Medical Martial God chapter 24

Chapter 24: Wind’s God Wrath.

Green Wolf was one of the most powerful experts from the Evil Wolf Gang, not only did he have impressive amount of strength, he was also very fast. He can be considered in the upper tier in the entire Xing Hai.

He had the ferocious cruelty of the wolf and also the acute sense of smell of a wolf, which made him even stronger in a fight.

He jumped high into the air and shifted his center of gravity toward his leg. Using the force of gravity, he waved his leg like an axe and swung it down toward Ye Xuan’s head.

This was one of Green Wolf’s trump cards, Wolf Axe Kick.

This move was so fast, bold and powerful that even thick bricks would have been smashed by him. So one could imagine how strong this kick was.


Ye Xuan’s eyes squinted as a glimmer of cold light passed over his eyes. Su Xiaomeng was standing behind him and if he dodged, she would surely get hurt.

For now, he can only grit his teeth as his crossed his arms over his head and block it.


The Green Wolf’s leg collided against Ye Xuan’s arms as the dull sound of collision resounded and the hard floor beneath Ye Xuan cracked like a spider web.


“Beautifully done!”

“Lord Green Wolf is mighty!”

Many of members of the Evil Wolf Gang cheered and shouted excitedly when they saw it.

“Ye Xuan, how are you? Are you fine?”

Su Xiaomeng asked as she was worried.

“Su Xiaomeng, step back a bit otherwise I won’t be able to show it!”

Ye Xuan said expressionlessly as he turned his head to her.

“Won’t be able to show it? Boy, do you think I will give the chance or the room to do it? Second Order Wolf Axe Kick!”

Green Wolf said bloodthirstily as he sneered at him.


As soon he finished his words, he used his leg on Ye Xuan’s arms to jump up again and as his body spun midair, he raised his leg and did the same attack once again!

This attack was even more powerful than the last one!

“Nice kick, but in front of this Lord you are just showing your measly skill in front of a master!”

Ye Xuan said mockingly as he showing him a disdainful smile.

This kick from Green Wolf can’t be compared to Ye Xuan, even that brat Wing God he knew when he at his peak was a hundred thousand times worse than him! And that brat’s kick had long since surpassed the human limit and was enough to break a steel plate.

Ye Xuan stopped being on the defensive. He stomped hard on the ground and stood his ground as he spun and kicked upward with his right leg!

Wind God Wrath!



In the next moment, the sound of bones being fractured rang out when Ye Xuan’s kick collided with Green Wolf’s kick.

A terrifying amount of force came from the point of impact of the two legs and swept everything around them away. Under the shocked and horrified gaze of the Evil Wolf Gang members, their beloved and powerful Lord Green Wolf coughed a mouthful of blood and was sent flying like a football toward the wall.

“Cough, Cough…”

More blood flowed down the corner of Green Wolf’s mouth as his original strong aura grew incomparably weak.

From the exchange he had with Ye Xuan, the leg he was so proud of got shattered but the powerful internal force also got further into his body and injured his organs, leaving him in a heavily injured state and stuck in the wall.

Ye Xuan, for his part, was still unharmed and was elegantly standing upright.

His heroic demeanor was like a charming prince from a fairy tale and was absolutely mesmerizing.

However, his heroic demeanor disappeared in the next second as he jumped around while holding his leg with his hands and yelled out angrily. He looked like a clown.

“Hiss…. It fucking hurts, damn it!”

The kick moves he used, Wind God Wrath, was one the technique used by Wind God who was one of the eight gods under him.

The technique required the user to have great physical prowess but also a good balance, which allowed the body to move his center of gravity at will so the technique could be more powerful.

But with Ye Xuan current state, he could only show one-tenth of the power Wind God could do.

“Ye Xuan, are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

Su Xiaomeng asked him with concern after rushing up to him when she saw him clutching his leg in pain.

After all, this happened because of her

“I’m okay, it’s just a little injury.”

Ye Xuan responded calmly with a smile but in his heart he was yelling, “Fuck, it fucking hurts!”

Ye Xuan’s kick deeply shocked all the people in the bar. They were all in disbelief as they looked at Ye Xuan as if they saw a ghost because their eyes were filled unconcealed shock!



The whole bar was so silent that a pin drop could be heard. The only the sound of someone inhaling and swallowing saliva were heard.

“Lord Green Wolf!”

