Medical Martial God chapter 20

Chapter 20: Ye family young master.

“Men! Drag this trash out of here, then chops him up and feed him to the dogs!”

As he ordered, a large number of bodyguards in black suit flocked toward Ye Xuan and surrounded him.

People had to admit that Qian Jianchen indeed had some authority.


Lan Wanting coldly said as she ushered Ye Xuan behind her to protect him.

“Lan Wanting, get out of my way! I have to teach this bastard a lesson today.”

Qian Jianchen shouted angrily when he saw his beloved Lan Wanting protect Ye Xuan.

“Let’s see who dare to touch him today!”

Lan Wanting said with determination as she refused to back down.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard! You keep hiding behind Wanting but I will make sure to end you today!”

Qian Jianchen said furiously as his fist made a cracking sound and his eyes were filled with killing intent.


Ye Xuan chuckled as he sat there and enjoyed his wine. He looked calm and relaxed.

Seeing Ye Xuan reaction, the furious Qian Jianchen was about to keep ranting but he was interrupted by a cold and mocking voice.

“Ye Xuan, are you going to spend the rest of your life hiding behind a woman’s skirt?”

As the voice resounded and under the crowd attentive gaze, a young man with a black-rimmed glass, who seemed to be rather refined, walked over slowly like a prince with a pair of siblings and bodyguards. His entire body emitted an extraordinary aura and was extremely eye-catching.

“Young master Ye!” 

“Young master Ye!” 

“Hello, young master Ye!”

Everybody automatically made way for the elegant black-rimmed glass young man when they saw him and greeted him respectfully.

The young man was the current heir to the Ye Group and Ye family exceptional young master, Ye Wenfeng. He is also one of the four great figure of Xing Hai. His status was much higher than Qian Jianchen. He was a figure that could move the rain and wind or covers the whole sky with his hand in Xing Hai.

Ye Xuan was able to be ahead of him thanks to his parent but he slept in a vegetative state for three years and got kicked out of the Ye Family. With that, Ye Wenfeng quickly rose through the ranks and was unstoppable.

As for the pair of sibling around him, they were Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang.

“Brother Ye, you’re finally here. Quickly take care of this trash that your family kicked out.”

Qian Jianchen couldn’t help but complain to him when he saw Ye Wenfeng came.

Ye Wenfeng lightly nodded his head and went in front of Lan Wanting. He didn’t put Ye Xuan in his eyes and looked at Lan Wanting as he said with a smile, “Sister Wanting, Ye Xuan has offended a lot of people in Xing Hai. You protecting him like that would drag the entire Azure Company down.”

“Listen to brother Wenfeng advice and stay away from this trash!”

“Ye Wenfeng, I’m not familiar with you, so don’t address me so familiarly! And I don’t need you to meddle in my affairs!” Lan Wanting replied coldly with a resolute expression.

She had always been apathetic toward Ye Wenfeng.

Ye Wenfeng apparently didn’t expect that Lan Wanting wouldn’t give him any face. His expression immediately turned somber and spoke with a freezing tone, “Alright, I won’t meddle……But I’d like to remind that today’s banquet was held for the Royal International Group to seek cooperation on projects. I know that your Azure Company is in dire need of the Royal International Group cooperation projects, and it just happen that my relationship with the head of this cooperation project, director YE, is pretty good.”

“Are you threatening me?” Leng Qingcheng asked with a chilling tone as her face turned solemn.

“I’m just reminding you in good faith.”

Ye Wenfeng indifferently replied. His gaze turned toward Ye Xuan and said with an very arrogant tone, “You’re an disgrace by being coming here. Get the hell out of here!”

Ye Wenfeng’s remark wasn’t only surprising, but also very overbearing.

In Xing Hai, as the Ye family young master and one of the four grand figure of Xing Hai, he was indeed entitle to speak in such a way but he seemed to have picked the wrong person to do so.

Ye Xuan’s eyes turned cold and killed intent flashed over it. it had been a long time since people dared to speak to him in such a way.

Lan Wanting was about to speak up but Ye Xuan had already put down his wine cup and stood up in front of her.

“You were talking to me?”

“At least you are aware it!” Ye Wenfeng replied as he looked down on him.

But Ye Xuan didn’t seem to care as he put a finger to dig his ear and acted as if he didn’t hear what he said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you just said. Please repeat it again!”

At the same time, his other hand quietly took a small needle from his watch.

“Worthless trash, stop embarrassing yourself here and get the hell out!”

Ye Wenfeng repeated as he eyes surged with killing intent.

He and Ye Xuan were sworn enemy back at the Ye family.


Right at the moment Ye Wenfeng finished speaking, a small silver needle shot out like lightning from Ye Xuan’s hand and entered Ye Wenfeng’s body without making a sound.

“Haha… Ye Wenfeng, you’re so obedient. I told you to repeat and you repeated! Well, why don’t you bark three time for me for me to hear?” Ye Xuan said mockingly.

“What the fuck, did Ye Xuan go crazy? How dare he talk to young master Ye like that?”

