Medical Martial God chapter 25

Chapter 25: Not my match!

In the middle of the messy bar hall, Ye Xuan was elegantly sitting on chair and swaying his legs as he sipped the wine on the cup he held.

Su Xiaomeng’s beautiful and cute cheeks were filled with anxiety as she stood beside Ye Xuan like a good doll while being uncomfortable about the current atmosphere.

Around them were members of the Evil Wolf Gang who were badly beaten up by Ye Xuan. Some other were still standing.

Some of them lied on the ground because they were heavily injured. Some had broken nose other had their hands and feet broken. They all looked at Ye Xuan resentfully and hatefully but they also felt deep fear and didn’t dare to take any action against him.

If one looked closer, their bodies were shaking every time Ye Xuen inadvertently glanced at them.

That was because they were too scared of him!

The sitting Ye Xuan who was leisurely enjoying his wine was like a invincible Demon King while Su Xiaomeng, who stood beside him, was the Demon King cute and obedient maid.

A wave of invisible aura silently spread out from Ye Xuan and made all the living submit!


The atmosphere at the scene was extremely depressing and some people were constantly swallowing their saliva because they couldn’t bear with it.

Green Wolf, who was sitting on the ground, watched Ye Xuan leisurely drink his wine with resentful and bitter eyes, “Boy, don’t be too smug. Although you’re very strong but our Evil Wolf Gang isn’t something you can afford to offend! Our young master Wolf is very strong and the successor of the Wolf King! What’s more, he’s with the extremely power assassin, Scorpion! Don’t think you’ll leave here alive!”

Listening to the hateful words of Green Wolf, Ye Xuan couldn’t help but smile mockingly. He raised his cup toward Green Wolf as if he wanted to toast him and slowly sipped the wine while looking at him with naked contempt.

“Ye… Ye Xuan, how… how about we… we run away?”

Su Xiaomeng was worried and carefully said as she clutched the corner of Ye Xuan’s shirt.

“Run away?”

A sneer appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he said domineeringly, “No one has ever offended me and not apologized. Now you want me to turn around and leave?”

“Haha! You want to be the shining hero that saves the belle? But aren’t you looking down too much at my Evil Wolf Gang?”

A mocking voice soon followed after Ye Xuan’s speech and resounded in the hall.

A white haired young man with a man in a linen trench coat appeared in Ye Xuan’s sight and slowly walked down from the staircase under the lead of an Evil Wolf Gang member.

They were none other than young master Wolf and his assassin friend, Scorpion!

“Young master Wolf!”

“Young master Wolf!”

The members of the Evil Wolf Gang greeted him respectfully and excitedly when they saw him coming.

In their opinion, now that their young master Wolf was here, this boy was done for!

Young master Wolf nodded at their greeting and his gaze turned toward Ye Xuan who was sitting at the center of the hall. His expression turned to astonishment when he saw him and asked surprisingly.

“Ye-Ye Xuan?”

Ye Xuan was the previous young master of Ye family and him knowing him was only natural.

“What? Young master Wolf, he is Ye Xuan? Didn’t you say that he was a vegetative patient lying on the hospital?”

Scorpion asked in confusion when he heard young master Wolf mutter his target’s name.

Young master Wolf told him that Ye Xuan was unconscious at the hospital and even proposed to send his men to take care of it for him. So why did Ye Xuan appeared here and trashed the bar along with his men?

Even young master Wolf felt confused for a moment. He didn’t think that Ye Xuan would awaken from his slumber and come here to make trouble. He wounded so many of his men and even his right-hand man, Green Wolf, lost to this guy.

The fuck was this situation?

Young master Wolf felt like there were thousands of horses running through the mud in his mind.

He remembered what he said to Scorpion back at the VIP room, and now his face was starting to heat up.

Didn’t he just slap his own face?

However, young master Wolf quickly calmed his mind and stared at Ye Xuan as he said coldly, “I was wondering who came but it turned out to be a trash. I didn’t think you would be able to wake up…”

“There’s plenty of things you can’t think of! You are young master Wolf, right? Enough nonsense, kneel down and apologize to Su Xiaomeng or don’t blame me for leveling this place today!”

Ye Xuan said with calm and domineering voice as he interrupted young masterWolf impatiently.

“Haha! A trash like you wants to flatten my bar? What a joke!”

Young master Wolf busted into laughter as he took Ye Xuan’s words as a joke.

He couldn’t take seriously someone who had been kicked out of the Ye family and couldn’t do anything but rely on himself.

“Ye Xuan, even if you kneel down, call me granddaddy and beg for mercy, you will still die like a dog!”

Young master Wolf took a step forward as an aura a bit stronger than Green Wolf spread out from his body.

“It looks like you won’t shed tears until you seen the coffin!”

