Medical Martial God chapter 22

Chapter 22: Su Xiaomeng is in danger!

The Evil Wolf bar, one of the most popular bars in downtown Xing Hai.

It was only late in the evening but by the time Ye Xuan arrived, the bar was already bustling with people.

In the ornate bar hall, the loud music of the DJ and the singer passionate song was heard along with the youthful scream of young men and women.

Countless beautiful men and women wiggled passionately in the dance floor bursting with youth and energy.

Ye Xuan was no stranger to such an environment.

Like a king who had returned, he ordered a strong Latin cocktail and sat down in a corner seat and enjoyed the dancing young ladies.

Sitting in a noisy bar hall, Ye Xuan was like a quiet, elegant and charming prince. Occasionally some sexy looking women would come over to tease him but he’d never responded.

He was just sitting here to pass the time.

As he watched the dance floor, his thought wandered to when he was surrounded and attacked by the four emperors. Those cute guys’ angry and resolute voice resounded in his ears.

“Sword God, you fucking traitor! How dare you betray your Lord?”

“My Lord, hurry up and leave! We’ll cover your back! Hurry and leave…”

“Emperor Qing, you fucking son of a bitch! I’ll fight with you, take my Ursa Major Furious Burst!” (TLN: Lmao those technique names though.”

However, as Ye Xuan’s mind was drifting farther and farther away, a cute and angry voice resounded from the middle of the dance floor. The voice interrupted Ye Xuan’s thought and snapped him back to his sense.

“Bastard, who do you think you are? Hurry up and let go of me!”

Ye Xuan shook his head to get rid of his thought and looked with a frown toward the source of the voice.

In the middle of the chaotic dance floor, a beautiful woman in a white shirt and denim shirt that showed her sexy figure was twisting her petite and curvy figure in hope to get out from the clutch of the young men in expensive suit who had surrounded her.

The small beauty may have drunk a lot of alcohol as her cute and delicate cheeks were blushing with a drunken look on her face. She was particularly eye catching in dance floor with her chest looked like they were about to explode every time she moved.

As for the young men, their body was practically glued to her. This made the small beauty’s expression to be filled with disgust as she was extremely repulsed by them.

“Why is this little girl in the bar?”

Ye Xuan muttered with a bewildered look when he saw the small beauty face.

Because this little beauty was none other than Su Xiaomeng!

Seeing the lustful look on those young men, Ye Xuan put down his drink and walked toward the dance floor. After all, Ye Xuan couldn’t let anything happen to Su Xiaomeng as she was still her cousin-in-law.

“What do you guys want to do? Let go…”

The drunken Su Xiaomeng said as she looked at the five young men who surrounded her.

The five young men, with perverted and brazen eyes, stared up and down at Su Xiaomeng before settling their gaze at her soft peaks. The leader amongst them, the one who had yellow hair, teased her.

“Haha… beauty, we don’t want to do anything or have any malicious intention. But young master Wolf just wants you to come over and have some fun.”

“I’m not going, I want to go home!”

Su Xiaomeng impatiently pushed away the yellow haired man that was blocking her and staggered forward.

“Beauty, don’t be like this, it’s just a little fun, you won’t be losing anything and it can even make you feel really good! Besides, do you know who young master Wolf is? He is none other than this bar owner and also the successor of our Evil Wolf Gang. Do you know how many women are looking forward to spending time with him? It’s your fortune that young master Wolf took a liking to you. You better not throw this good fortune away.”

“Yes, as long you obediently play with young master Wolf and serve him well, you can get anything that you want.”

“He is right! You can even become the owner of this bar and transform yourself from a sparrow to a phoenix!”

Several young men blocked Su Xiaomeng path once again and stared greedily at her soaring twin peaks with amazed looks. They even subconsciously swallowed their saliva and tried their best to suppress the lust in their hearts as they tried to lure her.

“I’m not going! I don’t care about your shitty young master Wolf! My family has plenty of money!”

Su Xiaomeng didn’t lift her head and tried her best to push away the yellow haired man on her path. “Stop blocking me! I want to go home!”

“Little bitch, young master Wolf chose you because he thinks highly of you! You’d better not refuse this opportunity and take the hard road!”

The yellow haired man said menacingly when he heard what she said.

“Get out of my way, you bunch of retards! I’m going home!” Su Xiaomeng yelled out angrily as she started to get impatient.

“Retards? This little bitch sure got balls. You actually dared to talk to us like that? It will hard for you to live past tomorrow if you keep being like this! What are you waiting for? Take her away! Don’t keep young master Wolf waiting too long!”

The yellow haired man said coldly as he looked menacingly at Su Xiaomeng.

Hearing what yellow haired man said, the other young man smiled perversely and extended their evil hands toward her.

They had never played with this kind of big breasted loli before but too bad that young master Wolf wanted her. But they had now an excuse to molest her body a little bit and they couldn’t wait to do it, especially those sweet twin peaks.



Su Xiaomeng furiously yelled out as she slapped the yellow haired man in anger.

“Fucking bitch! You dare to slap me? I’ll fuck you to death today!”

When the yellow haired man got slapped, his expression turned into one of rage and malice. He reached out his hand toward Su Xiaomeng soft peaks and stared at her with sinister eyes.

The other young man also reached out with their perverted hand.

Just when their perverted claws were about to touch Su Xiaomeng’s soft and delicate body, a dramatic and mocking voice was heard.

“Brothers! I’ve taken fancy of this girl, how about you give her to me?”

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