Medical Martial God chapter 26

Chapter 26: I’m asking you if you going to apologize or not?

The bar hall was silent.

All of them felt a chill in their heart when they watched the hand that had been cut by Ye Xuan and Scorpion who got sent flying to a wall like a dead dog.

His method was simply too brutal and merciless.

In a blink of an eye, Scorpion got trashed. One of his arms got cut off and his sternum got crushed. It couldn’t be called a fight, but a slaughter.

“What… what the hell is that thing? It cut off Scorpion’s arm so easily. If he used that move against me earlier, I would have been dead…”

Green Wolf said fearfully as he watched the army knife retract back to Ye Xuan’s sleeve. He felt deep fear in his heart whenever he thought of the silver thread passing through the light.

“Damn, he clearly a trash before, how did he suddenly became so strong?”

Even young master Wolf had a shocked and horrified expression on his face but it gradually became serious as he couldn’t underestimate Ye Xuan anymore.

After all, Scorpion was an extremely skilled assassin, yet Ye Xuan easily overpowered him and took one of his arms. His power couldn’t be underestimated anymore, especially with his mysterious hidden weapons.

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s level of dangers skyrocketed in the Young Boss Wolf’s heart.

But he just couldn’t understand how it was possible. This guy used to be a trash that couldn’t even fight a chicken and his car accident should have made it worse.

Why did he look like he got reincarnated? He was so powerful that he seemed to be a totally different person.

Ye Xuan went to the dying Scorpion and slapped him awake before asking,

“Tell me, who sent you?”

Scorpion opened his eyes to see Ye Xuan’s face just right in front him. He felt a strong sense of fear as he said dryly.

“It was… it was Qian… Qian Jianchen.”

He was really afraid of Ye Xuan. That guy was really too strong!

“Qian Jianchen? I’ll remember this.”

Ye Xuan’s flashed cold as he suddenly grabbed Scorpion and threw him away with great strength. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

If Su Xiaomeng wasn’t here, he would not only cut Scorpion’s arm but also his head, but he didn’t want her to such a horrifying scene and traumatize her.

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he easily discarded Scorpion. He slowly turned his head toward young master Wolf and said,

“It’s your turn, young master Wolf.”


Young master Wolf took a big breath and clenched his hand so hard that cracking sound resounded when he heard Ye Xuan. He exhaled the frustration and calmed his mood before saying with a smile,

“Young master Ye, although we didn’t have much of a relationship before, we were still old acquaintance and probably will meet more in the future. If you really like this woman, you can have her! So why don’t you let today’s matter go?”

This guy was able back down when he saw things was going wrong. Hence he bowed down and tried to reconcile with Ye Xuan.

Seeing this, the members of the Evil Wolf Gang were stunned and surprised. They didn’t expect that their arrogant young master Wolf would be able to say such words.

He took the initiative to bow!

This wasn’t something they thought they would ever see.

Ye Xuan’s frowned at he looked at young master Wolf with a dangerous glint. This guy was more complex than he thought.

Those who are able to bow at this moment are definitely not ordinary people. This kind of people were all  very shrewd.

“Since young master Wolf asked, It’s not impossible for me to let the matter go. It’s pretty simple, you just have to kneel down in front of me and my friend and apologize to us. I don’t think this is a very hard thing to do for young master Wolf, is it?”

Ye Xuan calmly said and yawned.

“Ye Xuan, don’t go too far! In the past you were protected by the Ye family but now, you’re nothing but a dog in my eyes!”

Young master Wolf angrily said. If it wasn’t for fear of his strength, he would have already made his move.

After all, he asked himself if he was confident in fighting against Ye Xuan. He rather avoids doing something that he wasn’t a hundred percent confident into.

“Haha, you said that I’m a dog but you just bowed down to me. What does that make you then?”

Ye Xuan said with a laugh.

Just as young master Wolf was about to respond, Ye Xuan interrupted him as he said seriously.

“Stop wasting time! Either you apologize or I’ll beat you!”

“Apologize? Hehe… I think you are really looking for death!”

“If that’s the case then… this young master will grant your wish! Tiger Wolf Burst!”

Young master Wolf’s eyes surged with killing intent as a fearsome energy gathered in his feet before it burst out and pushed his body to leap toward Ye Xuan at an extreme speed like a hungry wolf while leaving after image behind him.

This guy’s speed and agility were indeed terrifying.

In just a moment, he was in front of Ye Xuan with his hand stretching toward him and sharp tiger claws coming out of his nails. He was aiming at his heart in hope to kill him in one blow!


Ye Xuan’s pupils shrunk as he saw him coming. The speed that young master Wolf displayed was slightly unexpected.

However it was just a slight surprise.