“This Ye Xuan is courting death. He even asked young master Ye to bark. Why did he have to be so bold?”

“Awesome, this Ye Xuan is pretty awesome, I like it!”

“How ugly do you think he will die after he talked to young master Ye like that?”

The crowd burst into an uproar again when they heard what Ye Xuan said. It was the first time that somebody dared to speak to Ye Wenfeng like that and Ye Xuan even asked him to bark like a dog for him.

In their eyes, Ye Xuan was already dead.

Ye Wenfeng was furious as his eyes surged with killing intent and angrily shouted, “Woof! Woof! Woof!”

The room became dead silent when Ye Wenfeng voice resounded. Everyone looked at him with shocked and disbelieved gaze.

The fuck? What is actually going on?

This Ye Wenfeng went crazy and really barked like a dog!

Even Ye Wenfeng himself was dumbfounded by this. He clearly wanted to insult Ye Xuan but why did he ended up barking?

Qian Jianchen stared dumbfounded at Ye Wenfeng with his eyes and mouth wide open.

Only Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli, who had suffered at Ye Xuan’s hands before, watched him in fear. They swallowed their saliva in nervousness and subconsciously took a few steps backward.

They knew Ye Xuan’s evil method but they didn’t expect that even Ye Wenfeng would fall for it.

Leng Qingcheng, who stood far away, also stared blankly at Ye Xuan. Her mind was filled with unconcealed shock.

Ye Xuan’s ever-relaxed attitude when faced against Xing Hai top young master made her feel like there was a fog around Ye Xuan that kept her from seeing through him.

She thought that Ye Xuan would be humiliated here if he came but she didn’t think that he would be acting so relaxed while making Qian Jianchen and Ye Wenfeng eat dust. He even made Ye Wenfeng bark like a dog.

Feeling how the people gaze around him changed, Ye Wenfeng was furious and roared at Ye Xuan.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

But the sound that came out of his mouth was still barks.

“Alright, stop barking! It’s so disgusting to hear.”

Ye Xuan said impatiently as he patted Ye Wenfeng’s shoulder.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard, I will kill you!”

Ye Wenfeng finally recovered his ability to speak when Ye Xuan patted him, but he slapped Ye Xuan’s hand away and angrily shouted, “What are you all standing there for? Cripple him for me!”

Ye Wenfend erupted in rage.

-Tap, Tap, tap-

After he ordered, many of the guards behind him rushed to Ye Xuan like some fierce tigers in an attempt to attack Ye Xuan.

However at this moment, a loud voice quietly resounded through the banquet.

“Director Ye of the Royal International Group is here!”

As the voice was heard, a commotion happened and stopped what they were doing to look toward the entrance of the hall.

Under the crowd’s gaze, a beautiful woman, wearing black sunglasses with long hair and a black dress walked over with many bodyguards surrounding her.

She was the one in charge of Royal International Group’s cooperation projects in Xing Hai. She was known as Director Ye and very few people had ever saw her face. She was very mysterious and elegant.

“Director Ye!”

“Director Ye!”

“Hello, Director Ye!”

Many people stepped forward and greeted her when they saw her.

“Director Ye, we were waiting for you. This way please.”

Even Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen greeted her with a smile and led her to the banquet hall podium.

Looking at how familiar Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen were with Director Ye, Lan Wanting couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment and look gloomily.

As Ye Wenfeng said, her Azure Company urgently needed to work with Royal International Group on projects to obtain their funds to carry out the circulation and technologies production.

But after all the previous debacles, she offended Ye Wenfeng and his Ye Group, Qian Jianchen and his Qian Group, while their relationship with director Ye seemed to be intact. If they wanted to make trouble for her, the Azure Company would have no chance to cooperate with the Royal International Group.

As the result, her Azure Company might be in trouble.

However, Lan Wanting didn’t regret it!

“Wanting, I’m sorry… because of me….”

Ye Xuan apologized as he seemed to sense Lan Wanting’s mood.

“Ye Xuan, what are you talking about? Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s just a small project!” Lan Wanting said with a smile and a refreshing voice.

This woman was truly gentle, considerate, mature and intelligent.


Under Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen lead, director Ye walked up to the podium and was about to speak but suddenly she saw Ye Xuan in her field of sight, which came as a surprise to her.

Ye Wenfeng and Qian Jianchen saw that director Ye was staring at Ye Xuan and thought that she was unhappny, so they angrily yelled out to the guards.

“Hey? What are you all still doing? Eating free meals? Quickly throw that bastard out of here and feed him to the dogs!”

“Yes, sir!”

The guard acknowledged the orders and went to surround Ye Xuan before attacking him.


However, before they could, Director Ye’s voice resounded and stopped them.

Under the eyes of countless people, she walked down from the podium toward Ye Xuan.

Soon, she came in front of Ye Xuan and gave him a smile as she took her sunglasses off, revealing her smooth and beautiful face. She bowed and extended her hand toward Ye Xuan before speaking in a very polite tone.

“Mr. Ye, I didn’t expect to meet you here, what a coincidence.”

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