“Lord Green Wolf, are you alright?”

They came to their sense when they shuddered due to a cold wind passing and ran up to Green Wolf before asking him if he was alright.

“What are you fucking doing? Hurry up and get me out of here!”

The enraged Green Wolf snarled angrily as he felt pain all over his body.

-Dem, Dem, Dem-

The gangster quickly moved when he ordered and put a lot effort to finally get him out of the wall.

-Huff, Huff-

They were gasping for breath after getting Green Wolf out a the wall but Ye Xuan walked toward them and made them subconsciously step a few step backward as they looked at him with fear written all over their face.

“What… what do you what?”

Green Wolf asked as he shivered in fear and did his best to endure the pain.

Ye Xuan’s Wind God Wrath completely shattered his confidence.

“Go tell your young master Wolf to get the hell here and apologize to me!”

Ye Xuan said seriously with an expressionless face as he looked down on Green Wolf.

As he said his last word, an invisible aura and pressure spread from Ye Xuan’s body without any warning and crashed toward Green Wolf.

At this moment, Green Wolf hallucinated and saw that Ye Xuan wasn’t a human anymore but a Demon King that ruled over the living on his throne and beneath his feet was a sea of blood filled with corpse and bones.

What Green Wolf saw was the road Ye Xuan had to take to become the Grand King.

And the corpses he saw was all the enemies that Ye Xuan killed in his previous life and those gave him the pressuring killing intent he had.

It was a pressure that belonged exclusively to him and something that even death couldn’t take away from him.


Green Wolf replied with a trembling voice and didn’t dare to go against him.

“Why are you still standing her for? Hurry up and get young master Wolf here!”

Green Wolf could only roar at his men as his leg was broken by Ye Xuan and lost his mobility.

One of his men ran upstairs toward the VIP box like his life depended on it when he heard Green Wolf roar and disappeared from Ye Xuan’s sight.

Upstairs, in the most luxurious imperial box!

A particularly handsome white haired young man sat comfortably on a leather couch and stroked the beauty in his arms while enjoying a massage from the beautiful woman behind him.

He was the owner of this bar and the Evil Wolf Gang little boss. He was who Green Wolf called young master Wolf.

Sitting in front of young master Wolf was middle aged man who looked in his thirties, wearing linen trench coat with a scorpion tattoo on his left face and had a muscular body along with an aura that couldn’t be ignored.

If someone from the assassin’s world saw him, he would be recognized, because he was the famous assassin, Scorpion.

As the small boss of the Evil Wolf Gang, young master Wolf obviously had wide network and this Scorpion was a very good friend of his.

Scorpion was usually away and rarely came to Xing Hai. If he came to Xing Hai it was surely because he got a big contract.

He certainly wanted to kill someone!

“Brother Scorpion, you told me that this time you came to Xing Hai was because you wanted to kill that bastard Ye Xuan?”

Young master Wolf asked surprised when he heard what Scorpion told him.

“Yes, I came here to ask you if you had any information on Ye Xuan.” Scorpion said while nodding his head before sipping his tea.

“Shit, are you kidding me? Isn’t it just killing a trash? Why would brother Scorpion need to personally do it?” Young master Wolf said with a laugh.

“What? Does young master Wolf know something about him?” Scorpion asked curiously.

“Of course I do. He’s just a piece of shit that got kicked out of the Ye family. I know he turned into a vegetable and is still lying unconscious in the hospital. If brother Scorpion really wants to kill him, I have plenty of men and I can have them take care of this for you while you can stay here and enjoy some drinks with me.” Young master Wolf said proudly as he laughed.

“Thank you then, young master Wolf.”

Scorpion said with a smile as he cupped his fist.

Since young master Wolf had said so, he naturally would be happy about the freebie.

“Come, let’s have a drink. I’m guessing that Brat Green Wolf should bring that big breasted loli shortly. Hehe, she’s really great and will be enough for the both of us to have fun!”

Young master Wolf said with a perverted laugh.

Suddenly the door of the room opened and a young member rushed before he anxiously said,

“Young master Wolf, this is bad…”

“Why are you making a fuss? Don’t you know the rules?” Young master Wolf said coldly as his face turned solemn.

“Young master Wolf, Lord Green Wolf and the others got trashed!”

The young member said fearfully and respectfully.

Young master Wolf’s changed when he heard him. He stood up abruptly and couldn’t help but let out,


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