Medical Martial God chapter 21

Chapter 21: Face slapping at the speed of light.

“Mr. Ye, I didn’t expect to meet you here, what a coincidence.”

Everybody at the hall was shocked when they saw how respectful director Ye acted and talked to Ye Xuan.

Everyone dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan and were at loss for words.

Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen went crazy in their minds.

The fuck? What the hell is going on here?

Did director Ye mistook him for someone else?

The people in the all were unable tell left from right.

In their eyes, Ye Xuan was only a trash that had been kicked out of the Ye family. How could he had anything to do with an important figure like director Ye.

Even Lan Wanting, who stood next to Ye Xuan, was stunned and perplexed.

This… this Ye Xuan actually knew director Ye?

Leng Qingcheng was also shocked to the point she ignored the young man next to her and kept watching Ye Xuan.

Even Ye Xuan was a bit surprised by it but soon understood when he saw director Ye take off her sunglasses and reveal her delicate face underneath it.

Because this director Ye was no other than the pretty manager from the black market store.

Ye Xuan’s face was indifferent when he saw Ye Qianwei extended hand and didn’t move to shake her hand. Instead he nodded and said, “I’m just here to accompany a friend, but my friend here is very sincere in wanting to work with you.”

What the fuck?

Holy shit.

What was going on here?

So overbearing?

Director Ye reached out to shake his hand and that bastard didn’t even take it?

Ye Xuan’s move was undoubtedly seen as a bombshell that sent shockwaves to the people present.

They had seen arrogant people but never as arrogant as him!

Even Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen had to be polite to director Ye but this guy didn’t even bother to shake hand and only nodded, like a superior to his subordinate.

Of course, it wasn’t Ye Xuan intention to disrespect Ye Qianwei, it’s just that their status were too far away and thought this was only normal.

After all, in the Western Shura World, Ye Xuan was the Grand Demon King of the three sovereign and five emperors. Ye Qianwei may seem impressive in other people eyes but she was nothing but another member of the Royal Group and Xing Hai’s branch black market store manager.

Ye Qianwei status was much inferior compared to Ye Xuan who was one of the Three Sovereign and Five Emperors. So he just nodded.

Unless he regarded Ye Qianwei as a friend!

People thought that Ye Xuan’s action would anger director Ye but they got even more shocked when they saw that she wasn’t angry or concerned at all but instead smiled and looked at Lan Wanting while saying with laugh, “Oh, is that so? Our Royal Group would also like to work with director Lan’s Azure Company. We can talk more about the cooperation later.”

“Thank… Thank you director Ye!”

Lan Wanting never thought that good fortune would come so suddenly. She hurriedly shaked Ye Qianwei hand and eased her embarrassment. 

“Alright, you girls can slowly discuss the cooperation. I still have things to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Xuan said as he looked at his watch.

However, he also glanced at Leng Qingcheng from the corner of his eyes.

He already realized that Leng Qingcheng was here a long time ago but he didn’t care enough to greet her.

But the man beside her interested Ye Xuan. He could feel an evil aura coming from him.

“Ye Xuan, I’ll send you off!”

“Mr. Ye, I’ll send you off!”

Ye Qianwei and Lan Wanting said at the same time when they heard that Ye Xuan wanted to leave.

Then Ye Xuan walked out of the banquet hall with two super beautiful women sending him off under the envious and shocked gaze of the crowd.

Just what was going?

Why director Ye was so respectful of that trash Ye Xuan?

The protagonist of this banquet, director Ye, actually left with Ye Xuan…

At this moment, the people hearts were filled with many questions.

They purpose from coming here was to seek cooperation with the Royal Group but it was already clear that the Royal Group had decided to work with Azure Company.

Now, it seems that their hopes have been dashed!

Ye Wenfeng said that his relationship with the Royal Group’s director Ye was good and even threatened Lan Wanting that he could prevent  her Azure Company from getting cooperation projects.

But now, what Ye Wenfeng said was nothing but a joke.

He wanted to embarrass Ye Xuan but he got embarrassed instead when he barked like a dog in front of everyone.

He’d threatened Lan Wanting with his relationship with director Ye but from the look of it, it seemed that Ye Xuan had an even better relation with her and allowed the Royal Group to easily form a partnership with the Azure Company.

In the end, Ye Wenfeng’s threat was like a fart.

It could be said that whether it was in demeanor or his relationship with the Royal Group, Ye Xuan had completely surpassed him.

At this moment, everybody couldn’t help but look at Ye Wenfeng with a gaze full of pity and sympathy.

Whether it was Ye Wenfeng or Qian Jianchen, they reputation plummeted like a straight line. Especially Ye Wenfeng, one of the four great figure of Xing Hai, who humiliated himself the most. He barked like a dog in front of so many people and if it was to spread out, he would become the laughing stock of the whole city.

Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen’s face turned ugly when they felt the gaze on them. They clenched their fist so hard that it made cracking sound. When they had ever been humiliated like this?

One fell down like a dog eating shit.

One barked like a dog when told so. 

It was utterly humiliating!

Their gloomy eyes gazed at the direction where Ye Xuan left and was filled with hatred and killing intent. They both said the same thing. “Ye Xuan, I will make you have a horrible death today!”

They both pulled out their phones and sent out a message.

“This guy…”

Leng Qingcheng furrowed her brow and felt a bit sour in her heart when she saw Lan Wanting and Ye Qianwei escorting Ye Xuan.

“Qingcheng, we…”

The young man beside Leng Qingcheng had his eyes narrowed but began to smile when he saw Ye Xuan leave. He just started to speak but Leng Qingcheng interrupted him and said, “Yuanhang, I need to go.”

She left quickly before the young man could respond.

After leaving the Ocean Wave Hotel, Ye Xuan didn’t take a taxi back to the Wang Jiang residence but rather found a nearby place to have launch and sneaked to a bar to have fun.

After all, he had nothing to do back at the apartment. He didn’t want to deal with the soft and straightforward Su Xiaomeng all day long. Despite the fact she had a soft voice, cute looks with humongous chest and was probably the dream goddess of countless otakus. 

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