Medical Martial God chapter 28

Chapter 28: Goddess of the night Elena.

“Qingcheng, who was that pretty boy you were with?”

Ye Xuan’s sudden question made Leng Qingcheng freeze for a moment. She was surprised by the question as she didn’t expect him to ask that kind of question.

She thought that Ye Xuan didn’t see her at the banquet but unexpectedly his eyes were sharp and obviously saw her.

She regained her spirit shortly after and replied softly, “He’s a friend…”


Ye Xuan just oh’d and didn’t say anything else.

His indifferent reaction surprised both women. Wasn’t he too calm? Didn’t they say all men have strong hegemony or something?

Leng Qingcheng was still Ye Xuan’s wife in name. She went to a date with another man and this guy only just oh’d!?

However they didn’t know that in Ye Xuan’s mind, he didn’t consider Leng Qingcheng as his woman, at most she was barely half a friend.

Not to mention Leng Qingcheng wouldn’t do something like that due to her temperament. After all, she had plenty of opportunity to do so when he was asleep for three years. (TLN: He’s talking about her opportunity of cheating unless you didn’t get it, cause i didn’t get at first, maybe i’m just dumb.)

“Hey… Ye Xuan, don’t you want to know why my sis was with that men?” Su Xiaomeng asked with a bit disappointment in her voice.

“Who she was with is her business, it has nothing to do with me, as long she’s happy.”

Ye Xuan said indifferently as he dried his hair with a towel.

Suddenly remembering something, Ye Xuan continued with, “By the way, I’ve to warn you that pretty boy isn’t someone good. He has sinister aura around him. I kindly advise you to stay away from him.”

“Ye Xuan, don’t go too far. Yuanhang is my friend. You can call him a pretty boy but now you’re telling me that he is bad person and had an evil aura? You are so petty, are you even a man?”

Leng Qingcheng replied coldly when she heard Ye Xuan saying bad things about her friend.

In her mind, Ye Xuan’s words were just petty words. Those petty words he said made all the good feeling she had accumulated for him these last few days disappear. 

“She’s right, Ye Xuan. Brother Song Yuanhang is very impressive. We know him since we were little but he left the country and he’s just been back not long ago. It’s inappropriate for you to say that about him…”

Even Su Xiaomeng scolded him.

“All right, how you think about him it’s your business. I was just kindly warning you. That guy is really not something good. You all better take care of yourself.”

Ye Xuan said coldly before going back to his room. Leng Qingcheng’s reaction angered him a bit.

His senses were so acute that everything that happened in the banquet couldn’t escape his sight. He obviously saw Leng Qingcheng and the man called Song Yuanhang but he felt a lot of evil resentment from that man.

Ye Xuan guessed he might have practiced some evil cultivation, so he warned them but didn’t think that he would be misunderstood and end up being called petty.

This made his heart feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ye Xuan was on the bed and about to sleep but his phone vibrated at this moment.

Ye Xuan glanced at the phone and saw a foreign number before he took the call.

“Sorry my Lord for calling you so late at night.”

A very sexy and respectful voice was heard over the phone.

“You are?” Ye Xuan asked in incertitude.

“Lord, I am Ye Qianwei. I’ve found a clue on the phone numbers you gave me last time.” The respectful voice over the phone replied.

It was obvious that Ye Qianwei had noticed something or her superior told her something as he became even more respectful than previously.

Ye Xuan was slightly surprised at the speed and asked with interest.

“Oh? Whose number it is?”

“It came from a guy named Song Xiaoyu. We found out that he come from one of the capital’s big family, the Song family. He’s a core member of the Song family and quite well known among the young generation of the Song family.” Ye Qianwei explained over the phone.

“The capital’s Song family?”

Ye Xuan frowned and couldn’t help but think about Song Yuanhang, and then he asked curiously, “Does he have any relationship with Song Yuanhang?”

“Reporting to Lord! Song Xiaoyu is Son Yuanhang’s little brother. Song Yuanhang is one of the three great heirs of the Song family and has a high status and power. Even Xing Hai’s four great figures will have to be extremely respectful to him. He was at banquet today but stayed lowkey and since he only recently came back, many people didn’t recognize him…”

Ye Qianwei explained more about Song Yuanhang as she seemed to know that Ye Xuan wanted more info on him.