At the moment young master Wolf sharp tiger claws got closer, Ye Xuan back flipped backward and dodged his attack. With his body upside down and his palms on the ground for support, his spun like windmill and used to rotational force to give a powerful kick to young master Wolf.

His movements were so quick that it left a series of after images.

The move that Ye Xuan used was one of Wind God moves, Celestial Kick! 


Young master Wolf cursed when his attack missed and was about to pursue but he was greeted with Ye Xuan’s Celestial Kick. He heard the whistle of the wind and behind it was the kick heading straight toward him.


He wanted to dodge it but could had the time to cross his arms in front and block Ye Xuan’s kick.


He blocked Ye Xuan’s kick and was about to counter attack but Ye Xuan’s other leg struck his abdomen.

A terrifying force penetrated the inside of his and injured all his organs. Young master Wolf sprayed out a mouthful of blood and flew away like a kite with his string cut off and landed at table far away, smashing the table to pieces.

“Cough, cough… eurgh…”

Young master Wolf struggled to stand up only to feel pain in his chest and vomited blood.

Right after, he seemed to feel something. His face changed as he looked up and saw an army knife coming toward him. His pupils enlarged as the knife came toward him.

He wanted to dodge it but it was already too late. 

Ye Xuan’s powerful kick just broke his ribs.

At this moment, young master Wolf was like in a frozen state as all the hair in his body stood up.

He couldn’t resist any more in front of Ye Xuan.

Under the terrified gaze of young masterWolf, the blade stopped within an inch of his brows, and then he heard Ye Xuan cold voice.

“Are you going to kneel down and apologize or die?”

Looking at the knife which was an inch from killing and at Ye Xuan’s ruthless face, young master Wolf was filled with fear.

But this guy was a person who had seen great many things after. He soon calmed down and arrogantly said, “You want me to apologize to you piece of shit? In your dream!”

“Ye Xuan, you dare to kill me? I’m the Evil Wolf Gang young master! If you kill me, you’re dead!”

This guy still had a bit of backbone left.




However, just after he made his courageous speech, Ye Xuan right leg kicked his kneecap.

The sound of broken bone resounded along the painful scream of young master Wolf. With his knee broken, he ended up kneeling with one leg in front of Ye Xuan.

“Still not apologizing?”

Ye Xuan casually asked.

“Apologize your mom’s head!”

Young master Wolf angrily yelled out as he stared at Ye Xuan hatefully with his face distorted in pain.



Just after he yelled, Ye Xuan kicked with left leg and broke the kneecap of his other leg.

The powerful kick completely shattered his knee and now he was completely kneeled in front of Ye Xuan.

“Still not apologizing?”

Ye Xuan face was still expressionless as if he was a death god from hell. He insensible to young master Wolf’s anguish and painful screams.

He was like a king that looked down on everyone.

The pain from having both of his legs broken made him irrational as he screamed with venom and hate in his voice. He looked like crazy and horrible.

“Fuck your grandpa! Ye Xuan, you son of a bitch, kill me if you have the guts! Fuck your mother!”


Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed coldly as he took a nearby bottle of wine and smashed it on young master Wolf’s head before saying with threatening edge.

“This is your last chance, are you going to apologize or not?”

It seems that in his eyes, young master Wolf wasn’t a man but a worthless ant who he could crush at any time.


The brutal scene was saw by everyone in the hall, it made their scalp tingle in numbness as their subconsciously retreated a few step in fear and swallow their saliva. No one dared to step forward and help young master Wolf.

It was the first time they saw someone so fierce.

This guy swung his hand without hesitation.

He was simple a demon king.


Perhaps Ye Xuan’s bottle smash woke him from his madness as he started to cry like a child and started to beg.

“I… I’m sorry, Ye… Ye Xuan… no… brother Xuan… I beg you, spare me! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

At this moment, the noble image that the young master Wolf had disappeared. He like a dog kneeling in front of Ye Xuan.

In his entire life, he had never received such a humiliation.

Ye Xuan brushed aside young master Wolf who begged for mercy and turned around. His nonchalant and cold face was replaced by a gentle and smoothing face as he talked to Su Xiaomeng.

“Xiaomeng, let’s go home.”

Looking at Ye Xuan who had a gentle and soft smile on his face, Su Xiaomeng felt confusion and torn as it was difficult to connect this Ye Xuan to the one before who was like a demon.


Su Xiaomeng nodded and followed Ye Xuan in leaving the bar.

The Evil Wolf Gang members didn’t block them but even opened a passage for them to pass.

“This demon…”

Many members sighed in relief when they saw Ye Xuan leave.

“Hurry up and call an ambulance for young master Wolf and Lord Scorpion!”

An anxious voice yelled out.

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