Medical Martial God chapter 27

Chapter 26: Who is that pretty boy?

It already night when Ye Xuan left the bar.

Su Xiaomeng followed Ye Xuan and held the corner of his clothes with her hand. Her head was lowered as she took furtive glance at Ye Xuan. She hesitated to speak but in the end thanked him.

“Ye Xuan, thank you for today…”

“Su Xiaomeng, since I saved you, what are you going to give me as a thanks?”

Ye Xuan joked with her when he saw Su Xiaomeng still frightened expression. It was obvious that what happened today had affected her greatly.

To ease Su Xiaomeng nervousness, Ye Xuan patted her shoulder and said, “Look, it’s dinner time. How about you invite me to dinner before we go home?”

“Ok, no problem! What do you want to eat? Just pick whatever you want!”

Su Xiaomeng said with a smile as she seemed to be affected by Ye Xuan’s mood.

“I don’t know what to eat, how about… how about we go over there and took a look at the food street?”

 Ye Xuan slightly smiled and took Su Xiaomeng’s hand before leading her to the food street.

“Wow, there are actually so many delicious snacks here?”

Su Xiaomeng’s eyes were shining in excitement as she saw the never ending line of food stalls.

She didn’t get to go out much and visit Xing Hai due to Leng Qingcheng being busy with work, hence she spent most of her days in the apartment.

“Let’s go, we will eat to our heart content.”

Ye Xuan gave her a big smile and took her to explore the food street.

There were all sorts of very unique snacks in the food street such as lamb barbecues, dragon beard candy, fried dough twist, ice shrimp jelly, grilled fish, malatang, Chuan Chuan Xiang…

Su Xiaomeng held a barbecue in her left hand and cotton candy in her right hand. They tasted the many food stalls under Ye Xuan lead. It was a delicious, refreshing and enjoyable experience for her.

This was an unique experience for Su Xiaomeng who came from a noble background.

Here, she could be free from any specific attention and eat without having people judge her. Here, she was just a little cute girl walking to get food and not the haughty young miss of her family.

Both of them ate until their stomach was full before leaving the food street and yet Su Xiaomeng still held a barbecue in her hand.

“How was it?”

Ye Xuan asked with a smile as he looked at the still exited Su Xiaomeng.

Su Xiaomeng didn’t pay any attention to her image and stretched out backward, showing her impressive curvy body before saying excitedly.


Ye Xuan couldn’t help but smile at Su Xiaomeng antics and said,

“Let’s go home.”

“Okay! Let us go home!”

She nodded in agreement.

Soon, Ye Xuan stopped a taxi on the roadside and got in with Su Xiaomeng.

Sitting in the taxi, Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan who was staring at the rearview mirror in the car and asked in confusion.

“Ye Xuan, why are you staring at the rearview mirror?”

“No particular reason…”

Ye Xuan shook his head gently and he looked at black Volkswagen Passat in the rearview mirror before saying, “Driver, we have something to do, please stop the car.”

“No problem!”

The taxi driver agreed and stopped the car shortly after.

Ye Xuan paid him and got off the car with Su Xiaomeng.

“Ye Xuan, why are we getting off here?” Su Xiaomeng asked in puzzlement.

Ye Xuan didn’t answer her as he watched the Volkswagen Passat approaching with killing intent.

Maybe Su Xiaomeng didn’t notice anything but Ye Xuan already knew that the black Passat had been following them for quite a while.

There was two man in black suits sitting in the black Passat and the leader whom was sitting in the front passenger seat was particularly eye catching with his eagle tattoo in his wrist. He had his hands crossed in front of his chest with his eyes closed as if he was asleep.

There was a knife’s scar on the driver’s temple, which made him particularly scary.

He stared coldly with a grave expression at Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng who got out of the taxi and said, “Boss, the kid seems to have noticed that we are following him. What should we do?”

“Don’t pay attention to him and keep driving.”

The man with the eagle tattoo said calmly.

“Yes, sir!”

The driver with a scar nodded, he stepped on the gas pedal and changed the gear box, speeding up instantly.


However just as the car was about to pass by Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng, the man with the eagle tattoo sudden opened his eyes and lowered the windows before throwing a can toward them.

A gunpowder smell flowed through the air. 

It was a bomb!


Ye Xuan moved his right leg at lightning speed as soon he saw the can flying toward them and kicked it toward the dustbin.


Right after, a huge explosion resounded loudly. The dustbin exploded under Su Xiaomeng shocked gaze and pieces trashes flied everywhere with black smokes rising.

“Damn it!”

