of both assassins’ mouths.



The two of them were about to get up and try to attack Ye Xuan again but Ye Xuan already arrived in front of them with two bottles of red wine and smashed it on their heads under their terrified gaze.

After take the blow from Ye Xuan, the two men struggled to stand up but they didn’t want to kneel in front of him neither and yet they lost the mean to fight back.

Maybe if they were more prepared they could have fought back against Ye Xuan since they only had their pants on them and no weapons. They could only kneel down to Ye Xuan as they had no means to fight back.

“Tell me, who sent you to kill me?”

Ye Xuan asked as he looked down on Scarface and the man with the eagle tattoo.

Feeling the killing intent and hearing Ye Xuan’s words, the two assassins looked at each other before said slowly.

“Is… Is….”


But before they could say anything a man with a golden chain and tattoo on his neck along with multiple men dressed in black suit kicked down the doors and entered.

“Brother Kun, help us!”

Both men hurriedly called for help when they saw the man with the golden chain like just got a life saving straw.

The name of the man with the golden chain was Long Kun and also known as Brother Kun. He was the head of the Earl’s Palace and the Evil Wolf Gang’s leader’s brother. He was quite famous in Xing Hai.

“Brat, you dare to cause trouble in my territory? You want to die?”

“Long Kun? Never heard of you. I’m currently asking about an important thing, you better not bother me or I wouldn’t mind trash this Earl’s Palace.”

Ye Xuan said coldly as he didn’t even bother to turn around and look at him.

“Haha! What an arrogant brat! You even dare to talk to Brother Kun like that. Don’t you know who Brother Kun is?”

“Our Brother Kun is the Evil Wolf Gang’s vice leader and the Evil Wolf Gang Leader’s brother. This is the Evil Wolf Gang’s territory, so brat, do you know how stupid what you just said?”

“You must be afraid now, brat? Haha!”

Everyone laughed at Ye Xuan when they heard what he said and looked him at he was retarded.

“Evil Wolf Gang?”

Ye Xuan asked with surprise.

It seemed that he encounter the Evil Wolf Gang quite often these last few days.

“What? Are you afraid now, brat? If you take out ten millions dollars in cash, we can forget everything that happened tonight. Otherwise don’t think you can leave here in one piece.”

A yellow haired man next to Brother Kund said as he looked at Ye Xuan.

“Afraid? You think that a mere Evil Wolf Gang would scare me? I think it’s time for me to eradicate the Evil Wolf Gang!” Ye Xuan said mockingly with killing intent surging from his eyes.

The Evil Wolf Gang had already provoked him four times now. He now planned in his mind to destroy the Evil Wolf Gang.

“Ye Xuan?”

“Haha! It turned out to be Xing Hai’s famous trash, the one that had been kicked out from the Ye family and became a hobo. To talk to us like that, do you have mental illness?”

The yellow haired guy laughed when he heard what Ye Xuan said but Brother Kun’s face turned cold as he looked at Ye Xuan with caution and seriousness.

He had received news earlier that in one of Evil Wolf Gang’s bar, that someone beat up the Young Boss Wolf and crippled Scorpion, and it was all done by Ye Xuan who everybody thought was useless.

This proved that Ye Xuan was no longer the trash he once was but someone dangerous.

But this was Brother Kun’s territory and he had absolute confidence he can kill him here.

At this moment, his eyes surged with killing intent as he said seriously, “Cut the crap, go kill him!”

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