“Alright, I got it.” Ye Xuan acknowledged.

“Lord, Lord Elena told me that if Lord needs anything, feel free to…” Ye Qianwei said with sincerity.

“I got it.”

Ye Xuan nonchalantly said and hang up the phone.

He lied on the bed and looked at the ceiling as an intrigued smile appeared on his face before muttering, 

“The assassins were sent by Song Xiaoyu and he is Song Yuanhang little brother, also Song Yuang seems to be pursuing Leng Qingcheng… this is interesting.”

In a comfortable and luxurious bed, Ye Qianwei lay languidly on the bed with a white shirt on her. Her sexy figure and long smooth legs that could tempt anybody could be seen along with her irresistible charm.

She frowned at the phone after being hung up on. She didn’t know why her superiors made her say such a thing to Ye Xuan to try to see his reaction.

But thanks to Ye Xuan, she was now in higher ranked position in the Night Temple. She even had a direct line to the founder of the Night Temple, Elena.

After muttering to herself for a moment, Ye Qianwei dialed the phone numbers of the Goddess of the Night, Elena.

Ye Qianwei took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she respectfully said.

“Lord Elena, I… I’m the manager from Xing Hai’s black market shop, Ye Qianwei.”

“Oh! It’s Qianwei! I heard Mina mention you. Why are you looking for me so late?”

Although the over the phone sounded kind, it still had majestic edge to it that made Ye Qianwei tense.

“I’m sorry to disturb your rest, Lord Elena. It’s like this…”

Ye Qianwei reported the content of her conversation with Ye Xuan to her and told her Ye Xuan’s reaction to her name.

“He just responded with ‘I got it’ and didn’t say anything else?”

Ye Qianwei could clearly feel the disappointment over the phone.

“Nothing else…” Ye Qianwei whispered back.

“Alright, report to me if you have any other new.”


“Good night then.”

“Good night Lord Elena!”

Ye Qianwei let out a huge sigh of relief after she hung up the phone.

But her mind was even more confused now. Why would a figure as big as Lord Elena was interested in Ye Xuan?

Ying Country, Royal Mansion.

The Goddess of the Night, Elena, wore a black nightdress and stood at the mansion’s rooftop. She lowered her head to look at the information and pictures of Ye Xuan that her people sent to her, but instead of opening the files, she deleted them as she afraid to be met with disappointment.

Perhaps this was a method for her keep hope in her heart.

After a few days, she calmed down and knew that the Supreme Being died three years ago.

The guy in Xing Hai was just a glimmer of hope that she found but she didn’t have the heart of expose him.

The only reason she told Ye Qianwei to help him was because of the line of poetry he wrote was the same as the Supreme Being.

With her status and power, helping the guys was just a trivial thing for her.

-Ring! Ring! Ring!-

The phone started to ring just as Elena started to lose herself to her thoughts. The call came from her right hand woman, Mina.

“Lord, I just arrived to Xing Hai. I’m going to see him now.”

Mina respectfully said over the phone.

Elena trembled slightly when she heard Mina’s words. After a short a period of silence, she said.

“Mina, don’t go. Come back.”

“Come back? My Lord, you said…”

“Come back, he is not him. He just a glimmer of hope I made.”

“Yes, My Lord. I’ll come back.”

Elena gently hummed in understanding and hung up.

Looking up at the stormy sea under the dark sky in the distance, Elena sighed softly and went back to her bedroom.

Since that man left, the Western Shura World ceased to be peaceful as it once was but instead became like the sea surging with waves of chaos and danger.

Even she had to be careful of each step she took.

She didn’t have the time or the energy to waste with this distraction.

As for Ye Xuan, he didn’t know any of this as he fell asleep after his conversation with Ye Qianwei.

However, he woke up at 3 a.m. and dressed himself before he left by jumping over the windows with his nanowire and disappeared into the night.

He had to take care of something and that was to take care of the guys in the Black Passat car that threw a bomb at him.

As the Grand Demon, he had to return an eye for an eye.

Since the two guys in the Passat dared to attack him, how could Ye Xuan let them live to see today’s sun?

The night was dark and windy. The perfect time to kill!

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