The scarred driver cursed when he saw the unsuccessful attempt and quickly drove off. Unbeknownst to them, there was a little tracker attached to the car’s rear.

Ye Xuan smiled as he glanced at the disappearing black Passat. He patted Su Xiaomeng’s cute face and said.

“Let’s go!”

“Ye… Ye Xuan, why there was an explosion?”

“Why did those guys threw a can at us? And why the trashcan suddenly exploded?”

Su Xiaomeng asked as she pulled Ye Xuan clothes due to her mind being too confused.

Ye Xuan felt a headache coming when he heard Su Xiaomeng. This little girl never experience the danger of outside world. She knew nothing about danger at all!

He thought that Su Xiaomeng would be at least a bit reliable but who knew she was even worse than a rookie.

“My young mistress, it was obvious that the can was a bomb and those guys in the Passat are assassins.”

“Bomb? Assassins? Why did they want to kill us? We didn’t offend anybody or did anything wrong.”

Su Xiaomeng asked in confusion when she heard Ye Xuan’s explanation.

“Probably because they wanted me, there are a lot of people in Xing Hai that wants to kill me. In order to ensure your safety, I would advise you to not be together with me or Leng Qingcheng. If you can, I recommend you to leave Xing Hai.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with wisdom as he solemnly said, “In the current situation, me and Leng Qingcheng have been caught up in some conspiracies and they seems to be more powerful than I thought.”

“Aiyo, Ye Xuan, what are you talking about? What conspiracies? We are in a peaceful era, okay?”

Su Xiaomeng said innocently as she couldn’t understand what Ye Xuan was talking about.

“Peaceful era?”

Ye Xuan smiled disdainfully as he muttered under his breath, “Huaxia is indeed in a peaceful era compared to the Western Shura World, but underneath the peace, there’s still darkness.”

“Let’s go back!”

Ye Xuan said again as he took a taxi with Su Xiaomeng.

Along the way, the two of them chatted happily and harmoniously. Su Xiaomeng didn’t held any resentment or bad feeling toward Ye Xuan after that they went through so many things, she even consider him as a good friend.

She even asked on the detail of how Ye Xuan got his job. Ye Xuan could only smile and tell her the truth.

“What!? The Azure company wanted to hire you to become the director but you refused and went to be a security guard? Ye Xuan, are you stupid?”

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t help but scold him when she heard that he refused to become a director and went to be security guard instead.

Ye Xuan only helplessly smiled and didn’t explain.

When Su Xiaomeng and Ye Xuan returned to Wang Jiang residence, Leng Qingcheng had already showered and was sitting on the couch reading a book about medicine.

She wore a purple nightgown and sat on the couch with her legs crossed. Her curvy figure with her long and smooth legs could be seen. The sight could make anyone become attracted to her.

“Sister Qingcheng!”

Su Xiaomeng rushed to her and gave her a big hug when she saw her.

“Xiaomeng, why did you come back Ye Xuan?”

A beautiful smile appeared on Leng Qingcheng when she saw the spoiled Su Xiaomeng.

A smile that disappeared in a flash.

Su Xiaomeng smiled bitterly and slowly told her the story.

As for Ye Xuan, he went straight to the bathroom to shower.

“What? Such a thing really happened?”

Leng Qingcheng was extremely shocked when Su Xiaomeng’s told her what happened in the bar.

She knew that Ye Xuan had recently became really strong but she never thought that he would be able to fight against a hundred people and even trample the Evil Wolf Gang’s Young Boss Wolf.

Where did this man’s strength came from? Just what happened to him?

Ye Xuan’s extraordinary performance at the banquet and the attitude of the Royal Group’s director Ye left Leng Qingcheng with many suspicion and shock in her mind.

She felt like that Ye Xuan was a completely different person. It filled her mind with many different colors of mysteriousness. 

“Right, Sister Qingcheng, how was the banquet?”

Su Xiaomeng asked.

A bitter smile appeared on Leng Qingcheng’s beautiful face as she told her what happened in the banquet.

“No way! Are you kidding me?”

Su Xiaomeng unconsciously let out when she listened to Leng Qingcheng story.

Actually she thought that Ye Xuan was bragging when he said that the Azure Company wanted to hire him as the direction but now that she heard what happened in the banquet, she realized he was telling the truth.

“Then, did he see you with brother Yuanhang?”

Su Xiaomeng whispered after she put her mouth near Leng Qingcheng’s ear.

Leng Qingcheng thought a moment before she responded.

“I don’t think so…”

Just as she said that, Ye Xuan walked out of the bathroom and asked curiously.

“Qingcheng, who was that pretty boy you were with?”

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