Ye Xuan drank all the wine in the cup without hesitating and threw the cup to the ground, smashing it to pieces. He stood up slowly as an invisible force spread out from his body.

“I should be the one saying that to you! Today, I will make you kneel and force you to watch as I slowly torture and play with little miss Su.”

Young master Wolf’s eyes flashed with killing intent and was about to jump at Ye Xuan but he was stopped Scorpion who said, “Wait, young master Wolf, this Ye Xuan is my target, how can I let young master Wolf make move? I should do it myself. I’ll help you teach him a good lesson before cutting his head!”

Young master Wolf was about to speak but Scorpion continued with, “No need to say anything else, young master Wolf. Seeing this kid here saved me a lot of trouble. So today I have to do it by my own hands.”

“Stop arguing and come together.”

Ye Xuan said confidently as he saw them unable to decide between which of them should fight him.

“Arrogant brat, die for me!”

Scorpion yelled out angrily and killing intent surged from Scorpion’s eyes as he had never been looked down so much before.


Scorpion immediately jumped behind Ye Xuan after finishing his sentence and without waiting for young master Wolf to react.

“Brat, there’s a way for you to heaven but you didn’t take it, hell has no gate and yet you barge into it. You coming in here saved me a lot of trouble. I should thank you, after all your head is worth a million dollars.”

Scorpion said with pity as he looked at Ye Xuan with unconcealed greed in his eyes.

“Only a million?”

Ye Xuan frowned with dissatisfaction when he heard the price.

In his past life, the bounty on his head in the Western Shura World was a billions Shura coin and was in the top ten highest bounty of the world.

A billion Shura coin was the equivalent of Huaxia’s eight billions dollars.

He was extremely dissatisfied when Scorpion told him that his head was only worth a million dollars.

After all, the bounty amount on people was also a symbol of prestige and power in the Western Shura World.

“Haha! Your trash’s head is worth a million dollars and you’re unhappy?”

Scorpion coldly whispered as he licked the corner of his with his tongue.

“Seeing your outfit, you should be an assassin. Who sent you?”

Ye Xuan asked casually as he stared at Scorpion.

“Hahaha! There are plenty of people who want to kill you. How would I know which on it is? But, I can have an idea. You can go to hell and ask the King of hell!”

Scorpion had no plan to speak with Ye Xuan anymore as his eyes burst out with killing intent, he threw two darts out of his sleeve. One toward Ye Xuan and the other toward Su Xiaomeng, he clearly had the intention to harm her.

This Scorpion was really a cruel man, he didn’t even want to let Su Xiaomeng go.


However he underestimated Ye Xuan ability. As soon the darts were thrown, Ye Xuan grabbed Su Xiaomeng by the waist and dodged sideways.

At the same time, two silver needles were fired from Ye Xuan’s belt without warning in an attempt to strike back at Scorpion.

As the dart came toward her, Su Xiaomeng felt like death was approaching but in the last moment, Ye Xuan grabbed her by the waist. She was glued to his thin body and Su Xiaomeng’s heart couldn’t help but beat wildly as if a deer were jumping around and even a small blush appeared on her cute cheeks.

“Wait here for a minute.”

Ye Xuan said after he evaded the darts and put her down. Then he turned toward Scorpion and said with a somber tone.

“You’re courting death.”

Scorpion’s eyes surged with even more killing intent as he watched Ye Xuan’s lightning quick movements. His hand went toward his waist to pull out a Nepalese army knife and slashed with it in direction of Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan expression turned serious as he extended his hand and suddenly pulled.

With the sound of metal colliding, Scorpion’s knife, which was slashing toward Ye Xuan, seemed to be blocked by something and couldn’t move forward anymore.

If one looked closely, there was a tiny silver nanowire blocking the blade under the refraction of the light which was connected to an army knife that Ye Xuan pulled out of nowhere.

Scorpion was stunned that his slash was suddenly blocked.


Just as he lost his focus, Ye Xuan smiled and pulled the nanowire in his hand. A sound of knife sliding through tofu resounded.

One of Scorpion’s arms got amputated under the horrified gaze of everyone in the bar hall as Scorpion’s blood flowed out from his amputated arm. The silver nanowire flashed through the light and retracted back to Ye Xuan’s knife.




Scorpion shrieked miserably as his amputated arm fell on the ground.

However, Ye Xuan didn’t stop his offensive here and tornado kicked his chest with a powerful force.

With Ye Xuan’s kick, Scorpion sprayed out a lot of blood from his mouth as the sound of bone breaking could be heard. He flew away like a football due to the kick and smashed into a wall before passing out instantly.

The whole bar became dead silent.

No one thought that even the famous assassin Scorpion wasn’t Ye Xuan opponent.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Ye Xuan like he was demon and all felt their heart grow extremely cold.

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